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Found 15 results

  1. I hope you enjoy!... [www.yxnivrs.com]


    I hope you enjoy )) [View More]: http://goo.gl/Dg6X1C @JakeRench

    "just Go"

    Please leave a like/comment if you enjoyed, thank you! Infinite peace, balance & light @JakeRench
  4. Please leave a Like/Comment if you enjoy, thank you! Infinite peace, balance & light. @JakeRench
  5. Check out one of my recent edits "Stay Forever" It's a mix of skateboarding & freerunning clips filmed in Chicago and the suburbs. I hope you enjoy the editing style of this one Feel free to check out my other videos if you like this one, thank you. Infinite peace, balance & light. Stay Forever ~ Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/jakerench
  6. I just uploaded a brand new video today called "Patterns Of Lightworking" Please check it out if you are interested. It's a mixture of Skateboarding & Freerunning. Feedback is much appreciated thank you! Twitter ~ @JakeRench
  7. A mix of Skateboarding // Freerunning filmed in the city of Chicago. Please check it out! Feedback is much appreciated, thank you. @JakeRench


    In my edits I mix the art of Skateboarding & Freerunning. I like to use instrumentals that flow with the clips & create something you can overall just vibe with, if you are interested check out my latest edit "Waves" ~ Thank you
  9. tomhallway

    City Safari

  10. AKskateboarding

    C.omplete Teaser 2

    Teaser I whipped together this afternoon. We aren't serious skaters, just in it for the good times but let me know what you think of the teaser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNngCEZdu9Y
  11. whyhammer

    Chill Sessions

  12. Me and a few of my friends at our local skatepark located in WW-P, New Jersey. Happy Holidays!
  13. Im constantly looking for new music, especially bands like Health, Starfucker, Hooray for Earth, Neon Indian, Washed Out.... post bands that may fit in these genres of music.
  14. Spencer-Wells

    Jarmers In Pyjamas

    On Saturday there was a chill contest at this famous skate spot in Copenhagen called Jarmers and everyone was just hanging out, drinking free beer and having a good time. I shot a few rolls and put them up on the bitchslap website, but here's some of the skate photos I shot. back lip another back lip front blunt