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Found 45 results

  1. It's been years since I've been on SP, glad it's back! Been shooting VX for the last 12 years, finally upgraded to a HMC150 +Xtreme, last week. The camera seller threw in a Rode NTG1 - I've been playing around with it and the mic's so long it shows up in the fisheye., Quick question - if i pull the mic back level with the camera and buy a new foam (wind shield) protector thats shorter or cut my existing one - will I have any issues? If not should I buy a new smaller mic? What are the options? Thanks In Advance.
  2. AKskateboarding

    Hmc150 Scene File Settings

    I've been messing around with the Panasonic HMC150 I got not long ago and was curious which setting(s) in the scene file menu will brighten the footage the most? I can't remember who it is, but I used the person who filmed "_you should close the door_"'s Scene file (pictured below) and it looks really good for day time footage, but I've seen better night time footage produced by the Panasonic camcorders. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Local skateshop threw a contest this weekend & here's the recap!! (Critique please)
  4. Managed to film a little bit of the Volcom Road Rager Tour in Jax Beach Check it out! Critique please!!
  5. One day, not that long ago, there were these Monsters Mashing at Lakeside. Luckily I was there to capture the terror! ahah filmed this over the course of a few days but an hour or two at a time. Critique would be welcome! Thanks! Have a Happy Halloween & enjoy!
  6. JSantiago

    Wtb: Century Xtreme For Hmc/hpx

    Looking to purchase an Xtreme with or without the rails for my HMC150. Message me if you're selling on or post on here and I'll get back to you. Thanks!
  7. A few weeks ago we participated in a 24 hour film contest. Basically, the skateshop gives you a kicker ramp & you have 24 hours to film as much as possible. They gave us the next few days to get the editing done too. Here's what we ended up with. Hope you enjoy! (Comments/Critique gladly accepted)
  8. It's been a long time coming, but Garbage Disposal #2 is finally here! This is throwaway from the full length video we've been working on, Celestial Theory. Teasers coming soon! I would greatly appreciate any comments, critique, ect. Thanks so much everyone! Enjoy!
  9. Panasonic HMC150 with super low hours, 16x9 fish with spacers, 2 batteries (1x 6 hour, 1x2 hour) and Lowepro flipside400 bag going up for sale soon. Everything is mint, pics coming later today.
  10. We went to the Shelter in Berlin for one day. I feel like skating and especially filming could be a lot better but we were already tired when we came in as we were driving for 7 hours. I filmed almost all long lens clips, my friend filmed fisheye. Canon 550D, 600D, Panasonic HMC150 Samyang 8mm, Canon 50mm f/1.8, cheap russian 120mm lens, reverse mount macro ring, Zoom H1.
  11. I am looking to buy a Century Xtreme, for HMC/HPX. Preferably rails included.
  12. harrisonfrosch

    Wtb Century Extreme Fisheye Hpx/hmc

    Hey all, i am wanting to buy a century extreme for my hpx170( preferably sold with the rails too) ! Must be in good condition with no scratches on the lens. Also, you must be willing to ship it to Ontario, Canada ( I will pay for shipping). If have one you are interested in selling please let me know! Thanks, Harrison
  13. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261551069173?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649 Here is the ebay link to the item, the 250 gb model is very rare to find! More info and all pictures are posted on the ebay listing. FS-100 Firestore 250 GB This is an external hard drive for your camera that you plug up by Firewire 400 (6 pin). Model FS-100. You can find out if your camera can use it by looking at this link. http://www.webvideoguys.com/PDFs/Suggested_Camera_Compatible_and_Files_Formats_Guide.pdf Apparently there are ways to make it compatible with more cameras, please do the research. The hard drive is in very great condition; there are very small scratches on the body itself, no scratches on the screen or the front itself. The 250gb model is VERY HARD to find for sale online, and very few were made compared to the 160gb model. This one is for sale, and has an extended battery and a mounting box attached (shown in photos). Original manual and extra paper instructions of how to set it up to your camera, and original paperwork and charger included! The only thing missing is the firewire 400 cable used to plug up to the camera/computer which can easily be found online. Here is more information on this particular model. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/557087-REG/Panasonic_ASYF_1296_01LF_FS_100_250_250GB_Portable_DTE.html
  14. Does the sony ex1 have the same bayo mount as the hpx170? From what I can tell it looks like it does.
  15. Who out there is using an xtreme fisheye? I just got one and it's heavier than I thought. Weight distribution feels awkward. Maybe I'll get used to it. Anyone out here have an opinion on using the xtreme? Like it or not? Thanks
  16. Where can I get the hmc150/hpx170 bayo ring for my xtreme fisheye? I currently have an hvx200/hvx200a bayo ring on it. I called century and they said there tech guy was not in but they did not know if they sell that part separately. Anyone that can help me or put in your input? Thanks
  17. Skater132

