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Found 1 result

  1. I have a question/problem. I have a Panny agac160a. I bought the Opteka Titanium 0.3x 72mm that said it was for the HMC 150 & some DVX models. I have to use a spacer due to the metal cone that protrudes past the threads... and this is causing super vig - we're talking waaay beyond VX style vig! Of course I can zoom in a few notches to alleviate the problem, but that's kinda defeating the purpose, especially seeing how I was forced to buy the 0.4x back in the fall due to the 0.3s being out of stock! When I zoom in enough to fix it, I'm almost right back to where I was w/the 0.4x, which I was VERY unhappy with! Funny thing is that the 0.4x fit perfect w/out having to use a spacer, but I had to use 2 to get the desired fisheye look?! I had the HMC 150 and this lens fit w/out a spacer and the vig was borderline acceptable, with minimal zoom required to get the right amount of vig. So I have 2 questions. 1; Is there a fisheye out there (that I haven't stumbled across)that's made for the 160, or one that'll fit w/out a spacer? 2; Is it possible (or has anyone tried) to mod the 0.3 using the 0.4's metal so that it'll fit the 160 w/out a spacer? I'm gonna pull up the schematics on both lenses after I post, but a quick 'nope - can't be done' would save time and most importantly..money! Either way, I'll still be needing an answer to question 1! Much Thanks in Advance - TLaR ...after skating for 30 years I figured, if I'm not gonna huck it, might as well film whoever is?! -Me