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Found 17 results

  1. Whatup SP, Here's my newest vid from the Chuuchcrew's recent trip to Mammoth Mountain, CA for Superpark 20. Features were gnarly and weather was unideal, but we still had fun and logged a bit of footage. As always comments and criticisms are welcome. Lookout for our newest full-length snow/ skate flick "The Passion of the Chuuch" coming Fall 2016 Free! Thanks Leif
  2. Whatup SP, Brighton just closed this Sunday so I whipped up our spring park footage. Hopefully make it up to Snowbird/ Hood this spring and summer for some more filming and we'll have the full length dropping this fall 2016. Thanks- Leif
  3. Whatup SP, Here's the teaser for my new snow/ skate movie, coming Fall 2016 Free. As always comments and criticisms are appreciated, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks Leif
  4. Whatup SP, Here's a bit of footy I filmed last time I went boarding. Lookout for our street teaser coming soon, should be good Thanks Leif
  5. Whatup SP, Here's a remix of my buddy Treyson Allen's snowboard shots from the past year. Thanks for the view, I'll have some new content dropping soon!
  6. Whatup SP, Here's some snowboard footage from Brighton Resort over the last couple years that I just reedited. As always comments and criticisms! Thanks- Leif
  7. Whatup SP, Here's my newest snowboard/ skate flick "IF YA SCARED, GO TO CHUUCH". Hope you enjoy it. Thanks- Leif
  8. Whatup SP, Here's a little throwback bonus from my first snowboard flick Full Service. I have a new movie "If Ya Scared, Go To Chuuch" coming out later this fall online free, so be on the lookout! Thanks Leif
  9. Whatup SP, Here's a bit of unused snowboard footage I editing up to help me get through the hot summer. Hope you enjoy it, as always comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks Leif
  10. Whatup SP, Here's the teaser for our newest and third snowboard flick. This one is going to have skating in it as well, so that's exciting! As always comments and criticisms are appreciated. Thanks Leif
  11. Whatup SP, Newest and last Brighton Resort snowboarding edit for the year. As always comments and criticisms are welcome. We'll have our new street snowboard/ skate teaser coming soon, so stay tuned. Thanks Leif
  12. Whatup SP, Newest park edit, teaser for our new snowboard/ skate movie coming 4/21. Thanks Leif
  13. Whatup SP, Here's my newest snowboard edit, thought I'd share on here! As always, comment and criticisms are welcome! Thanks Leif
  14. Whatup SP, Here's my buddy Treyson's clips remixed up from our full street movie Chuurch. Thanks for checking it out. Leif
  15. Whatup SP, If you have time, checkout my newest snowboard movie titled "CHUURCH". Movie features primarily street snowboarding and is filmed in Utah, Colorado, Oregon and the midwest. I encourage you to check it and and if you have any comments or criticisms, let me know! http://youtu.be/CV-k_Cy9HgA Thanks Leif
  16. Whatup SP, Premiere for our new snowboard movie tomorrow at Bar Delux in SLC, Utah. If you're in the area, I encourage you to check it out! Thanks Leif https://www.facebook.com/events/752536544794110/755886931125738/
  17. Hey SP, Newest edit of my bud Ryan Ting killing it on a snowboard in the park. Our full CHUURCH movie dropping online soon for free, so stay tuned! Thanks- Leif