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Found 7 results

  1. Danimals07

    #stayflared Chicago

    Spanky Fs Grab on the wave breaker http://imageshack.com/a/img537/897/0pwlb5.jpg I'm really new to photography as you can tell. And I really wanted to get a pro doing a trick no matter what, while they were in Chicago. Also I didn't want to get in Mike Burnett's way. To me this is a prized photo because of how well I think it turned out. But the reason its here is to get critiqued.
  2. Last week Emerica/Lakia Had visited Philadelphia on there Stay flared tour. With a little of my editing magic I brought Back that late 90s skateboarding nostalgia with a 411vm Demo section. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9pkM7LqI7s ps didn't know till after I uploaded this video that Huf did it first.
  3. ALL HATS: $5 ALL SHIRTS: $5 (CIRCA SHIRTS LARGE, REST ARE MEDIUM) HATS: $10 ALL SHOES: $25 (NIKE SB BRUINS:10, EMERICA LEO LACED:10, VANS ERA PROS:6.5, VANS GILBERT CROCKETxINDEPENDENT:6.5) OLYMPUS STYLUS ZOOM 140: $15 Sony NP-FM30:$10 Apple 8 Pin USB Cable:$5 AC Cubes/Blocks:$5/ 3 for $10 FireWires:$5 MiniDV to MiniDV Cable:$5
  4. So yeah Prod is holding that contest and my Homie entered this. Wanted to see what ya'll thought about it. Not my filming or editng, credit goes to Ben Ly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmKUNliB2Og
  5. rollinknowledge

    Slappy Grinds

    This is just a short clip of me (black pants) doing some slappy grinds. My friend doesn't really understand slappys, but he made it into the video anyways because he's still the homie.
  6. Emerica is coming to Detroit for "Go Skate Day" and throwing a wild in the streets in downtown d-town. Anyone going? Anyone heard anything special too? There is also going to be a diy spot popping up, as it is being built now called the "Ride It Sculpture Park". Basically looks like a cool artsy diy spot to enhance Detroit a little. Which is tight.