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Found 180 results

  1. @CVskateboarding

    Lumix GH or Sony A series?

    Looking to upgrade from my cruddy canon 70d so I can finally stop filming in 720. For a decent priced dslr or mirrorless camera, which do you guys prefer? Lumix gh3/4 (cant afford the gh5) or and earlier A series sony? Like the 6300 or a7? Obviously will need a metabones or other adapter for my lenses but has anybody compared the two or like one more than the other?
  2. tomicardenas

    How To 4:3 Hd?

    Hi guys, i know that some one posted a similar topic, but they actually didnt say how, there is this filmer named James Cruickshank, who films for grey skate mag, that films with apparently a full frame dslr with the canon 8-15 fish, and crops it 4:3 HD, i guess he crops it in post, but i cant figure out if its fake vig or if its real, i personally asked him but he didnt answer, so i guess ill ask u guys, ive got my 8-15 on its way so thats why i didnt try it myself, but, im so hyped that i cant even wait lol, here is an example...
  3. Wondering if anyone has any experience shooting skating with the Sony Nex-vg30? Looking to step up from a Dslr into the prosumer camcorder area and the Dslr-like features (sensor, interchangeable lenses etc) on this plus the long lens zoom is interesting... I know my way round a 6D and figure i could get more out of it than the other camcorders in that price range. Plus its a lighter kit to carry around. Or if anyone has any up to date experiences with HD cams in 2016 that would be appreciated, I went through a fair few forums and most still talk about the Ac90/hvx/hmc40 etc.. does anyone have any comparable experience with newer lines like the canon legria etc? Do they get anywhere close to matching those 3?
  4. tomicardenas

    Which Handle?

    Hey so im getting a 6d apparently, and i want to get rid of my opteka x grip and dive into something more professional, i referred to the ''handle hungry'' topic but links are down or its just messy... I love the eazy handle v2, but its like 230 bucks, and my budget is around 100-150... I want something like the eazyhandle style if you know what i mean
  5. This is a video done by two friends and I over the last year or so. Everything was shot with Canon t3i's and a Panasonic GH3 (a few shots with a GH4). It's the first full length video I've ever had the privilege of working on, and it's full of a lot of good skateboarding and good times! ​
  6. tomicardenas

    Which Camera Should I Go For?

    Hey guys, so im actually selling my t3i setup, and im aiming for a full frame with the canon 8-15mm fish, and the 24-105 lens, i was thinking of getting the 6d, orrrr the 5d mk2, which one do you think i should get? and why? thanks

    "within & Without"

    New visual "Within & Without" I hope you enjoy. Feel free to check out more - http://www.yxnivrs.com/
  8. wesleybanford

    Wet Promo

    been working on this project for well over a year and a half. Please show us all some support and share, like, comment, whatever you can do spread this around! "WET" A full length film by Wesley Banford featuring Walter Farris, Jon Davis, Logan Bonner, Andrew Lovgren, Byron Avalos, Wesley Banford, Eliseo Cañete, Chandler Hoopes (hopefully), Juan Gutierrez, Jonathan Rodriguez, Joseph Rodriguez, Christian DeCastro summer2016♡♡♡
  9. tomicardenas

    Buffer Light Blinkin?

    Hi guys, i recently posted about the movie has stopped recording message that appeared on my camera, i had the ultra 30mbps card, i just bought the extreme pro sandisk from bh photo, 95mbps, when i hit record the buffer light blinks every second, it doesnt stop, and the ''buffer bar level'' doesnt show up, i just want to know if when i get out and film it will start stopping again, like, is it normal that buffer light blinks while recording? it exactly blinks every second... Thanks ps: i got at t3i/600d
  10. Was watching the adidas Mark Suciu - Civil Liberty part and was curious to know what it was filmed on. In the credits it says Filmed and Edited by Chris Mulhern. My guess is a higher end DSLR like a Sony a7s or something along the lines of a Sony FS700. Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nezFmOS1Cak
  11. posercrew

