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Found 28 results

  1. danielrey

    Getting Hvx P2 Footy Onto A Mac?

    Finally got my hands on an Hvx200 along with a 16g P2 card. Trying to find the cheapest way to get footage from the p2 onto my mac. Spent all my money on the cam lol. Any suggestions?
  2. snowborter9

    Vx Or Hvx

    I'm looking to buy a camcorder for snowboarding and can't decide whether to buy vx or hvx. id like to here your opinions. p2 or tapes?
  3. snowborter9


    i just got an HVX200 and i need to buy a firewire. I have a macbook so i have to get the lightning bolt to firewire but what pin size do i buy for my camera?
  4. So i film with an hpx 250 not 170 or hvx, but theyre all the same thread size so what ever. I am looking for a fisheye for under 300$ and a tripod thats under 300$ Ive been looking at the opteka hd2 .4x 72mm but its out of stock every where or back ordered I would prefer a fisheye with no vignette, maybe the 16x9? i need some input also i am looking for a fluid head tripod, one thatll work good in cold temps, i film mostly snowbaording, and i would also like to have variable tension knobs. someone help me out im torn ;( thanks -Cal
  5. You can dm on instagram! @nomoreflips
  6. nomoreflips

    Hours On Cameras? What Is That

    How does the whole hours on cameras work because I was going to buy a camera and the guy told me I'm had 83 hours on it.. How does that work and what is that??
  7. I mean who films Hvx footage with Mini dv's anyway? Edit: using a hvx as a cap cam is Shitty
  8. SOLD!!!!! It's the 200AP model with the larger sensor than the OG HVX200. - HVX200A w/ Hood and Cap - 2X Panasonic CGA-D54 (the biggest) Batteries - Factory Panasonic Charger - Firewire Cable - Your choice of Panasonic R Series 16gb P2 Card, Panasonic E Series 32gb P2 card, or without P2 ***Alternate prices below*** Condition: The Camera is 100 percent fully functional! No broken battery tabs, zoom and focus are all perfect. There is slight wear and tear on body but nothing out of the ordinary. When I picked up the camera it even had the protective plastic on the P2 drive and tape drive glass! The camera still has baby hours on it at 541. If you're looking to get into the HVX200a game at a great price then hit me up. I've been on this forum since 2005 so buy with confidence, I'm not here to fuck anyone over. Camera without P2 card: $999 Camera with 16gb P2 card: $1100 Camera with 32GB P2 card: $1250 Thanks, -Jared
  9. Jayoolian

    New Setup, Panasonic Hvx200

    I just sold my last GH2 setup and was given the opportunity to buy an hvx200 at a good price for the amazing condition that its in and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help lead me in the right path filming wise? I have owned 2 Dvx's in the past as well as a vx1k and this is my first time using a camcorder in years since my vx1000 so I'm going to be a bit rusty and going to be fisheye less until I buy an xtreme. I have been watching Ride Channels tutorials as well but any advice, scene files or basic settings that anyone out there would like to recommend would be great!
  10. oatesmedia

    Fs-100 Firestore 250gb For Sale

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/261551069173?ssPageName=STRK:MESCX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1554.l2649 Here is the ebay link to the item, the 250 gb model is very rare to find! More info and all pictures are posted on the ebay listing. FS-100 Firestore 250 GB This is an external hard drive for your camera that you plug up by Firewire 400 (6 pin). Model FS-100. You can find out if your camera can use it by looking at this link. http://www.webvideoguys.com/PDFs/Suggested_Camera_Compatible_and_Files_Formats_Guide.pdf Apparently there are ways to make it compatible with more cameras, please do the research. The hard drive is in very great condition; there are very small scratches on the body itself, no scratches on the screen or the front itself. The 250gb model is VERY HARD to find for sale online, and very few were made compared to the 160gb model. This one is for sale, and has an extended battery and a mounting box attached (shown in photos). Original manual and extra paper instructions of how to set it up to your camera, and original paperwork and charger included! The only thing missing is the firewire 400 cable used to plug up to the camera/computer which can easily be found online. Here is more information on this particular model. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE COMMITTING TO BUY. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/557087-REG/Panasonic_ASYF_1296_01LF_FS_100_250_250GB_Portable_DTE.html
  11. Short edit of Ronnie Kessner ripping Alga Norte Skatepark in Carlsbad, CA. Song: My Whole World's Coming Apart Artist: John Maus HPX170 Follow on IG: Steaktage
  12. Who out there is using an xtreme fisheye? I just got one and it's heavier than I thought. Weight distribution feels awkward. Maybe I'll get used to it. Anyone out here have an opinion on using the xtreme? Like it or not? Thanks
  14. Knifefight

    Hvx Test Footy

  15. happycloudskate

    Need Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye!

