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Found 37 results

  1. If anyone out there is down to trade a bayomount mk1 lense for a screw on, please contact me.
  2. caughtonvhs

    Wtb Century Optics Mk1 / Mk 2

    Wanted to buy - Century Optics Mk 1 or Mk 2 lens Century optics lens NEEDED let me know if anyone has anything available, no time wasters! Cheers.
  3. Anyone out there have a Extreme Fisheye for the Panasonic HPX-170 that they are trying to get rid of? Please let me know. I am willing to trade my DSLR setup (Canon T3i, rokinon fisheye, stock lens, zoom lens, handle, batteries, memory cards, etc. FULL SETUP) and pay a cost difference if I can get a price cheaper than what B&H lists the lens for ($2,700). Message me here or email me at nickglenister1@gmail.com. Very serious about this offer!! Thank you. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=&sku=622504&gclid=CjwKEAjw4s2wBRDSnr2jwZenlkgSJABvFcwQzI9y_zZiyXVIL8Q9bmzNN13kym6cL9eYpi_bJ3d6cRoC9nTw_wcB&is=REG&m=Y&Q=&A=details
  4. skimpjs

    Wtb Mk1 For Vx1000

    Need a mk1 for vx1000
  5. Location: Sacramento, Ca area. In great condition. Does awesome in low light. Comes with battery (lasts 6+ hours) and charger. Would prefer local buyer so no shipping/risk of damage is involved. But can ship. Direct message for quicker reply. $625 shipped (death lens sold already)
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smI-lIQmHwo&feature=youtu.be
  7. Kaleb Jordan

    Fs: Mint Condition Mk1 Fisheye

    Hello guys, for sale today I have my mk1. I have owned this fisheye for a little over 2 years and it has served me well but it is time for me to upgrade to a Full Frame DSLR setup. This lens has never been hit, dropped, or touched the ground. I hate to sell it but I haven't even picked up my vx setup in over 6 months due to work & college. I'm asking $650 obo. PM me for more photos/further inquiries. Thanks.
  8. hop on this remix of vx1000 clips https://www.hellaclips.com/video/chris-de-guzman-vx1k-mixtape/ feat. chris de guzman matt harbin matt moreno ram pong #diamondlife #grizzlygang
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Dhf2eXRgg&feature=youtu.be enjoy
  10. Short edit of Ronnie Kessner ripping Alga Norte Skatepark in Carlsbad, CA. Song: My Whole World's Coming Apart Artist: John Maus HPX170 Follow on IG: Steaktage
  11. I have a Panasonic Dvx100a setup that I am looking to get rid of. I've been in college now for some time and just don't use it anymore, and could use the money. I've only used Sony Premium tapes and the camera has never experience any hits or drops. I've also used a capture cam to reduce the likelihood of dirty heads, and that has only seen Sony Premiums as well. Setup: Dvx100a, great condition. Lowepro bag, fits everything really nice. (lenses, batteries, tapes) Century Optics MK2 (dvx version), glass is pristine, no scratches at all. 3 batteries Battery charger Lens cleaner & microfiber cloth 1 Sony Premium tape. I am willing to split the camera with the bag and accessories, and then obviously I will split the lens as well. I am looking for around $900 for the camera and bag etc., and would split the lens for around $450. I am more than willing to negotiate for prices. I can post pictures on here if people are that interested, otherwise feel free to text me whenever for pictures and negotiating. (262)527-6426 Thanks, Eli.
  12. Hello all, Haven't posted on here in years but it's good to be back! I'm selling my mint condition sony VX1000 with a Century Optics .3x ultra fisheye MK1 AKA deathlens. She's in perfect working condition and was serviced fairly recently by Kerry at VideoElectronics in Reading, MA (full tune-up including head cleaning and ribbon cable replacement). The lens is in perfect condition as well. This camera has NEVER been hit by any skateboards, shoes, heads, the ground, etc. I will also include a camera bag, lens cleaning kit, head cleaning tape, some new tapes (sony premiums, of course) and whatever else I find lying around my apartment that is camera related. I'm selling the ENTIRE package for $800. I can ship but would prefer to meet in or around New York City as that is where I live. Email me at davejnoonan@gmail.com if you're interested, have any questions, concerns, whatever. I should respond promptly. Thanks! Dave
  13. Nickbradian

