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Found 30 results

  1. first vid with hpx170 filmed in just under an hour
  2. seanmichon

    Serges Murphy

    Seems like forever since O've been on this site. Couple fish shots. Serges Murphy // Ollie // Boston Serges Murphy // Switch Flip // Billerica, Ma
  3. My friends and I took a two week road trip recently. This is a little something I made with the footage that isn't being saved. This is also my first edit with my new camera.
  4. Used on the homepage of the RAW website. Brian Delaney - Fakie BS Nosegrind Boston
  5. seanmichon

    Eric Martinac And Mark Suciu

    Both are as seen in the March/April issue of Focus in the "Natty Select" article. Eric Martinac / Switch Big Heel Mark Suciu / Switch Back 5-0
  6. seanmichon

    Dave Bachinsky

    Dave Bachinsky / 5-0 Fakie / Quincy, Mass Focus ran this as Photo of The Week, if you'd like you can check this out at the focus website. We built this spot, and skated it all in one day with Fritz Mead and Elliott Vecchia. Pretty fun day Dave Bachinsky / First try 50-50 on a snow covered rail in Dorchester, Mass. Dave actually brought a blowtorch to the spot so we could dry up the run-way and part of the landing for this. Watch the footage in Dave's 'Welcome To Axion" clip. This photo was used as an online welcome ad for Axion. It was also the very first time I got to try out my new AB800, so satisfied with it, so bright.
  7. seanmichon

    Thompson Bond / Bs Nosegrind

    Thompson Bond / BS Nosegrind / Contents page of the Jan-Feb issue of Focus Mag.
  8. Hey guys, it's been about five years since I have been on SP, and wow things look really great. Anyway, I've been cleaning out my house because I'm moving, and I am sad to say that I gave up the filming game about four years ago and haven't touched my camera since. I have for sale: Vx2100 with NP-F970 battery (got from member JustSkate401 back in '07) Raynox (widened) fisheye Black Apollo Atiba camera backpack And included or separate for $50: Bescor 12v KLK-65XT light I would like $600 or better offer for everything ($550 without the light) A couple things, however, that are causing me to sell everything cheap: -The camera functions fine, except for a busted eye piece that won't focus (I had been using the LCD to film). In 2007 I went to Video Electronics and got a repair estimate of around $150 for the fix. -I also cannot for the life of me find the charger for the battery, which literally JUST ran out of juice a couple days ago after not being turned on for about four years. I will continue to dig around my room for it but no promises. I would really prefer to make the sale to somebody in person in the BOSTON area so that I don't have to deal with shipping and checks/paypal/money orders, etc. The price I am asking is just what I am assuming it all to be worth. I could probably let just the camera go for around $500. I really need to get rid of this stuff because at this point I have no use for any of it. **If you would like pictures, PM me a phone # and I can send pictures on request.**
  9. This is our full length Headstash 2012. We filmed this over the year check it out. Keep it 12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ethsP5dOTPY Instagram:@Headstash @Patriot_skateboards
  10. whipplekrew

    Whipple Krew

    WWW.IHEARTWK.BLOGSPOT.COM Lemme know what you think!
  11. seanmichon

    Mayo & Goon

    Tom Grande finishing a line with this Front 180 Switch Crook in Cambridge, MA. Corey Goonan murked these rails this day. Seen in the 25th issue of Steez with a little background story. Back Lip to Front Noseblunt
  12. My good homie Tim Savage just put out a brand new edit. He is known as Chauncypeppertooth on SP, and gave me permission to post it here. (He's having password issues). Peep the dopeness.
  13. seanmichon

    Marco Mahony - Bs Smith

    Marco Mahony with a trippy-ass Back Smith on a cold, windy Boston night. Click for larger.
  14. slappyguy

    Film Photos

    Few shoots from when i went to boston the first 2 are from my holga Tracks by FranciscoG90sv, on Flickr Motion by FranciscoG90sv, on Flickr Subway station by FranciscoG90sv, on Flickr Bonus
  15. seanmichon

    Corey Goonan - Bs Feebs

    Shot this back in February 2012 in Providence, RI. Corey Goonan - BS Feeble Pop-out click for large
  16. Orchard Shop rider, father, and Woods Hole scientist Bill Orsi, Sw Front Noseslide. Boston Emmet Breslin - Crook Boston
  17. http://shootrewindde...ummer-12-boston
  18. kmanforever

    Poncho Time Promo

    New video coming soon by Kevin Manning out of Boston, MA. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/zHo_ow5EKMI Featuring: Jason Ross Matt Tomasello Kevin Manning Chris Latina Brett Pogoda Anton Thallner and Friends!
  19. Zander! http://theberrics.com/shoot-all-skaters/zander-taketomo.html
  20. seanmichon

    Eric Martinac - Switch Crook

    Eric Martinac - Switch Crook
  21. seanmichon

    3 Flipper And A Big Ollie

    Click for large, C&C always appreciated! Ryan Haworth - Ollie into bank New Bedford, MA Tim Savage - 360 Flip New Bedford, MA
  22. First strictly online part I've put together, check it out! Filmed by Tin Tran.
  23. seanmichon

    Rita Hayworth & Brian Mccann

    Click for large. Ryan Haworth - Front Smith Up DIY spot in New Bedford, MA Brian McCann - Back Smith Plymouth, MA