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Found 7 results

  1. tomicardenas

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    Hi guys, i know that some one posted a similar topic, but they actually didnt say how, there is this filmer named James Cruickshank, who films for grey skate mag, that films with apparently a full frame dslr with the canon 8-15 fish, and crops it 4:3 HD, i guess he crops it in post, but i cant figure out if its fake vig or if its real, i personally asked him but he didnt answer, so i guess ill ask u guys, ive got my 8-15 on its way so thats why i didnt try it myself, but, im so hyped that i cant even wait lol, here is an example...
  2. Recently put this camera setup together to try the hd in sd style out. Shot in .Mjpeg for the vertical distortion and aspect ratio. Here some footage that can give you an idea on how wide it is. closest to vx ive seen besides Hvx/Xtreme. really wish the m43 sensor wasnt so noisey but neat video should clean it up. Also a real metabones speed booster should most likely be sharper than the $120 china ones i bought. Super wide,pretty lightweight, and I dont have to film in 16:9 and lose the vertical height. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWQYn8YvKMo
  3. So I released a full WolfTown (UK) video earlier this year, but this is one of the first real, proper park montages i've made. I've recently found out what the 'custom colour preset' button does, so excuse the difference in colours... But yeah let me know what you guys think!
  4. joey skates

    An Optical Poem

  5. Here is Chris Colbourns Part from Cut & Dry. Enjoy and copies of the video can be purchased here. http://cutanddryvideo.bigcartel.com/ http://skateboarding.transworld.net/1000189034/videos/chris-colbourn-cut-dry/
  6. indyskatefilms

    Stretch Or Compress

    I'm making a full part video with a vx1000 raymod setup. my secondary camera that i will use for second angles only shoots in 16:9 though. Should I stretch the vx footage or compress the hd footage. i would compress the hd footage but its gonna be notacable at the park, and i heard its gay to stretch vx footage. so which should i do?