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Found 29 results

  1. Buy here - http://www.cowtownskateboards.com/product_detail.cfm?CatID=104&PID=32605 Filmed and Edited By Connor Howitt
  2. http://connorhowitt.wix.com/bocult
  3. Took a roadtrip to Phoenix, AZ last week with Tyler Bolar, Ronnie Kessner, John Dilorenzo & Pat Bilazzo. Met up with some friends along the way. Follow me on Instagram @steaktage #SICKheadPHX
  4. Filmed and Edited by my good friend Connor Howitt.
  5. Filmed and Edited by Brian Masterson Buy at http://brainsworld.bigcartel.com/
  6. ManipulatedMinds

    Arizona Footage

    Here's a collection of footage from 2 trips.
  7. My Good friend Brian Masterson just premiered his video yesterday. Here is the promo and my part. Copys are only 10 bucks at http://brainsworld.bigcartel.com/ Ft. Andrew Jacquez, Tyler Gould, Aaron Goure, Lucas Lebran, Kea Smith, Kane Kimball, John O'neal, Rick Clark & Basts, Shawn Patrick, Tino Rincon, Thomas Turner, Dakoda Osusky, and more....
  8. johnoneal


    My good friend and filmer Connor Howitt just released his brand new video trailer. Check it out, give some feedback, maybe even share it. An Arizona Based film.
  9. I post on here every once in awhile in hopes that maybe a few people will see this that wouldn't normally. hope you enjoy it. we're still skating and filming even though we almost all have real jobs now
  10. Diego Meek just finished his 2nd full length skate video "ITS A SECRET" and here is the intro and Aaron Goure's part Buy the DVD here http://www.itsasecret.bigcartel.com/ His first full length (I Can See Your Socks) is crazy good, this guy is probably one of the best skate filmers/editors around right now t b h . . . i m o
  11. Midwestshred

    Spring Break

    Chicago to Tempe, AZ.....28 hour car ride with 4 buddies and I. Here are some photos from my adventures bonus
  12. Ethan


    So I filmed some of this, but didn't edit it, but am being featured, so I figured I would put it out here for more attention. holla
  13. got a few clips with my friend Joey when I was on vacation in Az last week
  14. Bocult Throwaway Filmed & Edited by Connor Howitt. Full Length Coming early 2014
  15. johnoneal

    Bocult Promo

    Filmed and Edited by Connor Howitt. Coming 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVbezGMpLUg
  16. My Part in Champs. Filmed and Edited by Connor Howitt.
  17. Filmed And Edited by Connor Howitt
  18. Check out my friend's mini full length. Filmed and Edited by Cole Vanwey. Skaters real names in order: Joe Taylor, Jonathan Pierce, Andrew Clarke, Jake Gaudette, Twain Greene, Solomon "Turtle" Ruybalid , Rob Hayes, Dakoda Osusky, Chase Herman, Travis Farmer, Greg Dunagan, Donavan Nearing, Rob Montaro, Jesse Olguin.
  19. isaac17


    I went up north to Tonto Natural Bridge this past week to beat the heat. It's too hot in Phoenix.. #1. http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5483/9037238195_57845cb12e_z.jpg #2. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2853/9037232417_ffe6729e58_z.jpg #3. http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2884/9080518861_fe20e0c878_z.jpg Internet Explorer...can't make links...they are here --> http://www.flickr.com/photos/62441872@N03/
  20. brad evans

    Bright Ideas Dvd's (az Video)

    Finally finished up my Arizona video. Haven't been on this site in quite some time but i remember some people were hyped on the stuff i used to post on here so i figure i'll see if anyone wants a copy. I'm shipping them out immediately and they're limited so get them while you can! There are full parts from some AZ favorites like Shawn Patrick and Brandon Kossow, and also some newcomers like my friend Austin Calvello, whose footage from this vid got him on Cliche. Also two friends sections with some familiar faces like Jeff Stevens, David Gravette, Nick Fiorini, Kevin Love, and many more. Pre order the video http://www.brightideasdvd.webs.com Promo: Friends Section:
  21. He posted on more Champs part. enjoy guys. Buy at Champsvideo.webs.com only $10.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi9Znz9kBOU
  22. I didn't Film or Edit just in the video.
  23. Wasn't sure if i should put this in this section but i figured it would get more views here. Please support and buy a copy if you have the extra change. http://champsvideo.webs.com/ Filmed and Edited by Connor Howitt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqFHSjA_9oM