    Vx1mk1 Setups? Wtb

    got over a grand. PM me.
  14. Nickbradian

    Wtb: Mk1 Holy Shit

    i got cash PM me ASAP
  15. Nickbradian

    Wtb Vx1mk1

    Looking to spend some cash on a vx1mk1 setup. Looked all over ebay and craigslist in my area and can't find a single good deal. PM me if you know of anyone selling one or are selling one. Will also just buy the mk1 seperately.
  16. Selling my Vx1000 mk1 setup, never dropped or hit. Had Heads replaced and whole camera internals cleaned. Then had it refreshed again less then 2 months ago. Both times at KEH and have receipts. Never played back on, will come with capture camera, 3 vx1 batteries, a Tamrac Bag, Smith and Vector on-Camera lights that were never used. 2 of them, And mk1. Wont split Mk1 unless Vx sells first. Camera never gives me problems,Been hating the fact of selling it since its soo mint. But ive Been using my HPX170 setup so I need to sell my vx to fund the Century Fisheye thats $2500.. Best to just text me or leave voicemail 732-804-4347. Located in Central Jersey. I am using my friends name on here. He let me sign in and use it since you have to have 2,000 posts to post in the classifieds. my name on here is deadlinemedia Vx-$1000 Vx w/Mk1,bag,lights, capture camera- $1800 Mk1- $675 Here's photos of the Vx and the Mk1 http://i23.photobuck...1B3AE6421C9.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3CDAA767B.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3C9C63F97.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3D11E5400.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3BCB5CC92.jpg Heres photos of the paperwork from KEH http://i23.photobuck...1B3B2D5DFFB.jpg http://i23.photobuck...1B3B6B3B9C8.jpg
  17. I was just curious if there was a giant difference between opteka fisheyes and say century optics. I was contemplating in saving money and just getting the opteka 58mm death lens or just get an Mk1 for christmas. At the moment I have some random fisheye I got from my friend. its alright. Just really want something better. Let me know guys thanks -Tyler
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZSZ7GO07eI 2 overexposed clips sorry. new skatepark at washington heights, ny.
  19. Daniel Hasson


    Some footage that I've had on my hard drive for the past half a year so I thought I'd make a rushed edit of all these clips.
  21. Nteodoru

    Looking For Vx1 Mk1 For Sale

    I'm looking for a century optics mk1 screw on or bayo mount. Preferably mint but mini scuffs usually won't bother me as long as they don't appear in the footy.
  22. I tried to mod my HDV MK2 for my HMC150 but the glass from the camera lens and the rear fisheye element are touching. Anyone?
  23. The video was shot in low light and contains epic royalty free music from iMovie for the soundtrack. Please excuse both when viewing. It was shot with an HPX170, but the HPX170 and HMC150 both have the same optics and bayonet, making the comparison applicable for both cameras. The comparison includes: HPX170/HMC150 with the Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye, long lens, Century Optics HDV MK2 (at zoom Z07), and HDV MK2 (at zoom Z14). An Imgur gallery with full resolution screenshots and a .GIF of all 3 can be viewed here. Keep in mind that while the HDV MK2 at Z07 has the most distortion on the sides, it has much more vig compared to the Xtreme, which has more distortion vertically-- which is where distortion counts the most when shooting skateboarding. Below are the images scaled down for SP: and a .GIF of all three:
  24. Daniel Hasson

    Wtb: Century Mk1

    Hey there SP! I'm looking for a MK1 for my VX1000. I do live in the UK but am willing to pay for anything worldwide. I have also got a fund of just over £300 (around US $470) and this fund is not including postage. I've got these items to trade for a MK1 as well the money: - Sony HVC-3000P (Comes with original Sony, Trinicon Hard Case) - Opteka 58mm Fisheye (The 'MK2 replica') - Raynox MX3000 58mm Fisheye - Century Optics .6x Wide Angle MK2 for the Panasonic DVX100A (Bayonet Mount) - 43mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 46mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 49mm to 52mm Step Up Ring - 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring - 58mm to 52mm Step Down Ring The HVC-3000P is in excellent condition with no scratches on the lens or body. The leather handle has some of the leather wearing away but thats it as far as 'wear and tear' goes. The Opteka has been through a lot and therefore has scratches on the front element. The back element has some marks that I have no idea what they are and have been there ever since I purchased it. The body of it has a few scratches but thats it. It was also modded with a SONY VCL-0637H and that can also be sent off. The Raynox has been used only once or twice. There are no scratches on either elements and the body is in perfect condition! (This fisheye can also be modded with the Sony VCL-0637H). The .6x MK2 has only been used once or twice as well and is in perfect condition. There are no scratchs, dents or marks on the body or the elements. All step up rings are in excellent condition. The 52mm to 58mm Step Up Ring has some dried superglue on it. This has NO affect on being screwed on to a camera or lens. The reason why it was used was because it was used when I modded my Opteka with the Sony VCL-0637H. It wont let me post images so if you need any, send me an email (email address below). But of course if you do not want to sell me a MK1 with these as well then still message me. Please PM me if you have a deal or email me: danchasson@hotmail.com Thanks!
  25. danhasson

    Dvx Mk2

    Hey, I've got an excellent deal for a Century Optics MK2 for the Panasonic DVX100A. Its in a brilliant condition and will ship worldwide. Enjoy! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281105846719?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649