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Found 8 results

  1. dylanpipe


    Couple days over the holidays
  2. dylanpipe

    Opening Days//11

    Back at it again!
  3. jordanpalmerwiens

    Remade By Canvaspop

    I was recently blessed to be able to work on a commercial for an up and coming canvas photo printing company to create function out of waste with the new Remade art wallets. Not only are they becoming a 100% waste free company by reusing scrap canvas and also using the wasted ends of canvas rolls, but they are paying refugee women from Eco Equitable to sew the wallets (healthy wages, not a sweat shop), and then all of the profits go straight to charity: water, a company that produces fresh water wells for 3rd world countries around the world. Let me know what you think of the videos as well as the concept, and maybe go pick one up at the link below! http://canvaspop.com/remade
  4. 7rint

    A Couple Fun Photos

    just a casual walk around lighthouse park at dusk the sunset bonus squirrel photo
  5. 7rint

    Dream Home

    Went on a road trip through southern saskatchewan to the coal mine area. made a couple stops on the way at some abandoned houses and such. these are a couple of my favorites. the rest will be on my flickr in a day or so and i'll update the thread once those are up. I also shot a couple rolls of film too but those are at the lab and i don't have access to my scanner until i fly back sunday. but let me know what you think of these ones guys.
  6. Worked pretty hard on this one. easily the hardest i have ever worked. both in the regards to my skating and in my filming and editing. let me know what you guys think. enjoy. http://youtu.be/mViiQIQSMHs
  7. 7rint

    Yoga Pants. Dat Ass

    Went on a hike with my girlfriend to go shoot some yoga photos on the edge of this cliff. turned out alright but we're headed back in the next couple weeks for a re-shoot. i'm not happy with my aperture choice nor am i happy with things like cutting off her feet on the first shot. she's also bummed on her outfit but anyways. since i'm headed back any advice on things i could/should change for them would be appreciated.
  8. 7rint

    Consumerism. A Series

    a series i am working on right now. just a couple from it.