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Found 40 results

  1. KohlSkates

    Rode Video Mic Go F/s

    I know that this is the wrong place but I really need to get this Rode video mic go gone. rycote mount with rycote deadcat. $70 and shipping. Contact me through a Pm or email at Kohlskates@gmail.com.
  2. Flatbroken

    Gh2 Setup

    Anyone looking for a Lumix GH2 set-up? Lumix GH2 with 14-42mm kit lens + Rokinon 7.5 fisheye + Eazy Handle S-E + Battery charger and 2 batteries. Feel free to email me an offer - christian@dlxsf.com GH2 description http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/used/736343/?gclid=Cj0KEQiArou2BRDcoN_c6NDI3oMBEiQANeix5tAzaAc4u7euXujbbSAFUl9pMuKPac_I1cQ7tBvC_DoaAsxL8P8HAQ 14-42mm Lens description http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/682980-REG/Panasonic_Lumix_G_Vario_14_42mm.html Rokinon 7.5 fisheye description http://www.hsn.com/products/rokinon-75mm-fisheye-camera-lens-panasonicolympus/7909961?sz=6&sf=EC0411&ac=&cm_mmc=Shopping%20Engine-_-Bing%20PA-_-Electronics-_-455324&mr:referralID=10d2334b-d504-11e5-883b-00505694526f Eazy Handle S-E description http://www.eazydolly.com/products/eazy-handle-s-e.html
  3. Steveo715

    M43 Fisheye Comparisons

    So I film with a Panasonic gh2 for fisheye stuff mostly and the lens I've used for about 6 months is the Rokinon 7.5mm for m43. For 200-250$ it's amazing, with really sharp images from f4 onwards and lots of barrel distortion and no vignetting. I got a metabones speedbooster and a manybrand because I read how wide it was in a different thread, tried it out and was super disappointed. Hpx/xtreme type vig on a really front heavy and awkward setup and the width didn't wow me in comparison to my 7.5, not to mention the manybrand I was sent by Amazon was scratched. Took some test shots and sent it back. Here is an album comparing gh2 and other m43 2x crop cameras with both setups, and a canon with manybrand just to compare. http://imgur.com/a/XnviI The thing I found most interesting was how over exaggerated the lack of width of a gh3/7.5mm was, especially when compared to a manybrand on apsc. No one will see this but I figured I'd put it up in case anyone was interested
  4. Made a post in the dslr buyers advice thread but I though it would be worth it to make a post here. Currently have a gh2 running flow motion, sort of wanting a new cam that gives me more stabilized zoom options and 1080/60p. Currently looking at 3 options. A7: full frame capable, Ef to e mount smart adapter is cheap, about 850 used, but video quality is shit from what I've been seeing. A7s: same as a7 but with much better video, but it's close to double the price of the a7 used and I'm not sure I can afford something that pricey. Gh3: better dynamic range than gh2, no shitty avchd, great video, and I can use my 7.5mm while I wait for a meta bones booster, which would give me 1.42 crop factor and image stabilization support. Only concern is that a 17-50 vc tamron might vignette but I film along with someone who uses an hmc so I could always just crop a bit because it's getting down scaled to 720 anyways. Thoughts? Really sorry if this is the wrong place to make this post, I'm new here so please go easy. Thanks , Steve
  5. Danimals07

    Wtb: Easyhandle V2

    Can't deal with a flimsy X-Grip anymore.
  6. Danimals07

    Unintentional Shutter Lag.

    This photo is old and i just wanted to see what you guys thought of the photo. Does the skater get "lost" in the shutter lag? I tried getting low to compensate for not having a fisheye at the time. Everything done to the photo was done in camera, no effects were added. Thanks
  7. Danimals07

    #stayflared Chicago

    Spanky Fs Grab on the wave breaker http://imageshack.com/a/img537/897/0pwlb5.jpg I'm really new to photography as you can tell. And I really wanted to get a pro doing a trick no matter what, while they were in Chicago. Also I didn't want to get in Mike Burnett's way. To me this is a prized photo because of how well I think it turned out. But the reason its here is to get critiqued.
  8. joey skates

    An Optical Poem

  9. Danimals07

    Gh2 Setting Suggestions.

    I'm way new to the Dslr scene and I just bought a mint condition Gh2 with a 14-42mm lens. And eventually I'm either gonna buy a Lumix G fisheye or Peleng. That being said does anyone have any good settings to shoot skateboarding with?
  10. KohlSkates

    Panasonic Gh2

    I'm selling my gh2 because I can not use it. I don't know what is wrong with it, it got hit once and won't turn on. So I'm selling it along with my Canon fd 50mm f1.8 and a Canon fd 35-105mm f3.5 (small crack in the body when it was shipped to me). I also got a Rokinon 7.5mm. Cam caddie with the lock out kit and hot shoe (a homie over tightened it now they are kinda stuck in place) and a 16gb card. HMU through here or KohlSkates@gmail.comfor pics and prices (I'm letting some of it go for cheap) Thanks.
  11. KohlSkates

