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Found 24 results

  1. You can dm on instagram! @nomoreflips
  2. Hit me up through here or email me for any inquires Jakeleger94@gmail.com Brixton Beanie brand new-$10 Huf backpack brand new-$10 Tyler Bledsoes last shoe for Etnies. Brand new size 12 -$25 ├ęS Accel Square one brand new size 9.5-$30 volcomxspitfire button up size medium brand new-$15 Size L Berrics T-shirt only worn once-$10 Vintage Emerica T-shirt size L-$10 Fallen T-shirt-$5 Vintage Altamont button up size large-$15
  3. atlien97

    Wtb: Most Used/old Dslr Ever

    Ok so Ive been shooting with a pentax K1000 for photos recently but i want to upgrade a little so im just looking for the oldest/beat up/cheapest(as long as it works properly) Dslr that can shoot multiple photos like 3fps please hmu with anything you have
  4. happycloudskate

    Wtb: Vx1000 Mk1

    Anyone selling a vx1 mk1 full setup (batteries, bayo, etc) in good condition?
  5. Alright so I'm selling my vx1000. There's only two significant problems with the camera. 1.) The viewfinder is cracked, and is taped down in position. It can only be seen through in this position. (It's viewable and working, though you can purchase a ribbon cable and a new viewfinder if you want to restore it) 2.) I have no battery or charger for it. I have images and would upload the images but I simply don't know how to on this computer (I'm not the brightest shining bulb in the Mac department). So if you're interested in buying, text me at 724 757 4558 and I'll send any photos of it I'm asking around $370 for it, and I'll probably negotiate. It kills me to sell but I need cash soon and she's my fastest resort Thank you all and to all have a good day!
  6. I'm needing to upgrade my work camera within the next month, otherwise I'd keep this amazing machine forever. This camera is in excellent condition, aside from a small piece of plastic (about the width of a dime) missing from the back left corner. Doesn't effect the camera in any way. Package includes: HVX200 Camera Lens Hood Three 8GB P2 cards Three 12 hour long life batteries One Standard HVX battery AC charger http://www.ebay.com/itm/121030671077 I'm trying to get $1750 for everything, considering I paid about $5000 for it. But I'm open to negotiating. No trades.
  7. Ursu

    T2i Or T3i?

    Hello, I have scoped in on two cameras, the canon t2i and t3i, to purchase for filming and photography. Before I go out and spend a good deal of money on one of them I was wondering, is the t3i worth the extra cash over the t2i? Thanks! -ursu
  8. halfcabskater97

    Camera Bag

    I need a backpack for my DVX, but I only have like $80. So if anyone has a decent bag for a DVX and they're willing to sell it for cheap PM me.
  9. Gl1filmer1200

    Peleng 8mm Fisheye

    Hey guys. I need money FAST so Im selling my Peleng 8mm which I have for pretty much no reason. I have never used it and ive only taken it out of the box like 5 times so as you can imagine it is in perfect condition. Im looking to get $250, BUT I AM WILLING TO NEGOTIATE. I NEED THIS GONE FAST!!! Here are some pictures!! Let me know if you're interested
  10. My friend wants to get back into filming, so he's looking to buy a trv setup. Anybody have one?
  11. matt_enright

    Trade+cash For Camcorder

    hi, im looking at hd camcorders to buy NOT SD OR VX'S. Im interested in whatever you have, aslong as it is under$700 and is hd. I also have some camera stuff to trade right here just hit me up with whatever you have as long as it is hd, i have other stuff like boards that are new or used, a complete custom cruiser, complete boards, brand new decks, new and used wheels, xbox stuff and $ and i will trade that stuff
  12. matt_enright

    Wanted Camcorder/camera

    hi, im new to here but im looking for a new hd camcorder cause my sony hc1 broke. im looking at hd camcorders NOT SD OR VX'S features im looking for: hd hard drive or sd cards, or p2 card, not tapes i would like to have a viewfinder, but not necessarily 43mm thread/filter or up good condition, no broken parts hd only not pocket camcorder just hit me up with whatever you have as long as it follows what i asked, i have a little bit of camcorder parts or lenses but thats about it, but i have other stuff like boards and whatever and xbox stuff and $ message me on here or text me at 248 494 4739 thannks
  13. Chrome

