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Found 48 results

  1. Tin Man


    Untitled by Scott Carr, on Flickr Untitled by Scott Carr, on Flickr Critique is always appreciated. The second photo was right after the land; hit the stairs at the bottom and got chucked into the dirt.
  2. first vid with hpx170 filmed in just under an hour
  3. DanielJimenezFilms

    First Hd Vid

    James Resly School Project Single Recently did some filming with the Canon 7D for a college project and this is what it turned out like. Check it out I think you all will enjoy some of my first HD footage haha.
  4. spanyardsman

    Wheeling Feeling

    what wheeling west virginia had to offer last summer
  5. While Garrett Miller was filming for Johnathan Flechas' NOISE vid, him and I were also filming this little part on the side, check out one of my closest friends rip florida and a few california spots.
  6. Knul

    Indoor Clip

    Montage I made for a video contest in our local skatepark. First time filming skating in over a year or so, audio is fucked up on a couple of clips (was fooling around with the magic lantern raw recording, fucked up the sound on some of the clips by accident)
  7. macfilmproductions

    City Shots

    Yo SP Im a filmer/skateboarder but due to me breaking my back skating, I invested in a 7D for photography and have been shooting around NYC. Hit up my Instagram (@ifilm4lenshits) and I would appreciate any feed back on this shit. Thanks dawgs
  8. macfilmproductions

    7d Turning Off

    Yeah I know this is the wrong thread but I felt like id get better answers here.... I just bought an almost new 7d off of ebay and after about and hour of shooting with it it began fucking up. It would turn off when switching to video mode, turn off when shooting burst photos, and freeze up. Then randomly it died. The camera would not power on with multiple different batteries. I tried checking the door switches and literally everything. No luck. Today I decided to contact the seller and he seemed shocked that it did this but was very understanding and offered a refund. Right before shipping I decided to test it out. The camera powers on fine and everything works. I was shocked but is this like a common problem I should be concerned about? Ps. I film with a vx and this is my first time using hd, I'm a noob.
  9. JSantiago


    From my trip back in May to Connecticut. Managed to put this together with only two weeks of filming. Watch in HD and enjoy! Filmed with Canon 7D/HPX170 Additional filming done by my good friend James Messina
  10. From my trip back in May to Connecticut. Managed to put this together with only two weeks of filming. Watch in HD and enjoy! Filmed with Canon 7D/HPX170 Additional filming done by my good friend James Messina
  11. Looking for some opinions from skate filmers on how this style of filming looks, going for a "cinematic" quality. Thank you!
  12. My family's been doing an annual picnic for 50 years so I made a documentary about it. It took about a year to get all the interviews and editing done. Feedback is appreciated Canon 7d Canon 50mm f/1.4 Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4 Countryman b3 (lav) Rode Videomic Pro
  13. LaineSiebert

    Quickie At Queens

    Just made this short little edit shot at Queensborough Skatepark over in BC, Canada. Check it out, give me some feedback. Thanks, Laine.
  14. Decided to take the drive from Orlando to SPOT Thursday and came home with these. Shocking how much we got too for only three hours. Anyway, I noticed one of my clips lacked audio. I don't understand why this has happened but it's the second time with this mic. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Also chopped the feet off of my friend in one of the clips too. -.- Well watch in HD, subscribe, like, comment, critique, ect. Enjoy! Thanks!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1aW2EPeiQw
  15. I personally use a Bower 8mm 3.5 and the 18-55 kit lens that came with the camera seeing as I am pretty tight for cash, although I am going to get the canon 8mm 1.8 asap. what do you guys use? any good lenses with good bang for your buck?
  16. Nickbradian

    Vx1/vx21 Mk1, 7d Setup, Or Hmc Mk2

    Well today my friend just dropped my dvx + mk2. The front element of the mk2 is completely chipped in the middle and the dvx focus ring and bayo is a little off. So i think i'm going to sell it. (if anyone is trying to buy $300 for everything+accesories it all still works.) Ok so off of the buying/selling thing. here's my question. Getting a new camera cause of that incident ^. I love SD but wanna try out HD. I have money but not thousands for an extreme. I need some help on what set up to get, i'm leaning more towards a vx2100 mk1 setup because all 3 of my vx1's broke/glitched ALOT. But then again HMC150 footage looks so sick and so do 7d's. I just need help on what to get and some info on the HD setups and vx2100 mk1 setup. TL;DR pros and cons of -7d +many brand fisheye(rokinon, etc.) -hmc150 century mk2 -vx2100/vx1 mk1.
  17. JSantiago

    Ben Raybourn - Fs 5-0

    Snapped a few random photo's at Tampa pro this past weekend. This is my favorite and I wanted to share it with all of you. I'm in noway a photographer. All I do is film. Critique if you want. Enjoy! Ben Raybourn - FS 5-0 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr
  18. Got these clips the other day before my battery died. I try to stay away from making park edits now so I decided to just throw this up. All RAW; No color correction or anything of that sort. Watch in HD, enjoy, subscribe, like, critique, comment, blah, blah, and blah. THANKS!
  19. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for good condition items at fair prices. Post on here or PM me if you have any for sale. THANKS!
  20. My first full street montage. Filmed over the course of a few months. Watch in HD, critique, and enjoy!
  21. joey skates

    I Can See It In Your Eyes

    some of it turned out a little duller than I planned, still like this idea.
  22. Kevin came down for the Tampa AM a few weeks ago. Met up with him at Lakeside for an hour and got all of this. Prepare yourself to watch Lakeside get destroyed in these 10 tricks! Watch in HD and enjoy!!
  23. dudeletsgoskate

    Party Lines: Chenga 57

    Party lines at Chenga 57
  24. Filmed at this park for three or four days and decided to put this together. Watch in HD, Enjoy, and critique! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nttDCVSvtq4
  25. I've sort of gotten out of filming lately so I decided it was about time I sell my set up instead of letting it sit around, gathering dust. I have a canon 7d set up with a ton of extras. The camera, battery grip, 4 batteries, charger, 8 gb memory card, and a card reader. I bought the camera off somebody on here a while ago, I believe the batteries are 3rd party but they last very long and I've never had a problem with them. As for the camera itself, never had an issue with it. As for lenses, I first have a stock canon 18-55mm. It has a small chip on the plastic that doesn't affect anything and is hard to notice, but I figured I'd mention that. Next I have a canon 50mm lens, it's in perfect condition and the glass is a bit nicer than the 18-55mm. I also have a rokinon 8mm fisheye, practically new. Finally, this last lens is pretty weird. It's an old sigma 70-210mm lens I got from my dad, with a canon adapter on it. I wasn't gonna throw that in here but figured why not, I won't have any better use for it if I sell the camera. Finally, I have a couple other random things. A gray tamrac bag I got with the 7d, I'll most likely just ship this with the camera. An Apollo camera backpack, never had problems with it. A velbon df 60 tripod I've had for a while, works great. Finally, one of those cheap little plastic handles, obviously you could get a more expensive better one but for the price they're good for filming fisheye. I've bought and sold plenty of things on this website, people can vouch for me. I know the pictures are kinda shitty, I can take better ones of specific things if anyone is seriously interested. Eventually this will go on ebay, but I'll sell it cheaper on here. I'll split things depending on what sells first, just ask I guess. Tentative pricing: 7d + batteries, charger, battery grip, memory card, card reader: $1,000 18-55mm: 75$ 50mm: sold rokinon 8mm: $220 sigma 70-210mm: offer up apollo backpack: $50 tripod: $50 handle: $15 Buy multiple things in a package and I'll cut some deals with the pricing. Let me know, thanks