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Found 18 results

  1. Listing this Hvx200a package for my friend Steve Marino. Camera was used to film various East Coast videos from 5Boro and Zoo, as well as sections in videos from Nike, Girl/Chocolate, Transworld and more. Has been well cared for, looks good and functions properly. Panasonic HVX200a w/ Xtreme Century Fisheye 4 Batteries 2 p2 cards - 16 and 32 gb 2 Chargers Panasonic camera bag Looking for $ 3500 obo I will check this periodically but if you're interested e-mail Steve directly: stephenmmarino@gmail.com
  2. Whatup SP, Here's my newest snowboard/ skate flick "IF YA SCARED, GO TO CHUUCH". Hope you enjoy it. Thanks- Leif
  3. [media=720x1280] [/media] Nothing but serious business...
  4. [media=1280x720] [/media]Riding by: Marco Gooding, Chuckie Branciforte, Eric Buczek, Matt Sorrano, Jameson Lecomte, Christian Batthany, Tim Bloom, Colton Boehlke, Erich Stefanzick, and Cory Rudolph Filming and Editing by: Christian Batthany Additional Filming by: Chuckie Branciforte
  5. EDIT: Xtreme Fisheye and 15mm Support Rods are SOLD FOR SALE: HVX200AP Kit $1200 usd Panasonic HVX200AP (Lens hood/cap) Two 16 gb p2 Cards (32 gb total) 5 Batteries (3 Panasonic, two off brand - all hold great charge) Panasonic Wall Charger Hoodman LCD screen Hood HVX200AP is in perfect functioning condition and has approximately 1200 hours. There are a couple small cosmetic scratches but overall great condition. Flolight 128 on-camera LED light - Comes with: Carrying Case, 5 Color gels/diffuser, coldshoe mount, Plug-in power adapter, Compatible with panasonic plate batteries All items listed are in excellent condition and have been properly cared for since day one. SOLD: Xtreme Fisheye for HVX200a - Perfect condition, no scratches, comes with front/rear caps 15mm Support Rails for HVX200a E-MAIL me any offers at barrethuie@yahoo.com (Serious Offers Only)
  6. SOLD!!!!! It's the 200AP model with the larger sensor than the OG HVX200. - HVX200A w/ Hood and Cap - 2X Panasonic CGA-D54 (the biggest) Batteries - Factory Panasonic Charger - Firewire Cable - Your choice of Panasonic R Series 16gb P2 Card, Panasonic E Series 32gb P2 card, or without P2 ***Alternate prices below*** Condition: The Camera is 100 percent fully functional! No broken battery tabs, zoom and focus are all perfect. There is slight wear and tear on body but nothing out of the ordinary. When I picked up the camera it even had the protective plastic on the P2 drive and tape drive glass! The camera still has baby hours on it at 541. If you're looking to get into the HVX200a game at a great price then hit me up. I've been on this forum since 2005 so buy with confidence, I'm not here to fuck anyone over. Camera without P2 card: $999 Camera with 16gb P2 card: $1100 Camera with 32GB P2 card: $1250 Thanks, -Jared
  7. So my question is I have an xtreme fisheye that is Bayo mounted for a hvx200 will this fit a hvx200a as well? And I would really like an hmc150/hpx170 Bayo for it does anyone selling one or wear I can get the Bayo ring?
  8. Skater132

    Hvx200a And Hvx200

    I know all the difference in the cameras. But are there any physical differences in the HVX200 vs the HVX200a that you can tell which is which just to make sure you aren't being cheated and wind up buying a 200 when you paid for a 200a?
  9. Hi SP, Here's a slam edit I made of Kyle Harmon, one of the riders in our snowboard movie Chuurch. Gnarly crash, but sick to see him back at it after 3 months. Thanks, Leif
  10. Hey SP, Here's the teaser for the snowboard movie I'm making this year called Chuurch. Check it out! Thanks Leif
  11. happycloudskate

    Hvx200a / Opteka

    Last couple of edits. Tell me what you guys think.
  12. Hey SP, Here's a little b-roll edit promoting the new snowboard movie I'm making this year called "Chuurch." As always comments and criticism is always welcome. Thanks Leif
  13. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmDB7kvGqyqRCzYd71If5AA
  14. happycloudskate

    Need Hvx200a Xtreme Fisheye!

    Does anyone have one for sale less than $2600 ?? In need of it SOON, please contact me if you have one for sale! matias@matiasvasquez.com 305-951-1700 , if you are in the Miami (florida) area i will pick up. I will pay for shipping if not.
  15. Schnicholas

    Hvx200a Vs. Hpx170

    Can I get some opinions on which one you think is better? If the HPX is worth the extra money compared to the HVX200a? Anything would help!
  16. https://vimeo.com/49640755 cher lloyd and some good skating. please critique
  17. What's the difference between these two? And how do you get P2 cards to your computer? And how much video recording can you do with a 16gb P2 card? Want to her what you guys think!
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs4-hNHTKxQ&list=UUPuQhr0rND869Jisu773kLQ&index=1&feature=plcp back lip line bigger flip