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Found 39 results

  1. Hey guys, I have 3 lenses for sale. First is my Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. Everything is in perfect working condition. Asking $350. Next is my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5. You all know. Only issue is a chip in the lens hood. Asking $180. Finally is my canon 50mm f/1.8. Common lens. Everything works on it. Glass is nice. Asking $65. I'll have photos up later on tonight. PM me for further inquiries. Thanks.
  2. We've visited 2 transistion skateparks and decided to post short video of it. I wasn't really creative that day which I regret. Definitely I should've tried getting some bowl fisheye lines. Also I didn't get enough b-roll footage so a few shots come are from video stocks. Anyway it came out pretty decent I think.
  3. jordanpalmerwiens

    A Sunny Afternoon

  4. Looking for a Rokinon 8mm lens - Canon Mount Preferably one without scratches on front element. Let me know, thanks.
  5. dylanflaherty

    8mm In Super 8 Camera

    can you do it
  6. jordanpalmerwiens


    first footage with the new 8mm. hope you like it!
  7. Clip we made on a super hot afternoon. Check it out!
  8. Knifefight

    Wtb: Peleng 8mm For Canon

    In need
  9. BraydenSherbanPhoto

    Wtb: Canon Mount Fisheye Lens, Wider Than 18mm

    Im a DJ/ Rave and Skateboarding photographer and im in need of a wider lens Im amazed at the prices of fisheyes on Skateperception and I havnt been on this site on over 2 years so everythings still complicated to use email me if you have a fisheye for sale braydenphotos@hotmail.com
  10. kalivar

    Critique Me

    terrible filmer but some insight might help,, 8mm many-brand 50mm 1.8
  11. friendlyfilmer

    Wanted: Rokinon 8mm Fisheye

    Looking for a Rokinon 8mm for my Canon 60D. Hopefully someone on here is selling one fairly cheap.
  12. Hey, this is just a new video i made and im not quite sure on it it seems like there is something missing. Would love some feedback
  13. TonyZ

    Peleng Questions

    So my Opteka 6.5mm got absolutely destroyed beyond repair yesterday (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m4_I9WVX_Y) and now I am deciding between a Peleng and another manybrand, I know there are heaps of threads but I have a few questions on the Peleng- 1-It's meant to be all metal, how much more durable is it than the manybrand? Could it take more of a hit? Is it a lot stronger or basically the same? 2-Some videos have hardly any vig while some have lots of uneven vig. I don't really want a lot of vig or uneven vig, if I was to buy one, what are the chances that I will get one with clean and even vig? I really don't want to run a great risk of getting bad vig. 3-Just how bad do the flares get? How big of a problem do they become? They seem like hardly a problem in some videos, while in others they are just terrible, what are some ways to reduce flares asides making a hood and stopping it down? How effective would a hood be? All responses appreciated, thanks for the help guys!
  14. Jakel

    Tc Graves #bs12y

  15. Kaleb Jordan

    I've Never Really Shot Skating..

    Yeah... I usually don't shoot many photos in general, but I'm looking to change that. Took a trip to Bowling Green this Saturday and shot some photos. Skatepark is super rad! C&C IMG_1726 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr IMG_1727 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr IMG_1762 by Lurkerlife, on Flickr
  16. Dyllon.Graham

    Im Wanting A Rokinon 8mm

    HEY, i hope maybe one of you has a Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens for my canon 550d that you do not want/need anymore, and that isnt scratched up. Lemme know if you have something like that. Much appreciated.
  17. As the title says, I have a minty peleng 8mm canon mount fisheye, which I want to trade for an Mk1. Pm any offers you may have, or post below. I am open to any offers. Thanks.
  18. http://www.amazon.com/Rokinon-HD8M-C-Fisheye-Removeable-Fixed-Non-Zoom/dp/B008X1C4IY/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top has anyone tried the new "Better optics" rokinon 8mm?
  19. I was bored and thought id try this, both video stills at 1080 30p, The iphone fisheye was £10, about $15 maybe, pretty sick for that cheap. The 8mm is obviously way wider but the iphone fisheye is actually good for the stupid low price ^iPhone ^Canon 600d 8mm
  20. hdx

    Opteka 0.4x Vs Manybrand 8mm

    So, the thing is... I obtained HMC150 recently and I'm about to buy Opteka 0.4x fisheye. I know it's not that wide but there aren't any comparisons to Manybrand fisheye. Does someone have these two setups and can make one? Thanks in advance, Maciej
  21. Didn't know what section to put this in so I put it in both the Montages and the Random footy. A few head chops and shaky filming. Main reason why I'm throwing these clips away. WATCH IN HD, ENJOY, SHARE, LIKE!
  22. Didn't know what section to put this in so I put it in both the Montages and the Random footy. A few head chops and shaky filming. Main reason why I'm throwing these clips away. WATCH IN HD, ENJOY, SHARE, LIKE!
  23. Hey guys just got a GH1 and I want these lenses! Hit me up got money in paypal! Thanks TJ Gaskill daylandomedia@gmail.com
  24. CaP17A

    A Miniramp Inside A House

    Hard as fuck to shoot in here. Very little light, very cramped, etc. I could only shoot fisheye because the widest non-fish I have is 28mm. Flashes crapped out partway through the shoot so that's why lighting kinda blows on these. I had to experiment with some long exposureish stuff which was a fun learning experience. Regardless, kinda boring mini shots but anyone with any any tips on how to shoot in a cramped space (I know mini ramp is boring to shoot and look at generally)? Alex Backside Slash by CaP17A, on Flickr Woulda been waaaaaayyyyyy better horizontal. Arm cut off, blahblahblah. Single flash to the left. Scotty Back Disaster by CaP17A, on Flickr Single flash to the left. Alex Backside Slash by CaP17A, on Flickr Single flash to the left. Bonus rocket stall
  25. chriswilson032

    8mm Fisheye Focusing?

    hey i was wondering what to put my focus ring to on my rokinon 8mm while filming lines. i have ben told to leave it on infinate but i feel like thats not gonna work too good if the skaters just 2 or 3 feet away.