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Found 6 results

  1. I just officially started my streetwear clothing brand and wanted to see what you guys on here think of it and the first tees simplestreetwear.squarespace.com
  2. Hey, I recently have had the idea of starting my own streetwear/skate clothing label but I haven't got the money for it. I'm not sure how I could make money at the moment because I am at a boarding school, was just wondering if anyone had an idea of something I could do to earn money for the label? Maybe make a skate movie and try to get it sold in local skate shops? Thanks
  3. Not looking to trade anything! I'd like to sell some of this stuff today. Pm me or comment on this post if you're interested in anything! Everything is in exquisite condition. Let the photo's speak for themselves. Rip N' Dip Zig Zag bucket hat. Never worn. Retailed for $40 plus shipping, would like $25 shipped. Supreme Fitteds, Camps, and a Snapback All have been worn less than four times. Looking to get $55 shipped on each. That's less than retail. Random assortment of beanies. I'd like $10 shipped on each. THANKS!
  4. http://crosstownclothing.bigcartel.com/
  5. Hey this is my brand its called Tenthmuse and its fucking rad. Based around skateboarding and metaphysics. It's almost a year old now, we just started doing hats and stuff and soon I'd like to get into cut n sew. Critique the designs/web layout/logos if you'd like, I'm open to criticism. http://tenthmusebc.com - homepage http://store.tenthmusebc.com - webstore http://www.facebook.com/TenthMuseBC - fb(like plz) https://twitter.com/TenthmuseBC - twitter
  6. RascalFranky

    Rascal Franky Clothing Co.

    http://www.RascalFranky.com Rascal Franky is a Toronto based brand showcasing the street art, culture and fashion of the city to the world. Founded and Designed by Burhan Jawed, the brand celebrates and supports the hip hop, skate, and graffiti scene by displaying many distinct forms of art on every clothing peice. Built around controversy about the art and fashion we part-take in, we are artists with a passion of history, culture and propoganda which can be seen in the designs. We are not just a brand, we put creative individuality on the map .. Showing the views and ideals of Rascal Franky one peice at a time.