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Found 13 results

  1. SuperSerious

    Mic Install Vx2100

    Hey guys, quick question and forgive me if this has already been resolved elsewhere. I have a Sony VX2100 with a broken mic. I ordered one off eBay that said would fit VX2000, and VX2100. Though when I try to install it, it seems the ribbon cable is just a hair to short to reach. And if it did reach, it would be extremely to tight. So, is the mic for the vx2000, and vx2100 the same and I'm installing improperly. Or did I order the wrong mic? Thanks so much.
  2. tomicardenas

    Question About Takstar 598 Microphone

    Hi, i just bought Takstar SGC-598 mic, which i saw many reviews of it, and it seems to be a decent mic for the price, it only costs, about 30 bucks, my concern is that i didnt film with the mike yet, but i wanna know if someone has it, and which settings do you use, the microphone itself has the low pass filter option and the +10db, do i need to turn on the +10db option??? or will it sound too loud filming skateboarding? Thanks
  3. I put this on eBay for $100 buy it now. It works great and I've only used it for short films and events really. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Azden-SGM-X-Shotgun-Microphone-for-Camcorders-and-Digital-Camera-Excellent-/231382592769?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35df7a2d01 works on cameras with an audio connector input.
  4. paulksingh

    New Ambisonic Mic

    Have been looking in to buying an ambisonic microphone for a while, but they've been pretty out of my price range..anyone have thoughts on this one? advice welcome! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1569945514/brahma-affordable-ambisonics-microphone?ref=live
  5. So when I am recording with my VX2000 it makes this ticking sound randomly throughout the clips and I have no clue what it is? Someone said it could be the heads but I dont know what to think of it Listen to this.
  6. Found one of these mic holders that I have no use for. I figured someone on here could use it. I know it fits the HVX200 but I think it also works for the DVX100 series and a few more cameras. Correct me if I'm wrong. Please PM me or email me if you are interested: tjgaskill.media@gmail.com
  7. includescrazy

    Wtb: Eazy Handle, Seinheiser Mke 400

    Looking to buy an eazy handle (v1 or v2) or a navi handle Please post or pm if you have and are looking to sell either of these. I have cash.
  8. For sale are Two Rokinon Fisheyes, Konica 50mm F1.4, Azden ECZ-990 Microphone, Nike Zoom Air Size 9, 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS, Apple Airport Express Wifi, and a Volcom Beanie. Two Rokinons Fisheyes: Both have small scratches will post footage tomorrow morning for those who are interested. One of the fisheyes lens shade chipped but has been glued back to its original spot and does not affect preformance. $120 plus shipping each Konica 50mm f1.4: bought it along with a pentax 35mm camera glass is in pristine condition. can be mounted to canon, nikon and micro 4/3 i believe. $40 plus shipping Azden ECZ-990 Microphone: Everything works fine, physically good condition besides where you lock down the mic into the hotshoe is stuck but it fits in snug enough to stay during a shoot. $50 plus shipping Nike Zoom Airs Size 9: Skated once, good condition $20 plus shipping obo Canon 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS Kit Lens: good condition, got it with my t2i but hasnt had much use at all. $40 plus shipping Apple Airport Express Wifi: Have the original box with manual and startup disk. $40 plus shipping Volcom Beanie: can be worn two ways with two different logos, one on the inside for folding up and one on the outside for being worn with no fold, worn a couple times, willing to take pretty much anything for it. $5 plus shipping?
  9. The original Rode videomic or the original Rode Stereo videomic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both of them for skateboarding, and other situations? And also, would using a headphone amplifier like the Fiio e3 have the same effect as the +20db function on the Rode videomic Pro? Thank you.
  10. AnotherSantaCruzSk8r

    Should I Even Bother With A Super Cheap Mic?

    I recently came across the SG-108 Microphone and heard that it can do some pretty decent audio quality. Still not top of the line, but still a lot better than in-camera. Heres a link to the mic. http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B006M7G6YE And heres a demo video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES9eQEDK248 I think im going to go for it. Its only $30. What do you guys think?
  11. antonreifsteck

    Mic Decision

    Hey everyone, I have a Panasonic HMC40 and I'm looking for a good quality mic for reasonably cheap. Just wondering what the best value would be! Help is much appreciated!
  12. JasonBorn

    Sub-80$ Microphone For My Dslr

    Offer up. I'll pay up to 80$ or maybe even 100$ish for a microphone with a 3.5mm jack for my DSLR.
  13. austin9559

    Wtb: Mic For T2I

    text me at 484-366-4058 i have a bunch of shit i can trade for it or i have cash just hit me up