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Found 23 results

  1. Released my latest full length video a few weeks ago. Filmed throughout Florida and surrounding areas over the past 2 years. DVDs are available for $10 at https://culturepatternvideo.bigcartel.com/ Check it out!
  2. Teaser for a new full length I've been working on over the last year. Stay tuned for release details!
  3. A few weeks ago we participated in a 24 hour film contest. Basically, the skateshop gives you a kicker ramp & you have 24 hours to film as much as possible. They gave us the next few days to get the editing done too. Here's what we ended up with. Hope you enjoy! (Comments/Critique gladly accepted)
  4. It's been a long time coming, but Garbage Disposal #2 is finally here! This is throwaway from the full length video we've been working on, Celestial Theory. Teasers coming soon! I would greatly appreciate any comments, critique, ect. Thanks so much everyone! Enjoy!
  5. Featuring: Caleb Hook, Kenny Day, Dexter Caruthers, Connor Askew, Tyler Lodzinski, Sean Smith, David Kahn, Ryan Lodzinski, Matt Moore, and Garret Mantle. Filmed by: Ryan Lodzinski & Tyler Lodzinski Edited by: Ryan Lodzinski
  6. This is the first of many throwaway edits I plan on making. Going to try making it a monthly/bi-monthly thing. ENJOY! CRITIQUE! THANKS!
  7. Filmed this a few months ago on my friends vx2100 right before Garrett left for the Element Skate Camp in Cali and I thought I lost this footage until I stumbled upon it in the deep depths of my external hard drive so I figured I'd throw it up.
  8. youngggtone

    Burnt Fajitas

    I know the squeaky cruiser fucks up the audio but critique/like/suscribe. Thanks.
  9. My first full street montage. Filmed over the course of a few months. Watch in HD, critique, and enjoy!
  10. justin'

    Front Lip 12 Rail

    Brett Swartz by Justin Evans', on Flickr http://www.flickr.co...in/photostream/ Large. Self Crit: Lil bit closer and maybe up a step and closed in on only the rail. Less roll up. Don't hate on the border.
  11. Didn't know what section to put this in so I put it in both the Montages and the Random footy. A few head chops and shaky filming. Main reason why I'm throwing these clips away. WATCH IN HD, ENJOY, SHARE, LIKE!
  12. Didn't know what section to put this in so I put it in both the Montages and the Random footy. A few head chops and shaky filming. Main reason why I'm throwing these clips away. WATCH IN HD, ENJOY, SHARE, LIKE!
  13. Full street part for a homie of mine filmed/edited by a Ryan Lester, a good friend. Check it out! Like, Comment, and Subscribe if you're interested in this and more!
  14. Two great friends of mine warming up before we left to street skate. I tried color correcting these clips a few times and they still don't look right to me. Any settings help or CC help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, watch in HD, and enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh1OkjrYkLI
  15. YesToThat

    Brovard 2

  16. I NEVER take photo's, but while I was filming in Orlando earlier my buddy asked me to give it a shot. I cropped out all of the dead space, but I feel like that made the photo lose something. Probably over edited and whatnot. Critique please. Ollie by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr (Edit) Listened to the1910Project and decided to re-edit the original. I like the second version a lot better. Critique both! Ollie (Re-edit) by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr
  17. I hate color correcting the clips from this park. I feel as if I can never get the colors the way I want them. Please enjoy, critique, and watch in HD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl0FDaHpEi8
  18. Just a quality test. Any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated. Watch in HD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjbG7nyNqOI
  19. Hey guys I went to the daylando premiere about a month ago and this is the premiere video I made! Enjoy!
  20. ilford delta 400 lemme know dooooooods...
  21. shot a roll of fuji provia 400, almost every frame was a dub exposure. wanted to try it out to better understand how to make them work the way i wanted. planned on having it x-pro'ed but the shop i went to wouldn't do it. oh well, here is 3 of them. more on my flickr!
  22. Ever since I got my YashicaD I have been shooting photos like crazy! I have been updating my flickr almost daily with new photos. check me out and show me some love! http://www.flickr.com/photos/stoessel/
  23. eternityskate

    Drum Beats

    tear it up boys. YouTube.com/JohnMarello enjoy and subscribe.