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Found 23 results

  1. snakechild

    Panasonic Hmc40 + 58mm Mkii Screw ?

    Hey guys... Long time lurker. First time poster. I received a 43mm century fisheye in the mail today from B&H for my hmc40... And there was a crack in it. So I'm sending it back. Thinking about getting a different lens all together cause I noticed it wasn't even as big as my 58mm opteka I had for my gl2. Would a mkii 58mm screw work with the hmc as long as I have a 43-58 step up ring ? Or will it be too heavy for the threads or anything you think? Gnarly vig? Thanks dudes
  2. petermartn

    Mk2 Different Hoods

    Why do some Century Mk2 lenses have a four petal hood and some have a two petal hood? Is there a difference in the optics at all? Is one a newer version, or do different camera mounts have different hoods or what? Thanks for any replies.
  3. We visited Ian Bird down LDN last weekend. We filmed a little clip in between street skating at Frontside Gardens...
  4. So I released a full WolfTown (UK) video earlier this year, but this is one of the first real, proper park montages i've made. I've recently found out what the 'custom colour preset' button does, so excuse the difference in colours... But yeah let me know what you guys think!
  5. mikeronzitti

    Talent Skatepark

    Quick video at talent for ya
  6. NO.PULP crew at sugarbush parks
  7. Evanfarmer

    Wtb: Century Mk2 For Dvx

    Looking for a mk2 for my dvx
  8. zackpoops

    Park & Rec

    hiiiiiiii. havent been on here in a minute! v .. go follow hah .. v
  9. filmerfrost

    Mkii Mk2

    looking for a decent Century optics MKii ultra fisheye death lens. i really dont care about the cosmetic condition but i want a fresh glass. under $300?
  10. For sale is my 5d Mkii. I really like this camera but I'm looking into getting something newer. Only 26k shutter clicks. Comes with 2 batteries, two 16gb CF cards(60MB/s & 90MB/s), a 32gb(60mb/s), canon charger, original box + other accessories. PM or email me if you're interested or have any questions. tjgaskill.media@gmail.com Thanks!
  11. AlexLawson

    Price Tag On This Mkii?

    So I got this pretty beat mk2 off a friend, and since I don't own a VX I was planning on selling it on ebay. I was hoping you guys could tell me how much you would pay for it. Its got a beat up lens hood, and one side is bent pretty good. It has a vx2 bayo ring as well. Heres the pics: http://s325.photobucket.com/user/alexlawlson/library/?sort=3&page=1# Thanks!
  12. alex_hesh

    Mkii Gl2 Help!

    I got a mkII that had a bayo for a dvx100. Took the bayo off and is suppose to have 72mm threads under so I got a 58mm-72mm step up and 72mm spacer. The 72mm spacer came and it doesnt even screw onto the mkII threads, the ring seems like a tiny bit to small . Help!!
  13. Looking into buying a 5D setup...can probably only afford a Mkii but if you're selling a Mkiii feel free to send me info.. Thanks dudes! TJ
  14. Trying to pick one of these up..I have a lumix GH1 + lenses to trade plus cash. Holla at me! Thanks TJ
  15. Been looking for a Century MKII for a while now, cant find n online store anywhere that sells them. anyone know a place? btw i live in Australia so a store that ships to aus would be nice.
  16. I am selling my used mkII on ebay for a great price http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=251191358012&index=0&nav=SELLING&nid=80953267562
  17. acoops

    Mod An Fx7 Mk2 To Dvx100b

    I'm looking to buy an Mk2 for my DVX100b and I know someone with a Sony fx7 and mk2 who said they will sell me their lens for cheap. I don't live in the same city or anything so I can't just check it out easily but does anyone know if the dvx and fx7 would be the same size or would I need to purchase an adapter as well?
  18. i bought a mk2 on ebay and it said it was 58mm, it doesnt have threads, its way too big for my vx1 and i have to tape it on, the only thing is that is has this thing that twists like its supossed to lock onto something, maybe it locks onto the vx2000 on the outside of the threading. idk but does anyone kno if i can buy and adapter, i cant find one cuz this fisheye only has the lock on not threads, soo -its a ultra fisheye adapter century mk2
  19. al3c3

    Mkii Help (more Vig)

    Hello everybody i have a sony vx2100 with a MKII I would like to know how to add more vig to the MKII? Please dont sugesst to get an MKI (i know its better and i need a VX1000 or mod it) Thanks for the help
  20. proleming

    Selling Mk2 Fisheye 58mm

    selling my mk2 lens 58mm fisheye lens for $400 because i bought the wrong fisheye for my vx1000, its only been used about 3 times in its whole life, i live in florida daytona beach. the fisheye is for vx2000 and vx2100 and has no scratches way sooooo everrr, - you can text or call me @ (386) 334-3031 -i will send u a pic of it right away i wish i could have it but i can't:(
  21. If you liked this, subscribe to the VII YouTube page. Thanks.
  22. Shot with HPX170 + Century HDV MK2 and a HMC40 was used for the long lens angles at the last spot.