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Found 102 results

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKOUTfRr3D0 quick video from mccarren skatepark sesh
  2. skatemartian

    Wtb Vx Bookbag

    i need a cheap bag with the backpack straps for my vx21. Im looking for a used one maybe due to my price range ( <70$ )
  3. shillson


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl9SjDzoIhg a video i made
  4. hello, I have problem with my vx700. when I used zoom button it doesn't work only show on screen is pressed. before pressed: works correctly and when i push the zoom button: only see zoom scale but nothing happens with screen. anyone can help me ? I only check the ribbon zoom cable and it's good condition
  5. Chrome

    Wtb: Vx1000 (not Mint)

    I am new to the forums, and I have been looking for a VX1000 in my price range for a while now. Right now I have around $300 and am not sure if anybody has an old VX1000 laying around to sell for around that price. Clearly I am not looking for a mint VX because I know I can't get one. Please be sure to list all issues below. Thank You.
  6. 1. When im outside, my manual focus doesnt seem to work very well. I dont really know whyu and im just kindof curious. it works sometimes though. its not like its always blurry either. its just like its always in auto. it is worse with the fisheye (raymod) 2.Can someone who is a veteran viewfiner or viewfinder cable faliures tell me their experieces? My viewfinder has been having real short quick flickers for a while now, but just recently it flickers longer and the screen is darker and the just cuts to black when in certain positions. when it is in the down position its still fine though. is this the ribbon cable or the viewfinder or what? i just always thought of the viewfinder ribbon faliure as going straight to a black screen im looking for some feedback or help and thanks in advance. kerry, you may be seeing my camera soon.

    Wtb Vx1000 Lens Hood

    i need one.its gonna be used and im okay with that.HMU if you have one for sale
  8. ifilm4rush

    Wtt: Sony Trv 900 Setup

    i have this sony trv 900, everything is mint internally and externally, all functions work, i have two lenses i'll throw in one opteka 37mm death and another neewer baby death, with the step down ring. the opteka lens is scratched pretty bad and i just got the neewer one brand new in the mail and is flawless. comes with big batt and charger, along with sun shade and caps for lenses. i just want to see what kind of trades i can get. here are some pictures: and here is some footage from about a week ago, fisheye shots with the opteka lens are at the end.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2grRzfR1aok&list=UU-1pMTU8tWA2uuugOkS1rjQ&index=1
  9. LproductionSB

    Post Your Video Thread?

    Post Your Skate videos I need Somthing to Watch! Heres one of mine
  10. TryYourLuckJUSTIN

    Wtb: Vx2000 Mic

    A homie of mine needs a new vx2 mic. PM me if any of you have one theyre willing to let go. Also excepting the full handle/mic
  11. For sale is my Sony VX1000 and MK1 death lens. VX is missing the front plastic piece(not the hood) so it is not possible to put a fisheye on this camera. The camera also could use a head cleaning, on occasion it flashes the eject icon but goes away after a few minutes. Along with the camera is the MK1 which is in great condition. It also comes with a 'Scared' bayo ring to fit it on the VX2100(pretty sure it fits the 2000 as well). Looking to get $300 for the VX1000 and $350 for the MK1($375 with Scared Bayo)+ship. Pictures: Extra Pics: http://i1275.photobu...zps80ca7785.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zps86874a83.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zpsc93ac13a.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zps285b03d3.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zpsd7aa237f.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zps285b03d3.jpg Lastly, I'm selling a piece from my old MK1. It is scratched and it is only the front element. Looking for $20+ship. Pictures: http://i1275.photobu...zps81b73ed6.jpg http://i1275.photobu...zpsc4f916b1.jpg Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns: pvdsk8@gmail.com. I check that much more frequently than this forum.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk5QA92Vybg Got some clips at St.Helena skatepark and threw this together.
  13. ChaseRyderFreeman

    Sponsor Me Video

    This is a video I am sending to companies right now to get sponsored let me know what you think I edited it my self so you can critique me and let me know thanks
  14. Martinezphoto

    For Sale: Sony Vx2100 With Mk1

    My friend is selling his VX2100 so he asked me to put it up for him. Camera is in perfect working condition. If interested email him at SBRIDIN4LIFE20@gmail.com. Here are some links of the camera: Here are links to photos: http://i91.photobuck...zpsf7361238.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps189f87e2.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zpsf55606ac.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps2774b994.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zpsf5d9a08e.jpg http://i91.photobuck...zps2fc4d709.jpg
  15. my favorite park vx footy. not my video, but i just like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06mlswV3D-0
  16. cheezyandweezy

    Wtb Vx1000

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Vx1000. I have a bit of money, as well as items such as xbox 360s, video games, skateboards, Beats headphones, etc. Just ask if I have something to trade as well as money. Post here or contact me on my Skype: Gabehansen. Thanks guys.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk3MmKMV2Vc&feature=g-upl First montage with my vx2000. planning a full length soon, promo sooner. C&C are cool
  18. hey im trying to find a precision color viewfinder for my vx1000 but i cant find one.. can anyone help me?
  19. Hey im having trouble finding a precision color viewfinder can u guys help me?
  20. So heres a small little edit I made for fun, not really anything special or big at all, like I said all for fun, Sorry if steady shot is on in some clips, some of these clips are from over a year ago when I first started to film and some are now, Both Vx1/Mk1 and Vx21/Opteka. Enjoy
  21. MattNG5Skate

    Broken Vx

    Hey, i recently bought a vx and it used to just have a blue tint on it and i read to open it up so i did and now all that happens when you power it up is the playback buttons light up and the viewfinder displays a random image for like 2 seconds :/ help
  22. KWco11


    I'm looking for an VX1000 with batteries, firewire, and possibly a fisheye. Email: kristophercoll@live.com
  23. smoke&fly

    Vx-1000 Help Please

    My friend is giving me is old vx but the down side is that there was a tape stuck in the tape player and he removed it and destroy the tape player Is it possible to fix it or to put a harddrive on it ? please help