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Found 65 results

  1. lepeykov

    wntrlen 2

    skateboarding in small township
  2. benhenault

    Dvx Mk2 Fisheye To Fit Vx2100

    I have a mk2 fisheye DVX bayo mount, what would i have to do to get this to fit a VX2100, doesn't matter wether its a Bayo mount or a screw mount, i have searched the internet and i can't seem to find the actual thread size underneath the bayo on the lens or anything about it so i wasn't sure if someone could help me
  3. petermartn

    Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  4. Killyoselffool

    Opteka Death Lens Blue Vig Fix!

    This can be achieved pretty easily through Color correction most easily done in Premiere pro. This Negates one of the most negative aspects of the Opteka lenses and creates in my opinion way better looking footage. Instructions 1.) select clip in premiere timeline 2.) Go to effects and find the "2 strip" color correction preset in Lumetri Presets under cinematic. 3.) apply to clip and mask out one section of the vig on your clip 4.) repeat for other 3 sections 5.) save as a custom preset or copy and paste the lumetri color onto all clips you want 6.) congrats you have successfully taken the blue vig out of your clips (pat yourself on the back) 7.) Think about how much money you saved by not buying a century lense and be happy
  5. You can dm on instagram! @nomoreflips
  6. nomoreflips

    Hours On Cameras? What Is That

    How does the whole hours on cameras work because I was going to buy a camera and the guy told me I'm had 83 hours on it.. How does that work and what is that??
  7. Hey guys, I am looking to buy a Camera. Should I buy a VX1, VX2/21 or a DVX? I will be using the camera to film (obviously) skateboarding Thanks
  8. My local shops new full length featuring Mark Eyestone, Austin Shamy, Justin Reiff, Ethan Edwards, Brandon Bonner, John Levesque, Sean Branham, Kevin Little, Tyler McCoy and Friends came out a while ago so go and buy the video if your interested, you will not be dissapointed. www.closetogross.bigcartel.com
  9. Hey Guys, my Dvx recently has started only being on when the battery is connected. Even when i flip the power switch to off it stays on and the only way to turn it off is by taking the battery out. If anyone has any idea what it could be, it be very much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Evanfarmer

    Wtb: Century Mk2 For Dvx

    Looking for a mk2 for my dvx
  11. Chris Deso filmed on a DVX100 / MKII just some chill stuff filmed in like an hour or so ive never filmed tranny stuff before whats good with a sub! gonna be putting more stuff out super soon
  12. The dude Alex Burnside (ScooterRider) is selling some more stuff. This time, the DVX he used to film his first full-length
  13. Max_Geoghegan

    Ogio Atiba Mini

    I'm looking for the ogio atiba mini bag or the polaroid studio backpack. anyone have either hmu
  14. Paul Hintz in PFP3 Filmed in Westchester, NYC, and Eastern Connecticut Sponsorship provided by 2nd Nature Skate Shop http://picturefuckingperfect.com/
  15. Brand new 16X9 EXII Fisheye for HMC/HPX or DVX. Only used twice not using lens so selling it. Lens is as new, 72mm screw mount, $200 + shipping http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/624167-REG/16x9_Inc_169_HDSF45X_72_169_HDSF45X_72_EXII_Fisheye.html
  16. bigflyboy13

    Bayo Mount For Dvx 100 Ag

    Im looking to buy a bayo mount for panasonic dvx 100a or any bayo 72mm I am paypal ready and I also have an scratched opteka fisheye screw mount to trade as well
  17. For sale I have a DVX100a with an Opteka fisheye and 3 batteries + charger. Also comes with a Tamrac bag. 350 obo + shipping if needed. Paypal or Money Order only please. Thanks. PM me or send mail to tweakrabbit@gmail.com.
  18. Selling a mint Century MK2 for DVX100. Like new, no scratches at all, bay mount obviously. No Trades or low ballers, http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/yrk/pho/4178148954.html for pics. Thanks
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz0ZJcYkvKo Advice?
  20. Made this edit awhile ago. Most of this stuff is over a year old. Enjoy
  21. I have a Panasonic Dvx100a setup that I am looking to get rid of. I've been in college now for some time and just don't use it anymore, and could use the money. I've only used Sony Premium tapes and the camera has never experience any hits or drops. I've also used a capture cam to reduce the likelihood of dirty heads, and that has only seen Sony Premiums as well. Setup: Dvx100a, great condition. Lowepro bag, fits everything really nice. (lenses, batteries, tapes) Century Optics MK2 (dvx version), glass is pristine, no scratches at all. 3 batteries Battery charger Lens cleaner & microfiber cloth 1 Sony Premium tape. I am willing to split the camera with the bag and accessories, and then obviously I will split the lens as well. I am looking for around $900 for the camera and bag etc., and would split the lens for around $450. I am more than willing to negotiate for prices. I can post pictures on here if people are that interested, otherwise feel free to text me whenever for pictures and negotiating. (262)527-6426 Thanks, Eli.
  22. cameron2g

    Dvx 60i Vs 30p Test

    Alright, so I know its a fact that you lose resolution with 60i when viewing on the web/on a computer. But heres a little test I did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV5_6EPMZto (Sorry for mediocre skating, it was cold and I just wanted to get some test clips real quick) The first clip is 60i, the second clip is 30p, and the final clip is 60i. If you ask me, the "loss of resolution" you have to deal with when filming 60i really has no effect when posting to the web. They look pretty much the same to me (quality wise). What do all you other Dvx'ers think? (And all others too I guess)
  23. i was playing back on my dvx100a tonight and it was working just fine and then after like 3 tapes or so it displayed an error reading "auto off s reel lock" and i have no idea why. then i took the battery out and put it back in and ejected the tape and all that so then i try to put another tape in and it ate it. now whenever i try to put a tape in for a second it will display this message. please help?
  24. gilburtt

    Wtb: Dvx100 Setup

    Looking for a DVX setup, preferably with an MK2. Interested in 100a's and 100b's.