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Found 7 results

  1. So I have a Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 is perfect condition. Bought it new 2 mounts ago. Glass is perfect. When you focus the barrel kind of makes a noise but ive had this since it was opened the first time I also have a Sigma 24mm F/2.8 The lense is an older model so for my 5D is only worked at F/2.8 which isnt a bad thing if you only want to use it for that. The reason why that is, is because they made a FD canon mount and they made a EOS canon mount. Ive read for older canons that the aperture works through out F2.8 - F22 Also they didnt make a lot of EOS mounts for this lense. 225 + shipping for the Rokinon 95 + shipping for the sigma Message me or text 9203234066
  2. Zero0rdie4564

    Few Photos Over The Weeks

    Once again I find myself posting here because im bored. Usually I dont get critique so if I could that would be nice. Shot within the past few weeks. Tear these photos apart if you have to because Id like some actual critique so I can better my photography, Thank you. One of the senior shots I did for a friend the other day 85mm @ F/2.8 This was a Brenizer photo also known as a "Bokeh Panorama" 47 pictures stitched together Another senior shot I did for a friend 85mm @ F/2.0 Bonus #1 This one another shot from Isabels senior picures. I love cloudy days for pictures Bonus #2 This one was a while back and I recently edited it and threw it up.
  3. 7rint

    Seattle Trip Day 1

    Well i'm on a road trip to seattle for a few days to snap some photos and sight see with my mother and i got a couple today i am stoked on. Large a young girl jumping into the sideways fountain. soon there after getting cussed at by mother and never to jump in it again so unfortunately no re-shoot. slightly soft but i literally just spun and fired so i'm fairly pleased with the turn out. it almost looks like motion blur.
  4. 7rint

    A Couple Fun Photos

    just a casual walk around lighthouse park at dusk the sunset bonus squirrel photo
  5. Worked pretty hard on this one. easily the hardest i have ever worked. both in the regards to my skating and in my filming and editing. let me know what you guys think. enjoy. http://youtu.be/mViiQIQSMHs
  6. 7rint

    Consumerism. A Series

    a series i am working on right now. just a couple from it.