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Found 2 results

  1. After seeing this: http://forums.skateperception.com/index.php?/topic/297303-super-wide-opteka-mod-vx1000-52mm-opteka/ I started wondering if you could use this mod on a .4x or a 16x9 fisheye and if it would be a reasonable option for an hvx/hpx/hmc setup. Has anyone tried this and if not will somebody try it because I'm curious about how it will turn out?
  2. mbowen63

    Hmc Fisheye Help And Opinions

    Ive been trying to decide what fisheye to get for my HMC. I know that the xtreme is the widest and best option but right now that isnt an option for me. I am constantly changing my mind and need some opinions. I really like the dvx and sony hdv mkii on the hmc: http://forums.skatep...ye#entry4061681 Then the other day I saw this video of an opteka .4x with a spacer on a HVX and it looked alright to me especially knowing that the HMC has a wider stock lens: http://youtu.be/623IWe_IGmM I know the bayo mount 16x9inc exii is wider and sharper than the opteka but I havent seen any good filming with it so I havent been considering it much. Im not a big fan of the vig on the .3x opteka. To me it looks like the vig that shitty fisheye apps have, it doesnt look real. Im not opposed to this lens it just seems the mk2 is the better option for .3x. I dont mind a little bit of vig like the xtreme or with the mk2 zoomed and or cropped but if you crop too much then it isnt much wider than a .4x and it isnt as sharp. Thats my dilemma right now with what lens to get. Opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading my blabber