    Wtb: Vx1000 (not Mint)

    I am new to the forums, and I have been looking for a VX1000 in my price range for a while now. Right now I have around $300 and am not sure if anybody has an old VX1000 laying around to sell for around that price. Clearly I am not looking for a mint VX because I know I can't get one. Please be sure to list all issues below. Thank You.
  14. Chrome

    Wtb: Capture Cam

    So I am pretty close to buying a VX1000 and I know I need a capture cam. I am looking for a cheapish one. I'm not trying to put out $100 on a capture cam. I kind of want something that doesn't look terrible filming and with like no issues filming. Either way message me with what you have. Even if it does have recording issues still message me. Obviously the main reason for getting this camera is too play back and capture footage.
  15. patstelmach

    P2card Readers

    Does anyone know where to find a cheap p2 card reader? Been looking around for one that works with mac but they're all expensive. Looking for one in the 200-300 dollar range
  16. Hey Guys, I am looking for Ipods, Itouch's, Iphones in any condition and generation just please pm me with them or post here in the thread. Its okay if screens cracked or scratched up just as long as the are functional.
  17. JapaneseDude

    Diy Grips

    I just wanted to know if anyone has tried anything compared to this on a DSLR rig... or if it is worth putting a Canon T2i on this thing without it falling off while skating.
  18. orionkalt

    Opteka Death Lens

    In need of a 58mm opteka death lens for cheap pm me if u have one
  19. Callumalmost

    Hd Starter Camera For Really Cheap?

    Hi, I'm quite new here so sorry if i make mistakes, so I want to start filming but I'm 17 and dont have a job so havent really got that much money, and this also makes saving quite hard, anyways I'm looking for a really cheap HD camera to get me started, would be good if it has functions that you can set manually like shutter speed and exposure etc. Also I really dont want anything that uses tapes, as I really cant afford any tape head problems, reliability is also definetly a big factor, so I have the equivalent of about $500, I live in the Uk by the way. I have already searched the forums and found the pannasonic sd9 being recommended, what do you guys think should I go with this do you have any better suggestions, Thanks in advance
  20. AnotherSantaCruzSk8r

    Should I Even Bother With A Super Cheap Mic?

    I recently came across the SG-108 Microphone and heard that it can do some pretty decent audio quality. Still not top of the line, but still a lot better than in-camera. Heres a link to the mic. http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B006M7G6YE And heres a demo video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES9eQEDK248 I think im going to go for it. Its only $30. What do you guys think?
  21. christiancustodio

    Opteka Fisheye

    i need to buy an opteka fisheye 52mm or 58, someone pm me of you have one
  22. BrennanBoards

    Canon Gl1 Setup

    I've been wanting to sell this for awhile, and I kind of need money, so someone just shoot me offers. Lookin for about $300 flat for everything, but im negotiable. -Canon GL1 with non-working LCD screen, other than that, great condition -1 small battery and 1 bigger 12 hour battery (has a crack in it and doesnt work that great, but im just tossin it in) -opteka 58mm wide angle, would make a good modteka Footy: too lazy to put up pictures, but shoot me a text and I'll send you some from my phone, or i can email them to you (206) 450-7471 Thanks, Brennan
  23. CalebCrowe

    Nikon/canon Photo Setup

    Just a simple setup nothing too crazy. -Camera Body -18-55mm -Battery -Charger Like around $250ish, I rarely get on here much anymore, so just text me, 7065879313
  24. If your a S.P. OG you know about the COMPLX... Everyone else, hope you enjoy the prices & the graphics. We've been around since 2007 and pride ourselves on quality over quantity as well as heavily supporting the local scene. I do this for fun on the side & appreciate any and all support. THANKS! CLICK HERE FOR $10.99 TEES & MORE DEALS! z Peep OUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT & get hyped to make some purchases & support the little guy...