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Found 102 results

  1. This is my first VX edit, I'd love some feedback. Mac
  2. Daniel Kusnir

    Wtb: Vx1k Batteries

    Title says it all. Sell me all of your batteries. If you have enough maybe I'll trade you a 16 gig iphone 4 for at&t.
  3. ManipulatedMinds

    Buying A Vx That Has Been Played Back?

    I'm looking at this vx1000 someone is selling and they included a picture of them playing back the footage to prove the VTR function works. As we all know playing back footage isn't the best for your camera's heads, but I just want to know what could be the damage done to his heads. Does this mean his camera most likely has blurry or glitchy footage? Essential I was just wondering if a simple run through a head cleaner would correct any of the harm that could have been done.
  4. How does one have every bs and fs grind down like Dante???? --Typical Cranch vid (sorry about my terrible editing I'm a filmer don't hate) Let me know what you guys thought! (And yes I do know there was actually only 20 tricks I didn't notice that error when I was editing lol).
  5. let me know what you think about the editing
  6. Austing714


    Is there any way someone could start a post for me in the classifieds? I have a vx1000 i need to get rid of. i used to have a account on here a few years back but i cant log into it for some reason. i would greatly appreciate it... thanks
  7. brgmmb

    Wtb: Vx1000/mk1 Setup

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to this site but I've been in the market for a VX/MK1 setup for awhile now. I'm getting really annoyed trying to snipe a deal online so if someone has a clean setup they're trying to get rid of, please contact me. I'm also interested in a VX1 without the lens as well. I'm easily willing to drop $500 on this and I'm looking to get it quick. Mac
  8. Metro skatepark Las Vegas. Some local rippers killed the down rail. (:
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZSZ7GO07eI 2 overexposed clips sorry. new skatepark at washington heights, ny.
  10. willmax95

    Wtb: Vx1000

    Alright guys, So im looking to just buy a vx1000 from someone at a good price. I had two from the other post but they both fell through for other reasons. Im looking for one that will come with a battery and a charger and no mic sag, and clean-ish heads. Sounds real picky and specific but if you have anything out there let me know im willing to look at what any of you have if you send me pictures or anything like that. Hit me up with some prices!
  11. shillson


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWP3oX7PAjA&feature=youtu.be check it out
  12. nick5817

    Buying Vx1000

    Can be scratched, but no non-working looking for $450 just for the vx a battery and a charger, lens hood, cap
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mOSZlnOoVU&feature=em-upload_owner i havent put anything lately because ive been working on my full length, but here you go.
  14. DanielJimenezFilms

    Nick Michel Street Edit

    Street Edit that I filmed of my friend Nick Michel. This kid is young and he kills it so it's definitely a montage to check out! Hope you all enjoy it, leave a comment if you wishh. (:
  15. DanielJimenezFilms

    Michael Mijares Street Edit

    Street edit I made of my good friend Michael. He put in a lot of work and time in this and I recommend you all check him out! (: Wasn't sure if this kind of edit goes under montages but I'm sure it wont be a big deal. Let me know what you all think of the filming/editing! (Filmed with Vx1000 & Vx2100)
  16. New segment I revamped on my channel from a friend where the person in the video skates into a park does gnarly trick and leaves. Let me know what you guys think and if you like this one check out the last one! Channel: Youtube.com/GLOKproductions
  17. Im looking for a vx2000 or vx2100 in good condition setup or just the camera and for a good price. email me at sbermudez954@gmail.com also if you wanna trade i have a canon eos30d setup with a BG-E2 battery grip and a tokina DX 10-17mm fisheye
  18. scarecorw88skate

    Clear Vx1000 Footage

    I recently added a video to youtube of some of my vx footage, and compared it to other popular vx1000 videos on youtube, and came to find that my fottage quality is poor. It is a japanese vx1000, i have bumped up the sbarpness, and color in the camera menu. I use Sony Vegas movie studio platinum 11 for editing.... I want to get the best out of all my footage, if you have any tips/advice please help me out, it will be greatly appreciated!
  19. Dan Abbate

    Opteka Death Vs Mk2 For A Vx2100

    So, I'm getting a VX2100, and I need to know what the better choice would be. I already know someone's going to say "GET AN MK1." But, I cant afford one right now, and I found a few MK2's for very cheap. I know that Century makes better glass, but I am a big fan of the vig on Century lenses, and the MK2 doesnt have any vig. If there is a way to get vig on the MK2, I would by it in a minute. What do you guys think?
  20. My sony vx1000 has had some major problems last month due to VAP damage from filming in Vietnam rainy season (it was really humid). Anyway Prior to it going all blurry and weird i filmed over 19 hours of footy. We didn't have a capture cam so we only viewed back the footage if it was a land, and NEVER used it to capture footy. So i know everything was there. A friend sent over an old capture cam from the uk, but it was knackered so i got new heads put in the capture cam here in Vietnam (It saves to just have them replaced than searching and haggling for ages to get cheap mini dv cameras). Anyway all the footy on the mini dv tapes that were filmed with the vx1000 are showing up as blurry/glitchy as if the heads in the capture cam are fucked but if you record using the capture cam they work fine. My sony vx got sent to Japan and the VAP got replaced and was working fine, but i got robbed last week so i no longer have the VX so i cant even have a quick peek to see if the tapes play fine on the vx. Everything that was filmed after the VAP was replaced was in the bag that got stolen. So i cannot check any of the new footy filmed with the vx. Need help with this one, don't want to loose 19 hours of footy.
  21. Hi, i am selling everything from the photos below. The charger is from my old VX setups and forgot to send, I have a 37mm-52mm stepup ring, and 30mm-37mm, the Empyre shirt is size Medium and doesn't fit me, and i just don't want the Taylor swift or die shirt, The snapback is BRAND NEW, i have never even worn it, i bought it off CCS and i don't like Snapbacks so i'll sell that, the tapes are just random ones i found around my house, and i don't even have an iPod charger so idek if the iPod works so i'm just selling it as is. Offer on anything just PM or post. Thanks.
  22. scarecorw88skate

    Vx1000 Unneven Vig

    my vx1000 has uneven vig, and im wondering what I can do do fix it, anything info is helpful, I just want to get this fixed so I can start filming quality footage....
  23. Hello all, Haven't posted on here in years but it's good to be back! I'm selling my mint condition sony VX1000 with a Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye MK1 AKA deathlens. She's in perfect working condition and was serviced fairly recently by Kerry at VideoElectronics in Reading, MA (full tune-up including head cleaning and ribbon cable replacement). The lens is in perfect condition as well. This camera has NEVER been hit by any skateboards, shoes, heads, the ground, etc. I will also include a camera bag, lens cleaning kit, head cleaning tape, some new tapes (sony premiums, of course) and whatever else I find lying around my apartment that is camera related. I'm selling the ENTIRE package for $800. I can ship but would prefer to meet in or around New York City as that is where I live. Email me at davejnoonan@gmail.com if you're interested, have any questions, concerns, whatever. I should respond promptly. Thanks! Dave
  24. nico

    Wtt: Vx For Dslr

    Hey, Im looking to trade a broken vx1k for a canon DSLR. (Mainly a t2i) I dont care too much about accessories. Vx is stuck zoomed in and wont focus. Comes with vx, metal vx1 case, charger and batts, and some other little shit.
  25. shillson