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Found 9 results

  1. i want to know your guys thoughts on Nike SB. Do you like them as a company, because people are saying fuck nike because they are corporate and not a skater run organization or whatever, and are their shoes living up to the price that they are (not just the janoskis)? another thing to add is i always thought thrasher was like the most skater oriented site ever like when i think of something that was covering skateboarding from the early days its thrasher but they sell their shit in zumiez, idk that just threw me off a little knowing that. fuck zumiez, support your local shop
  2. I'm moving to Denver next week and I'm trying to consolidate the unnecessary amount of shit I own so I don't have to try and jam it all into my car then drive 1/4 of the way across the country. If you so desire I can gladly take more pictures of a specific shoe but taking multiple pictures of every pair seems like a lot of work if no one's even interested. I'm looking to get anywhere between 30-50 not including shipping for them but the prices can be negotiated. Please ask for further details if something catches your eye. In the rare occurrence you're in the greater Denver area and want something I'll be out there the 21st and would be glad to bring a pair with me to reduce shipping costs.
  3. So I finally got the energy to take pictures and put most of the shoes I've been hoarding for months online. NONE of these shoes have ever been skated in, some are brand new and others I've worn out a few time. I have put them all on Ebay, but will gladly cancel an auction and sell to someone on this site instead. Prices are on the auctions. Range between 20-45$ Link to ebay auctions (individual shoe photos)
  4. Update: Shoes have been sold. Whats up everyone. I just got a pair of Koston 2's in the mail, but they're a bit too small. I'm trying to sell them or trade for a size 10. Selling for 90 with shipping included. Thanks
  5. Chris Mendes, you've probably heard his name in a few contests or maybe seen him in some of NKA's videos. Dudes been shredding hard since I was a baby (chukles) and is a local here where I live. In this video I got to the park 15min prior to the lights turning off and we got these banger manuals. Chris keeps it balanced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RvWTUT_ouQ&list=UUxe_nxWjrvisYMh_E7AWfpQ Go to www.youtube.com/just4kickssss to SUBSCRIBE & see more
  6. I'm slowly, getting rid of all of my shoes. Sizes from 9.5, to even 12. New to Used. To start off, heres a rare product, P-rod 2, air zoom, Highs 120+ shipping -Never worn DSC_0462 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr DSC_0477 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr DSC_0479 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr Nike sb," Thrashin", Dunk high premium. 150 + shipping -size 9.5 -worn once, but little, to no sign of wear. DSC_0483 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr DSC_0480 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr DSC_0481 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr Nike sb, "appetite for destruction", Dunk low sb.size 9.5 100+ shipping -practically never worn, just tried on. DSC_0485 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr DSC_0484 by MikeFrankChristenson, on Flickr
  7. Hey guys, I'm moving out of my parents house and all of this stuff has gotta go. I'm coming out of hiatus to sell some stuff but rest assured everything is legit and I've sold tons of stuff on here before. I work at a skateshop, all of the SBs are from there and are legit. I can take tag, star, swoosh, whatever photos you need upon request if necessary. PM me if you have any questions. Thanks guys. Nike SB Stecyk Blazers, worn once. 60 SHIPPED. SIZE 10 Nike SB Omar (the first one), new in box. 40 SHIPPED. SIZE 9.5 Nike SB Dunk High SkateMental. Worn two or three times, never skated. $50 SHIPPED. SIZE 9.5 Nike SB Dunk High Decks, worn a bit but never skated. $30 SHIPPED. SIZE 10 Nike SB Dunk Mid Sport Red, worn a few times but never skated. $30 SHIPPED. SIZE 9.5 Nike SB Dunk Mid Grey/Blk, worn a few times but never skated. $30 SHIPPED. SIZE 9.5 Nike SB Dunk Lo Blk/Wht, worn and skated a few times, still good. $20 SHIPPED. 9.5
  8. For sale are Two Rokinon Fisheyes, Konica 50mm F1.4, Azden ECZ-990 Microphone, Nike Zoom Air Size 9, 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS, Apple Airport Express Wifi, and a Volcom Beanie. Two Rokinons Fisheyes: Both have small scratches will post footage tomorrow morning for those who are interested. One of the fisheyes lens shade chipped but has been glued back to its original spot and does not affect preformance. $120 plus shipping each Konica 50mm f1.4: bought it along with a pentax 35mm camera glass is in pristine condition. can be mounted to canon, nikon and micro 4/3 i believe. $40 plus shipping Azden ECZ-990 Microphone: Everything works fine, physically good condition besides where you lock down the mic into the hotshoe is stuck but it fits in snug enough to stay during a shoot. $50 plus shipping Nike Zoom Airs Size 9: Skated once, good condition $20 plus shipping obo Canon 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS Kit Lens: good condition, got it with my t2i but hasnt had much use at all. $40 plus shipping Apple Airport Express Wifi: Have the original box with manual and startup disk. $40 plus shipping Volcom Beanie: can be worn two ways with two different logos, one on the inside for folding up and one on the outside for being worn with no fold, worn a couple times, willing to take pretty much anything for it. $5 plus shipping?
  9. FREE WORLD PREMIERE DECEMBER 13TH 2012 ARTISPHERE 1101 WILSON BLVD ARLINGTON VA 22209 FaceBook Event Page: tinyurl.com/arpzhcx Follow instagram.com/MurderDC MurderDC.com FOCUSING ON SKATEBOARDING IN THE CITIES OF WASHINGTON DC AND BALTIMORE MARYLAND. Featuring Daniel Kim, Thomas Bloomer, Sean Driscoll, Shaun Gregoire, Jason Spivey, Zach Dykes, James Munk, James Anderson, Zach Lyons, Colin Ransom, Justin Damer, and George Hanuschak and many friends. DVDs will be available for order for CHEAP in January, follow Vimeo and Instagram for updates.