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Found 141 results

  1. thriftshop

    Opteka Bayo?

    Hey all I've got a vx2100 with the Opteka 0.3x Mk2 clone (poor man's mk2). I'd love to be able to bayo mount it for swapping ease but I can't find any resources online. My question is, could I just get a regular bayomount/bayoring for a vx2k and screw it on to my Opteka? As far as I know, the mk1 and the Opteka mk2 both have 58mm threads, so shouldn't the bayoring for the mk1 work on both? Here are links to the products I'm talking about: Opteka Mk2 clone: https://www.amazon.com/Opteka-OPT-SC58FE-Titanium-Professional-Camcorders/dp/B001P1PXA0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517933174&sr=8-2&keywords=opteka+58mm Vx2k-mk1 bayoring: http://www.vx1000market.com/new-products/robpjkedzwkymxpe8yihpwjwngbwja
  2. ██chuwa██films██


  3. petermartn

    Canon Xa10 Fisheye

    Has anyone tried an Opteka Titanium lens or found another lens that works well on the Canon XA10 without a ton of vignetting? If so, high quality sample footage would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. benhenault

    Vx1000 Fisheye Questions

    So I recently acquired a Vx100 off of eBay. I already own a DVX100B with a MK2. Would i be better off modding the MK2 to fit the VX1000, or buying an Opteka and going that route, until i can put the money aside for a MK1?
  5. Killyoselffool

    Opteka Death Lens Blue Vig Fix!

    This can be achieved pretty easily through Color correction most easily done in Premiere pro. This Negates one of the most negative aspects of the Opteka lenses and creates in my opinion way better looking footage. Instructions 1.) select clip in premiere timeline 2.) Go to effects and find the "2 strip" color correction preset in Lumetri Presets under cinematic. 3.) apply to clip and mask out one section of the vig on your clip 4.) repeat for other 3 sections 5.) save as a custom preset or copy and paste the lumetri color onto all clips you want 6.) congrats you have successfully taken the blue vig out of your clips (pat yourself on the back) 7.) Think about how much money you saved by not buying a century lense and be happy
  6. Whatup SP, Here's a bit of unused snowboard footage I editing up to help me get through the hot summer. Hope you enjoy it, as always comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks Leif
  7. MEfilmer97

    Park Footage

    footage at my local park filmed in one day
  8. ██chuwa██films██


  9. martinmg

    Opteka Mod With Baby Death Lens?

    been thinking about modding my opteka 58mm death lens with the middle glass piece in a opteka death lens. did anybody do this? is there footage
  10. jw1000

    Opteka 72mm Back In Stock

    I've seen a few posts by a few people complaining that they were out of stock. Saw this on ebay today; http://www.ebay.com/itm/Opteka-0-3X-72mm-Titanium-Series-Ultra-Fisheye-Video-Death-Lens-72-NEW-/271704790332?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f42de153c
  11. Lilmansk8er

    .33x Or .4x?

    Bower 0.33x72mm https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DJ32AYE/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_DIlHub1V2CV85 Or Opteka 82mm 0.4X HD2 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002ULH56O/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_3IlHub10HXYY4 Which one would be better for looks?
  12. Need a lens real, bad fucked my last one and need something to hold me over.
  13. martinmg

    Mk1 Or Opteka?

    I have been thinking about getting an mk1, but buying it new cost like 900 dollars. I also can't find any mk1's that are used. My friends are telling me to get an opteka but i don't like how the lens flares are. Anyone have any web links to get a pretty decent priced mk1. thanks
  14. (Scratched) 52mm opteka mod on a vx1000. Really wide and gets rid of that shitty blue vig. Long lens Vs. Mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me0aWjrOf4E&feature
  15. mattshakejunt

    Vx1000 Blue Lens Flare Help?

    Ok, so here's my problem. I have a vx1000 with an opteka lens as of right now and it does really well in the daytime. However, even when I use my bescor light and whenever there are any other lights at the spot, there are very noticable blue lines coming from the lights. I did have an accident with my lens not too long ago and that might be the cause of it but Im still not 100% sure what the problem is. Any suggestions?? http://youtu.be/ndGA9olV_4M
  16. Flatts flounder

    Roman Fuckin Holmes

    i don't have to say anything just watch
  17. ive gone through 3 lens since january whos tryna sell me one (72mm) I really just need the front element. Opteka or Century Optic
  18. AKskateboarding

    Hvx200 & Opteka .3x Vig Solution

    Vig on the HVX / Opteka .3x looks horrible, but I found a solution to it. I was playing around in Magic Bullet Looks today and noticed that it had a lens distortion you can add to your footage. I added it to my look just to see what it did, and after playing with the distortion amount I managed to get rid of all vig on the .3x, while maintaining vertical height. For this I set the distortion to: Distortion: -31.3% Flatten: 35.7% It seems to be the happy medium, it pretty much ends up looking like a DSLR fisheye. You lose a little bit of horizontal width but its still much more effective than cropping or spending heaps on an xtreme. I am currently editing a video with this "look" on all the fisheye footage, I'll post it when its up so you can see what it looks like. Hope this helps!
  19. dgskateproductions

    Wtb: 58mm Fisheye

    Gimme your Raymod or Opteka whatever. I just need something asap.
  20. All the HVX clips were filmed by me and dslr clips where filmed by some noob Filmer idek, you can tell the bad clips are all the dslr ones...stupid t3i rokinon setup smh.. Enjoy the video though! His full part comes out soon!
  21. Hey was wondering if anyone has swapped the front and rear glass elements from an mk2 into an opteka .3x. sounds pretty pointless but my mk2 is touching the glass of my hvx, which forces me to space it out. The opteka however is a perfect fit. cheers
  22. Check it out... Definitely a steal... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271497053994
  23. FinnFilms

    Opteka 0.3x Titanium Disassembly Help

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the back part of the lens (where it attaches to the camera). I want to attach the the opteka fisheye screw mount to my mk2. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.