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Found 50 results

  1. Zendena

    Ron- Front Feeble- LA

    Shot this flick of my homie Ron a few weeks back on my M6. Trix-400 -Austin A.
  2. ianfilms

    Printed 35mm Sequence

    Printed this in the darkroom off 35mm. It is a sequence but kinda hard to tell
  3. eightyeight

    Front Board

    I shot this on a Canon AE-1 while travelling. This camera leaks a lot but here's a front board from when I was in Lisbon.
  4. eightyeight

    Crook Pop Over

    I shot a lot of frames on this, I ended up liking this one. I still don't have a flash setup, what do you guys think?
  5. willhicks


    any thoughts?
  6. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Wheelchair Ramp Ollie X Back Tail

    Some more pics from the last roll of film. Constructive criticism is welcome. See the rest at jakegriffinpics.tumblr.com Tom Griffin - Ollie Tom Armstrong - Back tail Bonus - Sam Owbridge - Bennet grind Josh Brodie - Drop down 50-50
  7. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    Ollie - Taildrop Front Board - Boneless

    All these photos were shot on film that'd expired by around 6 years. The ollie over the rail & the boneless over the rail turned out super grainy because I tried to change the ASA to compensate for the film being more sensitive, but me being stupid turned it up instead of down. I'm still stoked on how they came out. What are your thoughts? Tom Griffin - Ollie Josh Brodie - Taildrop front board Jake Doherty - Boneless over rail Bonus - Ben Turner - warm up front shuv
  8. kalivar


    i suck this is my second thread on the front page is that even allowed? sorry, feel free to critique
  9. first shooting with my fancy 'new to me but hand me down' 5dmk2 as well, feel free to critique. Kind of point and shooting but w/e im stoked coming from a crop sensor bonus
  10. lilgriffobucky@hotmail.com

    35mm Wallie / Skatepark Front Board

    Don't really know much about taking photo's, But I have fun doing it. This is what my film was exposed to via my Nikomat FT. Feel free to tell me your opinions on how I could improve! view all 2 rolls of film I've shot here
  11. JordanGannaway


    Been lurking for a while but never posted. Heres a couple of 35mm photos I've just got developed.
  12. Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV 35mm Dedicated Scanner for sale. Includes power supply, USB cable, 35mm negatives holder and APS-C holder. Works with my OSX 10.9.5 using Vuescan. Just bought a v700 because I needed to scan 6x7 so I don't really need this anymore. $250 shipped.
  13. atlien97

    Some More Shit

    some non skating shit I took Gavin Bakos Portait One by davisemory114, on Flickr Akobi Williams Portrait by davisemory114, on Flickr Homies by davisemory114, on Flickr
  14. atlien97

    First Shots: 35mm

    Started Getting into photography this past summer and have finally got some of the rolls of this summer developed. Hope you enjoy, Critique and advice welcome. Self critique I could have given them more run out in the pictures I guess. Akobi Williams Front Board by davisemory114, on Flickr Akobi Williams Front Board Layback slash by davisemory114, on Flickr Random guy Layback slash 99410559_16 by davisemory114, on Flickr Ethan Cobb and Akobi Williams Hill Bombing
  15. zackpoops

    Kickflip Over Rail - 35mm

    nothing too crazy, but the line he got here that night was really sick
  16. Yashica TL electro X // Yashinon 50mm 1.4 // Porta 160 let the hate begin
  17. stephensturges

    Leica M6 Ttl Light Leak?

    Not sure how many of you guys are Leica users but I am having a recurring light leak issue. Camera has received a CLA from Don at DAG a few years back but I may have a possible light seal issue. About every 3 or 4 frames I will receive a light leak at certain exposures i.e., f/16+ 1/125 - 1/1000th Here are a few images where I am seeing the leak and not sure if this is a similar issue that any other M shooters have received. Any thoughts? I am most likely going to send it in for another CLA to either Leica NJ or perhaps back to DAG. Thought I would post this on here if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations, who knows!
  18. zackpoops

    Dtla Ollie

    Kimi Juds - Ollie mamiya 1000 TL - 50mm lens
  19. zackpoops

    Filmerhands Photo Ads

    (Yashica TL electro X, Yashinon 50mm 1.4, Toshiba 201 flash) 1st photo is Cyril Palmer doing a wall ride(?) to fakie at jkwon 2nd photo is Christian Momdjian doing a back blunt This is a photo ad series put together in correlation with our video promo (check it out!) that we did for our new shirts we printed ourselves and put out not too long ago all the money made is being used to buy more camera stuff and to make more products. If anyone wants to buy a shirt the links in my signature!Oh! Also 1 random order this week will be getting an extra shirt tossed intheir package for free. Maybe two orders depending on how maybe sales we get ‚ÄčI appreciate any feedback or support with the tees and the photos
  20. zackpoops

    Hydrant Gap To Street - 35mm

    Yashica TL electro X, Yashinon 50mm 1.4 Christian Momdjian - Ollie to street from the same roll as the other photos a posted and from the same day as turnt or nah?
  21. cameron.lloyd

    Ollie, 35mm Back Tail

    These photos were taken a few months ago but though i could get some critique on them if possible.
  22. liamfurneaux

    35mm Portraits

    Let me know what you think people?
  23. daz0rz

    Some Recent Stuff..

    Haven't posted here in awhile, then again I haven't really been shooting. BONUS
  24. agusglauber

    First Timer. Tmax100,d76.

    So it was the first time I did 100% on my own all the process. It was 1:1 D76 (self made), vinegar stop, 1:3 cheap clone fixer. I adjusted a bit the curves, plus the scans aren't work that much neither, but overall I'm happy with these. (this may look underexposed, but since It was 6 in the afternoon, winter time, it was dark, and I keep it as real as I could). Any recommendation for shooting/developing tmax100 in order to get printable negs? as far a light range, since all my images ended up pretty flat. I like more contrast in b&w pictures, not a narrower tonal range, but stronger highlights and deep shadow areas.