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Found 18 results

  1. Had this camera for about 5 years. Always took care of her. Like I do with all of my camera equipment. Recently took a dive in the DSLR word and picked up a 70D. If Anyones interested shoot me a PM or just post here. Looking for cash but open for trades. The Lens AND Camera are completely MINT. Never ever dropped OR had a camera/lens hit. Always used Premiums. And Always kept in the case. All repairs & Tune ups were done by the one and only Kerry at VE. Sony HDR FX1 Century Optics MK2 BeachTek DXA-FX (XLR Adapter) Lens Hood Big and small Eye Cup Huge NP-970 Battery Original NPF-570 Battery Original Remote control Plug in wall charger (+ Cigarette adapter for charging in the car) Plug in camera wire charger Shoe mount adapter Hard Shell Case S-Video Cable Component Cable Firewire 800 Firewire 400 Might include my rode video mic. I'm probable missing something.
  2. SuperSerious

    Mic Install Vx2100

    Hey guys, quick question and forgive me if this has already been resolved elsewhere. I have a Sony VX2100 with a broken mic. I ordered one off eBay that said would fit VX2000, and VX2100. Though when I try to install it, it seems the ribbon cable is just a hair to short to reach. And if it did reach, it would be extremely to tight. So, is the mic for the vx2000, and vx2100 the same and I'm installing improperly. Or did I order the wrong mic? Thanks so much.
  3. tomicardenas

    Question About Takstar 598 Microphone

    Hi, i just bought Takstar SGC-598 mic, which i saw many reviews of it, and it seems to be a decent mic for the price, it only costs, about 30 bucks, my concern is that i didnt film with the mike yet, but i wanna know if someone has it, and which settings do you use, the microphone itself has the low pass filter option and the +10db, do i need to turn on the +10db option??? or will it sound too loud filming skateboarding? Thanks
  4. Moorey

    Mic In The Fisheye View

    When I have my rode mic on my HMC40 you can see the end of the mic on the top of the fisheye, is there a way to fix this or get it out of the way?
  5. Damahni

    Reid X Hammy

    subs r great guys. help me out
  6. KohlSkates

    Should I Buy A Mic Now Or Later

    I just sold my vx and have a bit of cash now and I still have a small had setup. I am planing on getting gh2/3 setup mic,fish,eazy handle,etc but I won't be able to buy it for a little. So my question is should I buy a mic and some sd cards now for my other hd setup or just wait and buy my entire gh2/3 setup at once?
  7. Dan Abbate

    Vx2000 Mic Sag

    So after months of being an annoying SP member and relentlessly posting topics on what camera to get, I finally got a VX2100 raymod. However, the camera has quite a bit of mic sag. I searched for a solution, but all I could find was topics on how to fix VX1000 mic sag. Is it the same procedure? Should I send that shit to Kerry? It doesnt interfere with the sound, but it is concerning, and looks like it might fall off at any given time. Any ideas?
  8. Damahni

    Good T3i Manual Audio Settings?

    I want a more crisp sounding audio with my t3i/sennheiser mke 400. Does anyone know any good settings? Examples of good audio... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsbkBMfxs4Q For example, when I'm filming, I hate how you can hear me rolling along but in these videos, you cant hear the filmer skating at all. If you can please help that would be great.
  9. Wanting a handle, mic, and manybrand for my new t2i. Looking for canon mount fisheyes only! Open to just about any offer, don't be shy!
  10. drpasdndc

    Wtb Vx1000 Parts

    I need a vx1000 handle/mic in WORKING CONDITION. If you have a parts camera laying around, I will buy in a heart beat. Have money in PayPal. Comment here or message me. Or text me 8155607468 Also, if anyone has a lens hood, I'll also buy it
  11. Looking to trade my perfectly mint 82mm Opteka for either a DSLR mic (prefferably a Rode or Sennheiser), a 50mm or any other Canon mount lens, or just to even sell it. WILLING TO ADD CASH IF NECESSARY. PM me or comment on this post if you're interested. Pictures: IMG_5657 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr IMG_5659 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr
  12. AnotherSantaCruzSk8r

    Should I Even Bother With A Super Cheap Mic?

    I recently came across the SG-108 Microphone and heard that it can do some pretty decent audio quality. Still not top of the line, but still a lot better than in-camera. Heres a link to the mic. http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B006M7G6YE And heres a demo video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES9eQEDK248 I think im going to go for it. Its only $30. What do you guys think?
  13. Going away for a month around the country and want a good mic to film some shit with. sell me yours
  14. antonreifsteck

    Mic Decision

    Hey everyone, I have a Panasonic HMC40 and I'm looking for a good quality mic for reasonably cheap. Just wondering what the best value would be! Help is much appreciated!
  15. post your solutions to dvx100a malfunctions here and questions to how to fix them
  16. thankyoumister

    Vx1000 Audio Problems

    I bought a vx1000. It needed a VF ribbon and mic ribbon(from handle to camera) so i replaced both. I can film and everything is fine, vf works, buttons on handle work(custom presets button) and even the external mic port works. But for some reason, I had audio in and out for about a day(the day i fixed everything up). Now, nothing. Not even audio bars bouncing or anything. As I capture the footage we got that day, I've noticed some clips have audio and some do not. Do i simply need a new mic? Or would it be smart to get an external mic? If I do need a new mic, does anyone know the part number or where/how i can obtain one. Just to re-cap, everything works except the mic. any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  17. NikeSBeezyz

    Sale Thread

    https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.425239667494056.102395.100000240791363&type=1 Check everything here. I'll do those prices plus shipping. Or best offers. Let me know.
  18. austin9559

    Wtb: Mic For T2I

    text me at 484-366-4058 i have a bunch of shit i can trade for it or i have cash just hit me up