    Canon 6d

    Does anyone even film with these? I wanna see some edits! Everything 6D thread! Just wanna learn more about these cameras and where they stand in filming skateboarding so links, opinions, facts, insights, pros, cons anyone? Chea.
  12. Wisconsingord

    Canon Dslr For Camcorder

    I have a canon t3 with fisheye for kit lens, 50mm manual lens, 24-200mm and extra batteries. Trade for a camcorder with a handle connected like vx or dvx open to options.
  13. Cjheaney123

    Canon T3 For Sale

    Comes with fisheye adapter for kit lens, manual 50mm, and 24-200mm and extra battery's . $500 or trade.
  14. tomicardenas

    ''autoshutter Setting?''

    Hi guys, i was wondering if there is some way to disable the autoshut thing when filming video, i dont know how to call it, i mean, when you leave your cam without recording for like 10 seconds and the shutter closes automatically, and you have to hit the live view button again... that thing, is there anyway to disable that feature? Thanks
  15. tomicardenas

    ''movie Has Stopped Recording'' Message

    Hi guys, i know this is something that has been talked about, but my problem is that since i installed magic lantern, the message is popping up A LOT, i know its the buffer thing, but i dont know if its because from magic lantern, or something else, before installing it happened, like once or twice in every start up, and then it didnt pop up, i have a t3i, with a sandisk 45mbps class 10 sd card, i always format the sd card before using it, that helped a lot before installing ML, but what can i do now? its driving me nuts, i cant film like this, its frustrating when someone lands a trick and the message popped up midline without noticing haha, any tip? thanks!
  16. tomicardenas

    Budget Long Lens Camera?

    Hi guys, i actually have a t3i, which i cant get used to, i had a vx1000 and a dvx, and dslrs definitely feel strange, ive been using it for at least 1 year and i like certain things of it, so here is my question, as you know, dslrs suck for long lens shots, which i love, and i was thinking that maybe i could buy a cheap, decent cam, for long lens shots, i would love to own an hvx, but fisheyes are too expensive, the 16x9 doesnt convince me, and the xtreme is way too expensive... Do you guys know of a camcorder which i could get? So i think i might stay with the t3i for fisheye, and maybe get a camcorder for long lens shots, what do you think? thanks
  17. tomicardenas

    Question About Takstar 598 Microphone

    Hi, i just bought Takstar SGC-598 mic, which i saw many reviews of it, and it seems to be a decent mic for the price, it only costs, about 30 bucks, my concern is that i didnt film with the mike yet, but i wanna know if someone has it, and which settings do you use, the microphone itself has the low pass filter option and the +10db, do i need to turn on the +10db option??? or will it sound too loud filming skateboarding? Thanks
  18. Looking for a DSLR kit with fish, 14mm or 20mm or 50mm lens and if possible a handle. Preferably in the GH family or A7.
  19. I hope you enjoy Subscribe for more content ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/Jakeinthebox5 Peace.Balance.Light.
  20. thought I'd share it with you guys. I'm pretty satisfied with the look although I would love to try a full frame fisheye someday soon heh.
  21. A mix of Skateboarding // Freerunning filmed in the city of Chicago. Please check it out! Feedback is much appreciated, thank you. @JakeRench
  22. atlien97

    First Shots With The K50

    Just got the pentax k50 and these are the first photos ive taken with it, I can't wait to shoot some skating with it. Critique/comments are always welcome. A Fence by davisemory114, on Flickr Sonic by davisemory114, on Flickr JFK by davisemory114, on Flickr
  23. jordanpalmerwiens

    Throw Log #006 & Interview

    http://www.antiqueskate.com/blog/2014/12/27/g1xnc9iyst2mh744etlt9ja6ud3tiu videos at the bottom of the page! thanks for checking it out! im hungover right now so this is all I'm going to write.