    Panasonic Hmc150

    . Anyone out there selling an hmc150? Just testing the waters and seeing if there's a good deals out there to make a move. Pm me thanks
  18. Skater132

    Hmc150 Mk2 Vs Hmc40 Fce9

    So can anyone tell me which of these setups are wider? And I'm talking about both setups zoomed at a decent amount where you get limited vig. So which set up is wider an hmc150 mk2 zoomed to z14 or an hmc40 fce9 zoomed to z24?
  19. Made this clip last night of a Miniramp session that went down. t was my second time filming with my new HMC150 / Xtreme Fisheye set up coming from a DSLR so any tips/advice would be appreciated. Also, scene files or settings recommendations would be sweet aswel.
  20. Skater132

    Hmc150 Mk1 Intermedaite

    Has anyone tried this setup? I am very aware that there has been the fx1 mk2 modded to the hmc150. I am also aware of the an mk1 intermedaite on the fx1 and it had less vig than an fx1 mk2 and was far wider. So what I'm saying Is if I took an mk1 intermedaite got a 72mm ring put on the back of it and put it on the hmc150 I'm thinking I will have less vig and a wider setup than modding a fx1 mk2 to the hmc150. Thoughts?
  21. We've visited 2 transistion skateparks and decided to post short video of it. I wasn't really creative that day which I regret. Definitely I should've tried getting some bowl fisheye lines. Also I didn't get enough b-roll footage so a few shots come are from video stocks. Anyway it came out pretty decent I think.
  22. Skater132

    Hmc150 Mk1 Intermedaite

    Has anyone tried this setup? I am very aware that there has been the fx1 mk2 modded to the hmc150. I am also aware of the an mk1 intermedaite on the fx1 and it had less vig than an fx1 mk2 and was far wider. So what I'm saying Is if I took an mk1 intermedaite got a 72mm ring put on the back of it and put it on the hmc150 I'm thinking I will have less vig and a wider setup than modding a fx1 mk2 to the hmc150. Thoughts?
  23. A couple of clips gathered over a few weekends. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!
  24. Brand new 16X9 EXII Fisheye for HMC/HPX or DVX. Only used twice not using lens so selling it. Lens is as new, 72mm screw mount, $200 + shipping http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/624167-REG/16x9_Inc_169_HDSF45X_72_169_HDSF45X_72_EXII_Fisheye.html
  25. *NO TRADES!* I am selling a clean Panasonic HMC150 with accessories as listed: 1 x Stock batt (90 min.) + 1 3rd party battery - 3x as long lasting! (275+ min.) 2 x SD cards - 1 x 16GB Panasonic Class 10 - 1 x 32GB Transcend Class 6 = 48 GB = 12+ hours of footage! mic holder, remote, charger, etc. also for sale: Ogio Mini Atiba Bag = $30 This camera is cleannn and only has 278 hrs! PRICES: camera + accessories (included) = $1900 shipped PAYMENT METHOD: PayPal Post here if interested and/or PM me for more info and pictures!