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Found 131 results

  1. JasonBorn

    Cam Caddie Lock-out Kit

    Title^. I'll pay 30$ for both the green thing and the accessory shoe. Offer up.
  2. Jerskates

    Skateparks And Travels

    Let me know what you think!
  3. I personally use a Bower 8mm 3.5 and the 18-55 kit lens that came with the camera seeing as I am pretty tight for cash, although I am going to get the canon 8mm 1.8 asap. what do you guys use? any good lenses with good bang for your buck?
  4. Canon T2i set up for sale or trade includes: -Canon T2i w/ML & 16gb c10 card -Battery grip (3 batteries / wall charger) -LCD magnifier -Peleng fisheye (both caps) -Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS version ii L lens (both caps / OG box with everything included) -fluid head tripod -Pro-Aim media cage No scratches on any of the glass. I'm looking for some sort of trade with cash to get my hands on a Panasonic HMC150 Xtreme Century set-up. Not even sure if that is realistic. I have $2k in the L lens alone. offers welcome... Let me know if you're interested. you can text or call at 980-422-9736 -Drew
  5. baptastic12

    Backyard Vert Sesh

    Check out this footage from my buddy's back yard vert ramp. It's pretty rad to pull up into a quiet neighborhood to find a giant vert ramp hiding out. Any comments are appreciated.
  6. tyler strasser

    Short Snowboard Edit

    tell me whatever comes to mind. im not really diggin the sd and hd combo anymore, gonna sell the gs500
  7. tyler strasser

    Short Snowboard Edit

    double post. fucked up
  8. tyler strasser

    Skatepark Part

    can you guys tell me whatever comes to mind? thanks!
  9. Nothing too crazy but I'm pretty hyped on how this turned out, this dude makes skating look fun for sure.
  10. Kaleb Jordan

    Wtb: Dslr Handle

    Looking for a handle for my t2i, pretty much open to any offers other than x-grips and I don't quite have enough for an eazy handle right now. Offer up on watcha got fo sale!
  11. tyler strasser

    Snowboard Front Board

    wish he was goofy cause shooting from the other side looked like shit. ass shot, but whatever. tell me what comes to mind!
  12. Kaleb Jordan

    Bowling Green, Ky.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhMBvecSZT0 First HD skating, critique yo
  13. Kaleb Jordan

    I've Never Really Shot Skating..

    Yeah... I usually don't shoot many photos in general, but I'm looking to change that. Took a trip to Bowling Green this Saturday and shot some photos. Skatepark is super rad! C&C IMG_1726 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr IMG_1727 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr IMG_1762 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr
  14. joey skates

    2012 Film Reel

    I've never made a film reel before but since all of this snow has been hitting the midwest I've had nothing else to do. Mostly filmed on a t2i. There's stuff I've filmed for high school projects and stuff I've filmed for companies/for fun. I look forward to this doing more this year
  15. I have a Dvx100a Opteka Setup im trying to trade for a Canon Rebel T2i with a rokinon,opteka,vivitar, whatever fisheye it doesnt matter.My Dvx is in excellent condition,585 Hours on the heads,Run a cleaning tape every 50 hours or so,HARDLY ever playback,I only run sony premiums on it,you know the usual.Im trying to get a dslr cause i dont have a car and its really hard to carry all my equipment around.I figure a little dslr will be more portable and convient for me. Comes With: DVX Opteka 72mm (No scratches,all caps) 3 Batteries (Two 10 hour batteries,not sure how much the third one is..) Charger Uv Filter 5 Sony Premiums 6 pin to 4 pin firewire Express card (not sure if it will fit your computer but ill throw it in anyways) Ill even throw in my Capture Camera.Im tryna go HD!!! Contact me at (323)423-6980 for pics or PM me
  16. scottishscott


  17. dylanpipe


    https://vimeo.com/57393281 Basically first time editing. used Final Cut pro and Canon t2i /8mm fisheye and kit lens. Feedback?
  18. DecaturSkater

    Wtt Full Gh1 Setup For Canon Setup

    Hey guys im looking to trade my Panasonic Gh1 setup for a canon t2i, t3i, or 60d setup, vx1 mk1, or hmc40. All offers will be considered. Everything is mint and 100% functional.I have babied this setup for the short time I've had it. The setup includes: Panasonic Lumix Gh1 body 14-42mm kit lens Samyang 7.5mm fisheye 3 batteries (1 panasonic 2 3rd party) 2 chargers (1 panasonic 1 3rd party) One camera charging battery All cables Opteka Vm-100 mic with two 3.5 to 2.5 mic jacks and dead cat wind muff Carry speed Lcd viewfinder Opteka Xgrip with back weights Dakine mission photo bag $850 OBO for everything Ill post pictures upon request sold
  19. tyler strasser

    "melt Me"

    old and new throwaway. tell me whatever comes to mind!
  20. Dyllon.Graham

    Im Wanting A Rokinon 8mm

    HEY, i hope maybe one of you has a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens for my canon 550d that you do not want/need anymore, and that isnt scratched up. Lemme know if you have something like that. Much appreciated.
  21. Just messing around and improvising some dialogue. Edited the music/audio with Logic Pro 9 and the video with Final Cut Pro, let me know what you think.
  22. LproductionSB

    Wtb Canon T2i T3i Or 60d All Kit Lens

    Looking for a canon T2i t3i or 60D message me If you have one And Ill make an offer.
  23. Ok well if you got either a canon 60d,t3i,or t2i leave a message because I would like one asap thanks
  24. Wanting a handle, mic, and manybrand for my new t2i. Looking for canon mount fisheyes only! Open to just about any offer, don't be shy!
  25. Promo video for Locals Skateboards manufacture. riders: Szymon "Szaban" Kuś, Mikołaj Baranowski (guest appearance) filmed & edited by Maciej Kobus additional filming: Kuba Golański music: PARTY TRASH - ∞ (w/ Drugs for Drunks) CRIM3S remix tech info: Canon 550D Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Canon 50mm f/1.8 Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.3 Sony FX1 + Opteka 0.3x