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Found 60 results

  1. If anyone out there is down to trade a bayomount mk1 lense for a screw on, please contact me.
  2. Recently my mk1's front glass got destroyed when it was smacked off my vx. I purchased a new front element from Century Optics and after the headache of installing it, the vignetting looked quite different in footage (see comparison pictures below). I've noticed other peoples vignetting look like this before, but I assumed it depended on the manufacture date of the lens. My lens is quite old (no Schneider logo, only century) so I figure thats why it had the "mostly black" vig. With the new front element, the vig has a "white line", which I personally find a little less appealing. I'm curious as to why this is, so if anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreaciated!
  3. Listing this Hvx200a package for my friend Steve Marino. Camera was used to film various East Coast videos from 5Boro and Zoo, as well as sections in videos from Nike, Girl/Chocolate, Transworld and more. Has been well cared for, looks good and functions properly. Panasonic HVX200a w/ Xtreme Century Fisheye 4 Batteries 2 p2 cards - 16 and 32 gb 2 Chargers Panasonic camera bag Looking for $ 3500 obo I will check this periodically but if you're interested e-mail Steve directly: stephenmmarino@gmail.com
  4. Looking for a Xtreme fish & rails for HPX170. Located in CA, CASH READY NO BS. Please email me for quicker response. Dennisacarlson@hotmail.com Thanks
  5. Selling my lens after having it for 6 years , bought new from B&H in Feb 2010. Condition of the lens is practically new, the aluminum body, lens caps and the lens itself have no nicks or scratches. It has never been dropped or hit.. The last time I filmed with this was around 2013, and has just been sitting around since. Comes with both lens caps and box pm me if interested or if you want more pics looking to get 750 shipped obo, no trades
  6. Wtf Xtreme Fish - Hpx170

    As the title says, I have money ready to go thanks. Thanks.
  7. Wtb: Century Mk2 For Hvx200

    Hi all, Looking for any Mark ii that I could modify to fit my HVX200 - please lemme know what you got. Thanks
  8. Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    Hey guys... Long time lurker. First time poster. I received a 43mm century fisheye in the mail today from B&H for my hmc40... And there was a crack in it. So I'm sending it back. Thinking about getting a different lens all together cause I noticed it wasn't even as big as my 58mm opteka I had for my gl2. Would a mkii 58mm screw work with the hmc as long as I have a 43-58 step up ring ? Or will it be too heavy for the threads or anything you think? Gnarly vig? Thanks dudes
  9. Canon Xa10 Fisheye

    Has anyone tried an Opteka Titanium lens or found another lens that works well on the Canon XA10 without a ton of vignetting? If so, high quality sample footage would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  11. Hi, I'm Luca Poldelmengo and these are the trailers of my first independent full length skateboarding movie: Here is the link for the FULL movie: https://vimeo.com/148762824
  12. Hi, I'm Luca Poldelmengo and this is my first independent full length skateboarding movie. Happily Ever After This story begins some years ago, in a small town in northeast Italy called Udine, and follows the adventures of some of my friends and our passion for skateboarding. We have traveled a lot, around Friuli Venezia Giulia and in the nearby regions, for filming this project. Surrounded by the nature of the mountain and in the classic street of the city, we skated in the dams, in abandoned places, and in many other different crazy spots. Starring: Nico Zecchini & Matteo Dünnhofer, Giancarlo Birnbaum, Federico Mazzucchielli, Miha Vogrinčič, Jonathan Gallo. Backstage photo and extra footage: skate-happily-ever-after.tumblr.com - I'll update the blog with more things in the near future. Still frames: flickr.com/photos/lucapoldelmengo/sets/72157657948849510 Contact: luca.poldelmengo@gmail.com facebook.com/luca.poldelmengo instagram.com/luca_poldelmengo twitter.com/poldelmengo87
  13. Dvx 200 + Century Xtreme

    Does anyone know if the Century Xtreme lens (hpx-170 version) will work on the new DVX200? It has the same 72mm threads on the front that the HPX-170 had, but not sure about the bayonet mount (which is what the fisheye attaches to). Any insight would be very helpful. Thank you. - Paul
  14. Which Is Fishier?

    I'm receiving my hvx200 from Tanner Cudney on here in a couple days and im deciding on one of two fisheyes to buy. I've been looking at the century 0.55x and the 16x9 inc. 0.45x and I need help trying to figure out which has better distortion, etc. And sadly no, the Xtreme is out of the picking for now. Any dirt you got on this fisheyes let a bro know! http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/429702-REG/Century_Precision_Optics_0HD_FESU_HVX_0_55x_Fisheye_Adapter_Lens.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/624170-REG/16x9_Inc_169_HDSF45X_HVX_169_HDSF45X_HVX_EXII_Fisheye_Converter.html
  15. MK1 for sale, its pretty dinged up but the footage isn't terrible. Heres the most recent shots with it, I honestly tried to choose the worst looking clips just let ya know what your getting. I know there are settings to minimize the amount of scratches that show in footage but i never messed with that. Anyways heres the footage, password is skateperception. https://vimeo.com/126339853 If people are interested I can post pictures of the actual lens too. Let me know on here or for a quicker response text or call me 8479229129 Thanks, Jake
  16. Hey guys, trying to help a friend get rid of his GL2/ Century Death Lens bundle. Heres the link if any one is interested: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Canon-GL-2-Camcorder-W-Century-Fisheye-Death-Lens-NO-RESERVE-Canon-GL-2-Cam-/171748437184?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item27fd012cc0 I'm sure this isnt the place to post this, if a Mod wants to delete it, do yo tang! If not, greatly appreciate anyone who looks. It's a pretty good deal for just the glass alone. Not looking to seperate it, but anyone who knows the camera/lens knows that this is a reasonable deal. If you're intrested in just the lens, then think of it as buying the lens and getting the camera for free. (then you could sell the camear seperately.) Thanks for looking.
  17. I'll let this go if i can get $4,500 for it. I will post pics if you are a serious buyer.
  18. Wtb: Century Mk2 For Dvx

    Looking for a mk2 for my dvx
  19. I am looking to buy a Century Xtreme, for HMC/HPX. Preferably rails included.
  20. Mkii Mk2

    looking for a decent Century optics MKii ultra fisheye death lens. i really dont care about the cosmetic condition but i want a fresh glass. under $300?
  21. Wtb Century Extreme Fisheye Hpx/hmc

    Hey all, i am wanting to buy a century extreme for my hpx170( preferably sold with the rails too) ! Must be in good condition with no scratches on the lens. Also, you must be willing to ship it to Ontario, Canada ( I will pay for shipping). If have one you are interested in selling please let me know! Thanks, Harrison
  22. Saladday.

  23. Hey was wondering if anyone has swapped the front and rear glass elements from an mk2 into an opteka .3x. sounds pretty pointless but my mk2 is touching the glass of my hvx, which forces me to space it out. The opteka however is a perfect fit. cheers
  24. Mk2 Dvx/gl Bayo Asap Rocky

    Sell me one plz euanwilson@hotmail.com ex oh ex oh gossip girl
  25. Need one soon and looking for good condition.