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Found 16 results

  1. After using a Raymod for about 8 years I finally stepped up my game and got an MK1. These are some of my first clips using this lens so I'm still getting used to the extra wideness but I'm definitely loving it! Lucky to have the Blanchette brothers killing it for the camera.
  2. MikeKazik

    Bs Noseblunt & Pole Jam

    Havent post in a while, thought I'd upload some new stuff that just came out. Jon Cos, Backside Noseblunt. Used in his Kingshit Magazine interview. Taylor Johnston, Pole Jam. Used in SBC Magazine. Bonus Ben Paterson, Kickflip Crook. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  3. I worked my hardest to try and throw this out into a full edit for last year but conflicting schedules deemed it impossible. Still a worth while edit though! Taylor Willis has another one of those memorable styles so I hope you all enjoy. Also comment and let me know what you all thought! Filmed with: Vx1000 & Vx2100 Guest skater: Chris Dewitt
  4. MikeKazik

    Backsmith & Nosepick

    Jon Cos, Backsmith. 2nd try warm up. Kevin Tio, Nosepick. -------------------- MichaelKazimierczuk.com Instagram
  5. joshkatz

    Front Tail Handrail

    thoughts? any critique would be greatly appreciated, especially on flash placement! Front Tail Fakie Ollie
  6. MikeKazik

    Back Feeble And 5050

    Taylor Johnston, Feeble. Jason Gibson, Back 50. -------------------- Blog Instagram
  7. MikeKazik

    Fs Smith & Fs Noseblunt

    Ethan Allen - Front Smith. Used in SBC Skateboard Mag. Jayden Bono - Noseblunt. Used in Concrete Skateboarding Mag. -------------------- Blog Instagram
  8. Hey I just wanted to share with you guys this little edit I made of Preston Elliott & Braxton Dalton as we took up Preston's HandRail he made for his Senior Project and filmed a little bit. Let me know what you think and feel free to share this and Subscribe if you like
  9. MikeKazik

    Nosegrind And Front Feeble

    Jayden Bono, Nosegrind Byron Ready, Front Feeble -------------------- Blog Flickr
  10. MikeKazik

    Back 180 & Crook

    Zack Noftall, Back 180 Over Riley Cronin, Crook -------------------- Blog Flickr
  11. MikeKazik


    Taylor Johnston, Feeble -------------------- Blog Flickr
  12. justin'

    Scott Garrison

    Scott Garrison by Justin Evans', on Flickr Nothing special, chill front smith. Comments welcome.
  13. MikeKazik

    Ollie & 5050

    Shayne Eldridge, Ollie Kyle Perry, 5050 -------------------- Blog Flickr
  14. MikeKazik

    Switch Back Lip & Backside Flip

    Kirk Harriott, Switch Back Lip Derrick, Backside Flip -------------------- Blog Flickr
  15. So I've been living out in the bay area for a couple months now. This is my first montage I've made out here of a couple of warm up tricks at the various skate parks. This was mostly all filmed by my friend who doesnt skate or film, but regardless let me know what you think. And please subscribe...