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Found 14 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what the problem is with this with this vx? the colours and shadows look very strange. The first clip in the video shows the problem best. Any help would be very appreciated!
  2. Sony vx1000 needed for parts Sony vx1000 wanted for parts, currently got a broken supply board so need to replace it instead of paying a ridiculous amount of money for a repair. Hit me up asap, no time wasters. Cheers.
  3. I sat my vx1000 in the wrong spot. Someone kicked a ball 40 yards deep straight to my lens. While I was amazed to see that my camera did not explode on impact, I had noticed that only the area right next to the focus ring was damaged. It knocked the lens lose so now there is a bit of sag. The picture in the vf is blured and a bit zoomed in. I am able to zoom in and out but only in a smaller range. Auto and manual focus do not work. I have a jap version so I'm thinking of getting a replacement 3ccd lens for it. Would anyone be selling one or know if I would need the jap version so that it would be compatible?
  4. i was playing back on my dvx100a tonight and it was working just fine and then after like 3 tapes or so it displayed an error reading "auto off s reel lock" and i have no idea why. then i took the battery out and put it back in and ejected the tape and all that so then i try to put another tape in and it ate it. now whenever i try to put a tape in for a second it will display this message. please help?
  5. So yeah, thats my viewfinder. Its not a shitty picture, thats just actually what it looks like. Everythings real dark and i think the image is in negative. Doesnt even give me an image really, this is what it would look like in broad daylight. Came out of nowhere. Filmed a trick with the LCD screen and when i was putting the camera back in in the bag, i checked the viewfinder and i was bummed out with what I saw. Kerry decide my fate
  6. Hey guys, please let me know if you have a broken vx1000 sitting around your house! Let me know what you want for it. I need a VAP ASAP!!! Thanks Y'all! Check out this promo for KC!!
  7. Ok, so regardless of the cosmetic problems with my vx1000, I have a more serious problem. Every time I record something, I hear a whining noise from the tape deck. At first I was thinking; ah whatever, its spring so my camera is probably cold. But then i noticed that every time i stopped recording, it broke the time code. That was when i started being skeptical about the footage actually turning out, so I, being the only filmer cut the session short. When i got home i threw my tape in a capture camera, but no footage turned up. I took the tape out, and opened it. One edge of the tape is getting "stretched" or its just rubbing up against something causing it to damage the tape. Kerry, you've fixed this camera before so you're the only person id bring it to. Can you give me an estimate on the solution to this problem? Thankyou so much. Cheers
  8. macfilmproductions

    Vx1000 Turns Off On Its Own

    a few months back i was filming a the park and i was about to film a line when i heard my vx shut down(tape deck made the usual noise when turned on and off) and i thought it was just some random thing that would happen again. i was fine until i was filming last week at camp and it shut off again and again. i did it about five times. i know the vx has some auto shut off thing but it happens sometimes like seconds after or before i record. has any one had a problem like this?
  9. Hey Guys, I am looking for Ipods, Itouch's, Iphones in any condition and generation just please pm me with them or post here in the thread. Its okay if screens cracked or scratched up just as long as the are functional.
  10. Every time I try to capture footage from my trv900 almost all the footage is un-watchable and extremely glitchy. I tried using a head cleaning tape and at first i thought it was getting better. It's so bad now that I basically can't watch any footage after capturing. It's just super choppy and the audio is especially choppy. There is also some high pitched noises that occur when being played back on my computer. It just sucks, anyone know what I can do?
  11. I need help finding new parts for my dvx100a (leica bayo mount and focus ring ) and i dont know where to order the new parts
  12. okay here you can post your solutions or questions to fixing dvx100a's also, when i switch my dvx to auto focus, it says mf only. help please!! also, my vap unit is loose and there is a piece of paper glued to it to keep it on. it is tilted a little. should i take it off and get it fixed? what should i do?
  13. MattNG5Skate

    Broken Vx

    Hey, i recently bought a vx and it used to just have a blue tint on it and i read to open it up so i did and now all that happens when you power it up is the playback buttons light up and the viewfinder displays a random image for like 2 seconds :/ help
  14. post your solutions to dvx100a malfunctions here and questions to how to fix them