    Asking For Money On A Lens/body Hit

    I was filming a line and on one specific trick where it was kind of hit or miss on his land and the word shot out towards me. I decided to switch up my angle a bit and get more behind him I thought it still looked pretty sick, and what do ya know the board shot out behind for the first time and hit my gh2 and like kids scrapes the hood of my fisheye. I checked it out and the hit turned the whole damn thing off and I think it hit a piece of the flaw because the flash will not stay up all the way up and some off the upper piece of the body was pushed up so I kind of pushed it back together but since that day(yesterday) the thing won't turn on. I'm usually just like naw dude it's straight it's my fault when I get a lens hit or something to that equivalent but if I can't fix this my self should I call him up and ask for a little cash.
  12. Not at all sure where to post this but what is the best way to send SD and HD footage (internet preferably) around the U.S. or really anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  13. KohlSkates

    Canon Fd Lens Issue

    I got a canon fd 35-105 f3.5 and it won't focus to infinity. Is there a way I can fix this issue or is it done and time to be sold. If it helps i have a gh2 with a fd to micro four thirds adapter.
  14. KohlSkates

    Panny Gh2 Chargers In Michigan

    Anybody got a Panny Gh2 charger? I can't really use my paypal because they put a limit on it, so if you live near Ann Arbor, Canton or Westland or downtown Detroit and can meet me at a skatepark please hit me up and we can negotiate on how many and a price.
  15. alvarojoelgarcia

    Gh2 Setup For Trade/sale

    This setup has been ol reliable for me. I've been known to only keep a setup for a couple of months then try something else, but I don't know what it is about this setup. It might be the super high bitrate, the detail and maybe the color rendition. Overall it has been a great camera and I want to see what else is out there. The setup includes: Panasonic GH2 (custom hack I wrote up, shoots at about 200mbs, super clear footage) 1x original battery 2x China brand batteries 1x original battery charger 32 gb Sandisk extreme pro 95mb/s SD card 16 gb Sandisk extreme 45mb/s SD card Eazy Handle V2 with quick release added for GH2 ease of use LowePro bag (Holds whole setup perfect, don't even need to take apart eazy handle, also holds 17inch laptop and everything you will need for those skate missions/ weekends at your homie's house) Lenses: Bower 7.5mm f/ 3.5 (Super wide and great distortion! ) Canon FD SSC 50mm f/ 1.4 (Rare, awesome in low light and extremely sharp) Minolta 28mm f/ 2.8 (This is a reissue of an old minolta lens, focuses perfect with the gh2) Noktor Hyperprime 12mm T/ 1.6 (Equivalent to f/ 1.4, prototype lens, rare green filter) Canon tv zoom lens v6x17 17-102mm f/ 2.0 ( C-mount lens, awesome bokeh, needs crop due to it not covering the whole gh2 censor, use the Ex tel convert with this one or crop in post) Footage: I'm looking for either a straight trade or a trade with cash on top. Some HD camcorder or a vx1 MK1 setup with cash on top. Let me know what you have, money talks so feel free to throw me a cash offer. I don't check this so much so please text me: (954) 439-2250 Thank you, -Joel
  16. KohlSkates


    I decided to star doing 5 on flats just because I had the time. let me now on how i could make my footage look better Ex: filming tips, editing tips etc.
  17. KohlSkates


    The unfinished video, that I feel to be my best work. Missing 30 seconds or so at the end but still makes for a great watch.F/E by Kohl fergerson (kohl_skates).SKATERS: Sami Abdulhadi(1st clip), Michael figlioli(second clip), Evan Hutchings(11 or so clip), WHITE SHIRT GUY(orange beanie), BLACK SHIRT GUY(white socks). Snapped board provided by Justin Zimmerman. Filmed on panasonic gh2 with a rokinon 7.5mm and a canon fd 50mm f/1.8 rode videomic go Song by Brooke Waggoner Title: Rumble
  18. KohlSkates

    Help Me Out

    First time really filming with it and I could have used a light or bumped up my iso or went down on my shutter. Some clips are a little staticy sounding or at the very last clip audio cuts out because my adapter kept coming loose on my mic (rode videomic go). Thanks
  19. KohlSkates

    Should I Get A Panasonic Hdc-hs250

    Should I snag a Panasonic Hdc-hs250 for second angles with my gh2 so I don't have to buy another lens. The lenses I was considering are about the same prices I could get this for. Any thoughts that could help that would be nice, thanks.
  20. KohlSkates

    My Mic Gets In My Footage Help

    Anybody know a way to angle up or raise your mic? Any links or key words to search would be cool.
  21. Can anyone fill me in on any zoom lenses with a constant aperture. It can be nikon,canon ef,fd, etc. I don't care. Under 500ish I guess.
  22. KohlSkates

    Wtb: Gh2 Body

    Anybody looking to get rid of a gh2 for like $450
  23. KohlSkates

    Should I Buy A Mic Now Or Later

    I just sold my vx and have a bit of cash now and I still have a small had setup. I am planing on getting gh2/3 setup mic,fish,eazy handle,etc but I won't be able to buy it for a little. So my question is should I buy a mic and some sd cards now for my other hd setup or just wait and buy my entire gh2/3 setup at once?
  24. KohlSkates

    Switching From Vx1 To Gh2

    I'm in the process of selling my vx1 and a bunch of other stuff with it, so if you want please pm me so I can sell this thing. I plan on getting a gh2/lumix 8mm but I don't know what long lens to get. i've been told by a friend that the kit 14-140 is tight is this true?
  25. Super legit homie. Wants $1450 OBO for the whole setup. Take it away, Linquist! Holler at him, not me if you're interested.