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Found 63 results

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-pWwB8fFIk&feature=context-cha watch in highest quality
  2. BarneyStinson

    Stylus Epic

    Shred em.
  3. Seven Days

    See No Evil

    Couldn't be bothered to take photos of the graf itself, utterly uninspiring and...well, save that for another time... Here's some street stuff I saw over the couple of hours I spent wandering around 'Europe's largest outdoor gallery' Rasta diptych boners Thoughts/crit?
  4. Ethan

    Men At Work-ymca

    Women too.
  5. Ethan

    David Bowie Lyrics

    What should I know about that?
  6. With a broken femur people!
  7. Really really bad tricks, was super tired and impatient, but decided to upload anyway... I think the filming was a bit better than last time, especially considering the fact that we were filming lines. I'm the first guy, so judge the filming mainly on the clips with the second guy. Subscribe if you want. Thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNRX0V3aYCE&feature=g-all-lik
  8. Seven Days


    Spent 3 days & nights in the Czech capital. Way more touristy than I anticipated, here's a few street shots I liked; Canon 350D and Sigma 12-24mm, should have some film stuff coming soon too. Click for large; Wedding photography is a plague upon the city, they literally queue up to take photos against popular landmarks, must have seen 15-20 parties in the 3 days. Crit heavily encouraged, thanks.
  9. This is just a short little clip to clean out my friend's old-ish footage, not happy with all of the filming but I felt the edit worked to some degree. All critiques welcome, I don't mind nitpicking either. Thanks
  10. LongIsland

    Street Montage!

    Sorry this took so long, planned on having more people in it but decided to just put this up even though it lacks an ender. Not super thrilled with it but enjoy and critique please!!
  11. New montage, I'm really proud of this one. It's the first "throwaway" for the full length that has begun. Rate, comment, and subscribe! Please!
  12. Seven Days


    Went for a brief wander, nothing special, needed to finish this film up. And something I did for as part of a still life project; Click for large. Bonus.
  13. Simple Occasions Manchester skate scene video, released 2011. Shot on Canon XM2 and 16mm Enjoy 238172c86612d38