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Found 7 results

  1. ipad mini,front facing camera- long: ipad mini front facing camera-180 degree: ipad mini front facing camera - 235 degree: ______________________________________________________________________________ xperia z- long: xperia z-180 degree: xperia z-235 degree:
  2. Daniel Hasson

    Hvx Mk1 Vx Vx1 Mk1

    I film with a VX1/MK1 and need a HVX (not for filming skating) and was wondering if anyone's modded an original MK1 to fit the HVX200 and has a VX/HVX comparison? Thanks
  3. Can someone tell me the difference between these two lenses. Besides the $120.00 difference. \
  4. DRP33

    Many Brand Vs Peleng Video

    heres the comparison video i started making ages ago, got sidetracked but had a little spare time to put it up. hope it helps a few of you out! On another note Peleng have revised the price on their website, starting off at $228(US i think) (excluding postage). http://www.peleng8.com/ wish i got mine at that price PEACE!!
  5. The video was shot in low light and contains epic royalty free music from iMovie for the soundtrack. Please excuse both when viewing. It was shot with an HPX170, but the HPX170 and HMC150 both have the same optics and bayonet, making the comparison applicable for both cameras. The comparison includes: HPX170/HMC150 with the Century Optics Xtreme Fisheye, long lens, Century Optics HDV MK2 (at zoom Z07), and HDV MK2 (at zoom Z14). An Imgur gallery with full resolution screenshots and a .GIF of all 3 can be viewed here. Keep in mind that while the HDV MK2 at Z07 has the most distortion on the sides, it has much more vig compared to the Xtreme, which has more distortion vertically-- which is where distortion counts the most when shooting skateboarding. Below are the images scaled down for SP: and a .GIF of all three:
  6. AKskateboarding

    Gh2 Vs Gh3 Fisheye Comparison

    Not sure if this has been done but I'm looking for a comparison between the 2 fisheyes in terms of the crop sensor. I want to know if it makes a drastic difference because the 1080p/60fps is quite enticing. Sorry if its an ABD topic, but thanks if anyone can provide any help!
  7. JSantiago

    Rode Videomic Vs Sennheiser Mke400

    I'm looking to purchase a mic for my 7D sometime this week. It's come down to these two. Pro's to me for the sennheiser is it's size and how it takes AAA batteries. Cons is I haven't heard any good audio test so I'm not sure how it will be. Pro's for the Videomic is it's quality. Cons is it's size. I don't want it to show up in my shots when it has the windscreen. Looking for some opinions or a breakdown. Thanks!