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Found 11 results

  1. Hey forums, I think this is my first time posting. I've had something weird happen and I just want to know if anyone else has had it happen to them. The other night we were filming around 10:30, 11:00pm at a skatepark with a VX2200 fisheye and VX2100 long and within 5 minutes of each other both cameras heads manage to fuck up. The 2200 just had its head replaced by Digicam specialist store and had filmed about 180 minutes. It constantly says run head cleaning tape, but that does nothing and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they've messed up installing new heads. The 2100 is obviously pretty old, but didn't show signs of anything starting to mess up. I would also say its the VAP thats gone on it. It was also pretty cold out,but not heaps cold. Just jumper weather Any thoughts of why they both might of went at the sametime? Cheers, Shizee.
  2. lizardmaldokill

    How Much Can I Get Outta My Vx1?

    well it's official, my heads are beyond fucked. i ordered a head cleaning tape, got it in the mail today. cleaned my heads about three times with it and each time i tested the footy (5 times) it turned out glitchy on my capture cam. i don't really have any money to spend on repairs since i'm a poor boy college student. the local camera solution shop here in portland said it would be 95 dollars just to bring it in and get an estimate. sorry to say but i think i'm going to go hd, it is time. anyway (sorry just figured i'd give you guys some context), i'm wondering how much you think i could get out of my set up? i've got a mk1 w/ no scratched on the lens it's self, three batteries, and other than the dirty heads there's nothing wrong with it. i mean obviously my goal is to get enough money to buy an hd set up. but who knows
  3. lizardmaldokill

    Vx1 Heads Are Fucking Up Please Help

    so my footage has been fucking up just about every other time i pop a tape in, and no one likes a camera where you might have gotten the line on footy after finally landing it and an hour of filming. the play back buttons don't work so i can't use a cleaning tape. i tried using the remote to use play back and that didn't work. i know that q tips are not good for use. i'm so over dealing with this shit. anyone know how much it would be to get them cleaned "professionally"? or a way i could clean them my self?
  4. Hi I have a vx 2100 I was skating and fell on it The footage I recorded before I dropped on it, is fine I captured it through another camera when I got home I didnt notice anything strange until I rewound the tape, from start until finish, the footage had droped audio in places and pixelated lines running in the left 3rd of the screen (almost all of left 3rd) and on the right (only a bit, like 2 vertical line of the stuff). So I put the tape in another vx and Captured all footage, playback was fine. Until!.... I got to the footage after I dropped on the camera. This footage looked the same as when I viewed if before, all glitchy and choppy. Adobe cut could not capture footage, it kept stopping and freezing. Cant work out, if A. The tape is damaged? B. The Heads are damaged? C. The tape is just more dirty where it remains glitchy? D. The drop caused the damage and its unrepairable and camera is damaged? E. ? If anyone has an idea please let me know as its footage from another country, so kind of need to get this last bit off!
  5. I was filming tonight and watched the clip on my cap cam. Everything looked good and then i filmed some more and watched the footy again, but it was alittle glitchy. I played back to the first clip i filmed and it got glitchy too! I looked at the footage itself on my tape and it looks like the footage has some dents and stuff. Can i get the footy fixed?
  6. ManipulatedMinds

    Buying A Vx That Has Been Played Back?

    I'm looking at this vx1000 someone is selling and they included a picture of them playing back the footage to prove the VTR function works. As we all know playing back footage isn't the best for your camera's heads, but I just want to know what could be the damage done to his heads. Does this mean his camera most likely has blurry or glitchy footage? Essential I was just wondering if a simple run through a head cleaner would correct any of the harm that could have been done.
  7. Ok so like a month ago I was Filming at this spot. I had Just put the tape in and set my settings and started to film. My friend landed the trick and we tried to watch it but it was glitchy AS FUCK. by the way I got my heads cleaned 2 months before that. I tried to take out the tape and it made a shitty ass sound and wouldnt eject so i put it away and filmed with my brothers camera. When i got home I kept trying to get out the tape, wouldnt eject. Like a week later I opened it and it came out. I havent used my VX since cause im out of tapes. I dont want to buy more if its not gunna work. Has anyone else have this problem and will my heads be fucked up??
  8. My sony vx1000 has had some major problems last month due to VAP damage from filming in Vietnam rainy season (it was really humid). Anyway Prior to it going all blurry and weird i filmed over 19 hours of footy. We didn't have a capture cam so we only viewed back the footage if it was a land, and NEVER used it to capture footy. So i know everything was there. A friend sent over an old capture cam from the uk, but it was knackered so i got new heads put in the capture cam here in Vietnam (It saves to just have them replaced than searching and haggling for ages to get cheap mini dv cameras). Anyway all the footy on the mini dv tapes that were filmed with the vx1000 are showing up as blurry/glitchy as if the heads in the capture cam are fucked but if you record using the capture cam they work fine. My sony vx got sent to Japan and the VAP got replaced and was working fine, but i got robbed last week so i no longer have the VX so i cant even have a quick peek to see if the tapes play fine on the vx. Everything that was filmed after the VAP was replaced was in the bag that got stolen. So i cannot check any of the new footy filmed with the vx. Need help with this one, don't want to loose 19 hours of footy.
  9. Ian_johnson

    Reviewing Footage On A Vx2000

    So for some reason i feel the need to review what i filmed later in the day. I have a vx2000 and i only watch footage mabye once or twice a month. Is this cool since its not often at all or is reviewing clip all bad?? I want a majority of answers saying if its okay.
  10. filmdatish

    Vx2000 Help

    Iam kinda new to my vx 2000 and I have been having problems with glitches when I playback and when I capture. When I capture the footage gets separated and little snippets of the clips get cut out. By the way It started to happen when I switched to a new tape but it was the same brand. I think it is dirty heads but I want to make sure before I get it checked out by VE so i don't have to pay too much money cause Im broke.
  11. So I am looking at buying a Vx1000 for pretty cheap, the guy says that when he plays back it produces a blurry image. He also mentioned that he has used a head cleaner tape multiple times in it and its still blurry, Could it need the heads replaced, a ribbon or something, or maybe its just the camera and would be fine on like a capture cam? I do need help because if not I won't buy it. Thanks- Zach