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Found 21 results

  1. Got bored at a spot and realized we had both a 5D and Rokinon without a hood. thing has the weirdest distortion.
  2. few shots from my paris trip this summer. bonus front blunt of me
  3. Just got back from a one month trip to europe to skate and film. Managed to shoot a few days down there. These next three are from Paris and within the set below is some from Cannes, Edinburg, and Nice. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7rint/sets/72157637704843696/
  4. 7rint

    Frontboard A 7 Rail

    just a mellow frontboard on a 7. natural light since i dont own any portable flashes.
  5. 7rint

    Backside Crook Handrail

    not much to say. natty light, ended up around the area and just snapped a quick pic.
  6. 7rint

    Toronto Trip

    Well i didn't shoot nearly as much as i had hooped while here in Toronto for 4 days, ended up skating a bunch. This place is strange to shoot photos, much different then i am used to. The enviroment is so facinating yet i didn't find many subjects i found worthy of shooting. People also seem to react to someone pointing a camera at them a lot differently here in this city. I had a lot of individuals who would notice me and fully do a 180 and turn their backs to me and/or sheild their face. I got approached inside one of the finacial buildings by security and asked not to take photographs. not something i am used to. but i came out with a few photographs that i enjoy. bonus photographs reflected light vines Edit: Third bonus peeping tom
  7. well i filmed this over the spring break at the local resort. edited by myself but filmed by my homie who can barely ride a snowboard haha figured a few of you may enjoy the watch. right now it's a private link since i'm trying to get it posted somewhere other than my youtube account. enjoy brothas. yes it's majority fisheye, i wanted to make a skate style edit. but more importantly the kid has no idea how to hold a camera steady so long lens was not an option.
  8. a bit of reflected light. sprinted a full block to catch this little girl in the light.
  9. 7rint

    Seattle Trip Day 1

    Well i'm on a road trip to seattle for a few days to snap some photos and sight see with my mother and i got a couple today i am stoked on. Large a young girl jumping into the sideways fountain. soon there after getting cussed at by mother and never to jump in it again so unfortunately no re-shoot. slightly soft but i literally just spun and fired so i'm fairly pleased with the turn out. it almost looks like motion blur.
  10. 7rint

    A Couple Fun Photos

    just a casual walk around lighthouse park at dusk the sunset bonus squirrel photo
  11. or in black and white I'm quite partial to color myself but a few people have enjoyed the b&w more. my first nude photo, fairly pleased with it.
  12. 7rint

    Dream Home

    Went on a road trip through southern saskatchewan to the coal mine area. made a couple stops on the way at some abandoned houses and such. these are a couple of my favorites. the rest will be on my flickr in a day or so and i'll update the thread once those are up. I also shot a couple rolls of film too but those are at the lab and i don't have access to my scanner until i fly back sunday. but let me know what you think of these ones guys.
  13. Worked pretty hard on this one. easily the hardest i have ever worked. both in the regards to my skating and in my filming and editing. let me know what you guys think. enjoy. http://youtu.be/mViiQIQSMHs
  14. 7rint

    Yoga Pants. Dat Ass

    Went on a hike with my girlfriend to go shoot some yoga photos on the edge of this cliff. turned out alright but we're headed back in the next couple weeks for a re-shoot. i'm not happy with my aperture choice nor am i happy with things like cutting off her feet on the first shot. she's also bummed on her outfit but anyways. since i'm headed back any advice on things i could/should change for them would be appreciated.
  15. Well i went on a two week road trip with my girlfriend from Vancouver through kelowna, calgary, saskatoon, edmonton and jasper. didn't shoot as much as i would have liked but that's ok. instead of dumping many photos into topics i'll post a link to the slideshow and post my top 3. enjoy. let me know what you guys think of them all. bonus Slide show link here if anyone knows how to embed one like i saw someone do before let me know.
  16. 7rint

    Back Tail - Nate Roline

    i needed to pan like an inch to the left as well as get some flashes.
  17. 7rint

    Consumerism. A Series

    a series i am working on right now. just a couple from it.