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Found 65 results

  1. DecaturSkater

    60d For Vx1

    Yo, I'm trying to get another vx1 setup and i have no real money. I have a pretty cool 60d setup, mostly for taking photos, but if anyone is interested i would be super stoked if we could work something out. The setup is as follows Canon 60d body (mint) with box and all of that good stuff 1 Canon battery and charger Rokinon 8mm 3.5 fisheye 2 yongnuo flashes 1 Quantum t2 flash ( I think the battery is faulty, get it fixed for $30 on ebay) Some Yongnuo transmitter and receivers (always work well) Yes i know there is no long lens. I sold mine to my brother and use that. Hit me up 4048575457 we can work something out
  2. New multipart montage with leftover footage from my full length thats in the works.
  3. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  4. The last bit of footage from 2014, filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can watch more videos of mine at www.harrisoatesmedia.com
  5. JSantiago

    Is $850 A Good Price For...?

    I'm in the market to purchase a new camera and I've stumbled across what I believe to be a good deal. I've already talked to the seller and got it sealed, but I'm just double checking to see if this is as good as I think it is. I'd be getting a: Canon 60d Body w/ original everything Canon 50mm f/1.4 Rode Video Mic Canon BG-E9 Battery Grip Four batteries (Two canon, two aftermarket) Two battery chargers We came down to a price and it's $850. Now I asked you fellow SPer's, is this a good deal? If not, why? Thanks!!
  6. DecaturSkater

    Ft // Canon 60d Body

    Looking to make the switch to the 7d for sequence purposes... Anyway, This thing is mint. Never been hit or dropped. It will come with one (Canon) battery, (canon) charger, original box, and manuals ect. If you got a 7d and want a 60d, hmu Pictures upon request Thanks
  7. harrisoatesmedia.com I've been working on this project with Nate and Austin ever since I moved back home to Chattanooga, and the boys have put in work since. Their goal was to go to spots that no one really skates anymore or find spots that have never been skated and bring the creative minds to the table. Sometimes its not about who gets the gnarliest trick on a spot, for these two, its "how can I skate this spot different than anybody else?" This is their first skate part for both of them, so it's sick to see them share it together! Filmed and Edited by Harris Oates "THE HIGHEST POINT" IS NOW OUT ON DVD! Go buy your copy at Comfort Skateshop in Chattanooga, Sixth Avenue Skatepark in Nashville, or head over to www.harrisoatesmedia.com and we will ship you one! harrisoatesmedia.com
  8. Here's some footage from The Saturday Warehouse and Static Skatepark in NC. Filmed with a Canon 60D, Rokinon 8mm fisheye, canon 55-250mm telephoto lens, and a Rode VideoMic Pro. Edited with Final Cut Pro X.
  9. jordanpalmerwiens

    A Sunny Afternoon

  10. A little park footage from Martinsville,VA skatepark, Mount Airy, North Carolina park and Kennesaw, Georgia Street League Park,
  11. jordanpalmerwiens


    first footage with the new 8mm. hope you like it!
  12. BrennanBoards

    Griffin Gass At Ats

    posted this in montages then realized it fits better here. filmed in one night after hours at seattle's new indoor park, kid's only 16 and rips, peep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjNmvcqrpgQ
  13. BrennanBoards

    Griffin Gass At Ats

    posted this in montages then realized it fits better here. filmed in one night after hours at seattle's new indoor park, kid's only 16 and rips, peep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjNmvcqrpgQ
  14. Check out my newest edit. Filmed with a Canon Rebel T3i and a Canon 60D.Lens include A Rokinon 8mm, a Canon EFS 55-250MM, and a 18-55mm kit lens. I used a Rode Videomic Pro for most of the audio. Edited with Final Cut Pro X. Skaters include Mason Coates, Dakota Southard, Cole Reavis, Daniel Campbell, Ethan Harr, Eli Williams, Brett (Bert), Peter Bauer, Mikey Lopez, Joel Polzella, Evan Crummie, Grant Drake, Tyler Hall, and Isaiah.
  15. yep in Australia it is now spring! this was filmed on the first day of spring! (the last trick is switch)
  16. colours are Shit but i fixed them in cam since filming this soo jeah. Peace
  17. boltsnbearings

    Nikon D7100 Or Canon 60d

    So i was wondering which to get, Canon 60d or Nikon d7100 because my Panasonic GS250 just broke and i want to start dslr filming/photography. The 60d maybe because of the flip out lcd and its cheaper or the d7100 because of the photography benefits. HELP PLEASE!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6zeDr0pP-ovQva9wiAovQ
  18. Wasn't sure where to post this so here will do. here is my test footage from the first shoot from my new peleng fisheye, I'm pretty stoked on it. yes it flares not as much as i thought but it doesn't bother me when it does. i think i've decided the many brand and peleng are two completely different lenses. currently working on a peleng VS many brand vid coz i haven't seen many around. peace!
  19. https://vimeo.com/71709004 Here is a reel I made from the past few months of work. It includes weddings, interviews, live events, and skating of course. Let me know any critiques you have so I can make this thing better! Shot with a t2i, 60D and one or two hmc150 clips. Lenses: rokinon 8mm, 24-105, 24-70 i, 24-70 ii ( rented )
  20. brandonnicholson

    Canon 60d Setup

    It includes the 60d body, 18-135 lens, rokinon 8mm fisheye,viewfinder, azden mic, flycam nano, opteka easy handle, intervalometer, yongnuo 565 flash ii, and a video light. There are two batteries and 24gb in sd cards. It's my friends camera, he asked me to post it up for him. More/better pics upon request Not sure what he was looking for, throw out offers.
  21. Please critique it up. Thanks guys. I worked hard on this to do my part and try and get things in the skateboarding video industry away from shorter clips, and towards longer videos, but honestly, I don't think anybody has the attention span or appreciation for longer, more effort filled videos anymore. I'd probably have triple the amount of subscribers if I just posted all of these clips in Clip of the Day videos, because that's what the internet likes. Question of the day: Should I continue to make montages with few clips of the day type videos, or more clip of the day videos with less/shorter montages?
  22. EVERYTHING SOLD EXCEPT THE 50mm! Someone hop on it! Both caps included... Full setup includes: -Canon 60D w/ Meike battery grip - roughly 14k accutations -original manuals, paperwork, etc -Original charger -3 Batteries: 1x Original Canon battery and 2x Opteka batteries -Carryspeed LCDVF -Canon 50mm 1.8 -Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 NON-VC with lens hood -Canon 55-250mm f/4-f/5.6 IS with Tiffen UV Protector on since Day #1 -& some other little things like a Nikon-EOS mount, etc that ill probly throw in with the purchase of the 60D. If you want photos I can get them, but everything is minty fresh cause I take good care of my gear... Any questions post here, or if you wanna get in touch faster hit me up with a text: 5704060786