    Does anyone have one for sale less than $2600 ?? In need of it SOON, please contact me if you have one for sale! matias@matiasvasquez.com 305-951-1700 , if you are in the Miami (florida) area i will pick up. I will pay for shipping if not.
  16. LZC

    Wtb: 32gb R Series P2

    Hi, Looking to get a 32 gb P2 Card, hopefully R-Series. Looking to hopefully spend around $250 or under. I also have a Tamron 17-50, Rokinon 8mm and Eazy Handle V2 which we could work into the deal if you wanted any of those items. Let me know Thanks Leif (503)680-9575 leifdrazninfrench@gmail.com
  17. I'm needing to upgrade my work camera within the next month, otherwise I'd keep this amazing machine forever. This camera is in excellent condition, aside from a small piece of plastic (about the width of a dime) missing from the back left corner. Doesn't effect the camera in any way. Package includes: HVX200 Camera Lens Hood Three 8GB P2 cards Three 12 hour long life batteries One Standard HVX battery AC charger http://www.ebay.com/itm/121030671077 I'm trying to get $1750 for everything, considering I paid about $5000 for it. But I'm open to negotiating. No trades.
  18. Throwing down some missys : )
  19. DSM

    Hvx P2 Cards

    shoot me anything you got
  20. Hey everyone. I've made the switch to HD and am using a 60d setup. I have my vx1000 setup just gathering dust. I've considered the option of trading it for an HD video camera (to accompany my DSLR). I have a fully functional no issues vx1000 with all normal accessories included. The body is in good condition as well. Great camera. Filmed my skate video with it. https://vimeo.com/60424759 I have with that, a scratched mk1 lens. The footage of the hit that scratched it is in the intro montage for my skate vid, posted above. Its a decent scratch, but totally still usable. I used the lens for 1/3 of the video with no issues other than a small scratch on footage. I also have with this setup, a frezzi on camera light. 75watt mini fill with XLR connection to a bescor mm9 battery pack, includes auto shut off charger for bescor batt. Great condition, bright light, classic vx1 night footage styling (the ring of light). This light retailed at near 400 for the kit in total. And in addition to that I have a sony 10/20 light that works perfectly. In total I have 4 npf 730 batteries. Long lasting, fit in the vx and dont get in the way of holding the handle when on the sony light (like the vx2100 batteries do: annoying). I could maybe add some cash to the right trade, not looking to add like a thousand dollars or anything though. I'd be into something like a used hvx, or maybe HMC so I could just use SD cards for all my footage. email me if you want ( wes @ staystackin dot com ) Pictures coming tonight! I'll take updated ones of the setup. the frezzi setup tough to see the scratch on the mk1 in any pictures i took, but here's a screen shot as well to show the scratch. that's as bad as it gets, its usually barely visible.
  21. patstelmach

    P2card Readers

    Does anyone know where to find a cheap p2 card reader? Been looking around for one that works with mac but they're all expensive. Looking for one in the 200-300 dollar range
  22. Selling my EWA-Marine VP2 Underwater Housing Bag designed for the Panasonic HVX200. Will work for any camera that fits in the bag and with either a 82mm or 72mm (with step-up ring included) lens. Good down to 33ft. I know a bag seems unsafe, but it really works, very well. Product Info from B&H http://www.bhphotovi...ousing_for.html Great condition, used it under 10 times. I've tested it down to 15 ft. Never had a scare. Used once in salt water but was immediately cleaned afterwards. Comes with bag, 72mm->82mm step-up ring, 3 "camera-dry" packets (keeps moisture from building up inside) and the foam block it came with to keep it floating. Bag is great for underwater projects, heavy rain, surf videos. Its been awhile since I've been on skateperception, but I'm legit, a few people can verify that if they are still on here. Original owner, bought from B&H $150 OBO Either PM me on here, or MORE PREFERABLY e-mail me at lotb777@gmail.com, then i'll get back to you right away. Photo:
  23. Looking to buy a solid HD camera for long lens/zooming. I'm thinking either a HVX200 or an HMC40. If you have one of these for sale or know someone selling either of them please PM me or email me: daylandomedia@gmail.com Thanks guys! TJ