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Found 23 results

  1. cavallifurs

    WTB DVC30 handle

    looking for replacement handle for dvc30, paypal ready
  2. Since Eazy Handle went out of the business, Opteka prolly too I was wondering what are you using these days? Personally my current setup is Panasonic G7 + SmallRig camera cage and a NATO handle. I was not satisfied with Eazy Handle's lack of portability as I had to constantly dismount my camera from it. It was a huge pain. Right now I have a cage on my camera all time and I just quickly remove the handle to pack it up. Ergonomically it's worse than EH as the balance is off but you can make that up with filming skill I suppose.
  3. tomicardenas

    Which Handle?

    Hey so im getting a 6d apparently, and i want to get rid of my opteka x grip and dive into something more professional, i referred to the ''handle hungry'' topic but links are down or its just messy... I love the eazy handle v2, but its like 230 bucks, and my budget is around 100-150... I want something like the eazyhandle style if you know what i mean
  4. alvarojoelgarcia

    Gh2 Setup For Trade/sale

    This setup has been ol reliable for me. I've been known to only keep a setup for a couple of months then try something else, but I don't know what it is about this setup. It might be the super high bitrate, the detail and maybe the color rendition. Overall it has been a great camera and I want to see what else is out there. The setup includes: Panasonic GH2 (custom hack I wrote up, shoots at about 200mbs, super clear footage) 1x original battery 2x China brand batteries 1x original battery charger 32 gb Sandisk extreme pro 95mb/s SD card 16 gb Sandisk extreme 45mb/s SD card Eazy Handle V2 with quick release added for GH2 ease of use LowePro bag (Holds whole setup perfect, don't even need to take apart eazy handle, also holds 17inch laptop and everything you will need for those skate missions/ weekends at your homie's house) Lenses: Bower 7.5mm f/ 3.5 (Super wide and great distortion! ) Canon FD SSC 50mm f/ 1.4 (Rare, awesome in low light and extremely sharp) Minolta 28mm f/ 2.8 (This is a reissue of an old minolta lens, focuses perfect with the gh2) Noktor Hyperprime 12mm T/ 1.6 (Equivalent to f/ 1.4, prototype lens, rare green filter) Canon tv zoom lens v6x17 17-102mm f/ 2.0 ( C-mount lens, awesome bokeh, needs crop due to it not covering the whole gh2 censor, use the Ex tel convert with this one or crop in post) Footage: I'm looking for either a straight trade or a trade with cash on top. Some HD camcorder or a vx1 MK1 setup with cash on top. Let me know what you have, money talks so feel free to throw me a cash offer. I don't check this so much so please text me: (954) 439-2250 Thank you, -Joel
  5. Perfect condition Canon t1i, comes with 6.5mm opteka fisheye lens, 18-55mm kit lens, battery grip, 3 batteries, X-grip camera handle, original boxes, original cords, random filters, camera bag, ect, I babied the camera since I've had it, $620 shipped for everything, text me anytime 316-992-2626.
  6. HarryD

    Wtb Eazy Handle V2

    Hi Guys, Has anyone out there got an Eazy Handle V2 they'd be willing to part ways with? If so, hit me up as Im really interested in investing in one. Thanks
  7. tannercudney

    Hvx200 Handle

    Hey I know this might be a dumb question but I was thinking about adding a little bit of a grip to my hvx200's handle and I know some people say you can take shoe lace and rap it around the handle and put duck tape over that but what is the best way to grip a HVX's handle? I would like to get mine like this: http://web.stagram.com/p/509626501350469378_7301962 or something similar
  8. I am looking for someone to help me get/make a custom camera handle for my Panasonic TM700. I have a cam caddie right now but its just not cutting it. I am looking for something smaller that will be on my camera permanently. I also don't want it to get in the way of anything like the viewfinder, LCD, in the shot with a fisheye, etc. The camera does not have a hot/cold shoe mount on the top so i can't just get one of them. Reply if you can help. Here are some pics of the camera in case it helps.
  9. smellthatwiscocheese

    Canon 60d Diy Handle

    Does anyone know good plans for a decent diy handle for a 60d. Not one that is ginormous because i hate jamming an opteka handle in my camera bag. Preferably one similar to this.
  10. HearttAttackk77

    Fs: Dslr Camera Handle Diy

    can't remember who made me this a while back, but I bought it for like $60 or something? selling it for like $40? I dunno. it has one of those little hotshoe things and a screw in the bottom to support it. works really well, especially for someone not trying to dish out like $200 on an eazy handle or something.
  11. JasonBorn

    Cam Caddie Lock-out Kit

    Title^. I'll pay 30$ for both the green thing and the accessory shoe. Offer up.
  12. DecaturSkater

    Bag Deep Enough For Eaay Handle V2?

    Hey guys im trying to find a bag deep enough to fit a 60d on an eazy handle v2. Any suggestions?
  13. Looking to buy a nice handle such as the eazy handle (either version) or the navi handle. let me know what you have
  14. includescrazy

    Wtb: Eazy Handle, Seinheiser Mke 400

    Looking to buy an eazy handle (v1 or v2) or a navi handle Please post or pm if you have and are looking to sell either of these. I have cash.
  15. Kaleb Jordan

    Wtb: Dslr Handle

    Looking for a handle for my t2i, pretty much open to any offers other than x-grips and I don't quite have enough for an eazy handle right now. Offer up on watcha got fo sale!
  16. DecaturSkater

    Want To Buy Eazy Handle V1

    Hey guys im in the market for a new handle. Preferably an Eazy handle. I can trade a *mint* century optics Mk2 for dvx100 for one. Hit me up Sk8iswow@gmail.com
  17. Wanting a handle, mic, and manybrand for my new t2i. Looking for canon mount fisheyes only! Open to just about any offer, don't be shy!
  18. drpasdndc

    Wtb Vx1000 Parts

    I need a vx1000 handle/mic in WORKING CONDITION. If you have a parts camera laying around, I will buy in a heart beat. Have money in PayPal. Comment here or message me. Or text me 8155607468 Also, if anyone has a lens hood, I'll also buy it
  19. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/842393-REG/Polaroid_PLSTA_Sure_Grip_Camera_Stabilizing_Handle.html I ordered one of these and it is coming on the 20th, and I was just wondering if any fellow SPers had one, and if so, how is it? Very durable and steady? FYI: I have a canon 60d that I plan to use with this.
  20. Matt Plays

    Nomad Handle

    Hi, this is Matt Plays, co-founder of Nomad Handle. I'd like to introduce you guys to our new product and tend to any questions you might have. We're hyped on what we have going on. Head on over to http://www.nomadhandle.com to see what's good. Some highlights: Machined + Welded Aluminum Construction Matte Black Powder Coat Finish Adjustable Cold Shoe Attachment Cold Shoe Mount Three 1/4", 20-Thread Taps Two Accessory Holes Collapsible Base Plate Stainless Hardware Size Small for cameras without Battery Grip Size Large for cameras with Battery Grip Made in the USA Questions, comments? Here's the place.
  21. Features Specs http://opteka.com/XGRIPEXMKII.aspx
  22. KWco11

    Eazy Handle V1 Or V2

    I'm looking for an Eazy Handle for my Canon 60d. Email: kristophercoll@live.com
  23. MohammadEra

    Wtb: Eazy Handle V1 Or V2.

    Looking to buy either version of the eazy handle, in good condition. Will pay through pay pal, Pm me if you are interested. Thanks.