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Found 14 results

  1. JSantiago

    Frontside Flip

    Took this photo a couple of weeks back & finally got around to posting it. Looking for comments/Critique (Self Critique: Don't like the shadow on his body (Wish I had another flash to use) & wish the timing on the catch was a hair later)
  2. tomicardenas

    Which Handle?

    Hey so im getting a 6d apparently, and i want to get rid of my opteka x grip and dive into something more professional, i referred to the ''handle hungry'' topic but links are down or its just messy... I love the eazy handle v2, but its like 230 bucks, and my budget is around 100-150... I want something like the eazyhandle style if you know what i mean
  3. JSantiago

    Fs Noseslide To Fakie

    Alex Szlabonyi - FS Noseslide to Fakie by Justin Santiago, on Flickr I mainly film but I've been dabbling with shooting for a little while now. This is was all natural light because I don't have syncs for my flashes. Self Critique: Wish I could see his face more. Should've been over more to the right (I think)
  4. posercrew

    Canon 6d

    Does anyone even film with these? I wanna see some edits! Everything 6D thread! Just wanna learn more about these cameras and where they stand in filming skateboarding so links, opinions, facts, insights, pros, cons anyone? Chea.
  5. same setup as http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/315400-canon-6d-w-tokina-10-17mm-fisheye-footage/
  6. made this awhile ago but im not sure how many people understand how great this setup is. setup: canon 6d eazy handle v2 rode videomic pro tokina 10-17 shot at around13.5-14mm for vig
  7. GioFournier

    Msa Clips

    Here's a few clips I filmed with my buddy Brian the other day.
  8. GioFournier

    Lakeland Minute

    Here's a few clips we came back with from Lakeland Skatepark the other day! Skateboarding maneuvers conducted by Brian Ortiz and Omare Brown. Enjoy!
  9. happycloudskate

    480p Hd Clips...

    Decided to put my settings at 480p and zoom out to have a VX like vignetting on my Canon 6d and 8-15mm fisheye, check it out and let me know what you think. Also if you wanna stay tuned in hit the like and subscribe button, I'm starting this series called "Da Block" which is the corner where everyone used to go to get food and drinks when skating at the now torn down Grand Central Spot. Im gonna try to drop one every week and its pretty much just gonna have creative new york style skateboarding. Hope you guys like my idea and any feedback is welcome.
  10. Switched over to a Canon 6D from a T4i! Here's some test footage I filmed the other day with Brian Ortiz. Thanks for watching! https://vimeo.com/101263201
  11. First time using my new lens, comment what you guys think and if you enjoyed the video click the like button!
  12. Big difference going from a vx to hd. How would I focus the canon 15mm on a 6d? Also would I have done some damage to my lens if I moved the focus ring while it what on AF? I heard you can a little late haha shoot
  13. Found it for 600, dude said he just got it serviced at Canon or whatever. Anything I should know when checking it out? Is there different models of this lens that wont be compatible... I'm pretty nubish in the DSLR game so any advice would help. Whats this about lens calaboration I hear as well? does the Tokina or whatever even compete with this lens? Is the 15mm Canon my best option below the 8mm-15mm?
  14. posercrew

    Canon 6d, What Are Good Lenses

    Can someone link me to a post on here that talks about wich lenses are best for this camera or maybe you can inform me about them. Coming from a Vx, I'm an HD newbie. Just got the 6D body recently and have no clue what lenses to get as for just regular zooming and a fisheye.