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Found 5 results

  1. Tin Man

    Olympus Tough Tg-4

    Anyone have experience with this camera? I've been wanting to get a p&s that can fit in my pocket, but still have RAW. Being waterproof is awesome too; and the price of it is pretty good too. So far this is really the only camera I've found to suit my needs so I was hoping I could hear some feedback on it. Thanks
  2. drpasdndc

    Canon T2i Setup

    T4's So I've got a couple T4's for sale. They are both super D, and fully functional, clean, and scratch free on the zeiss lenses/rf. I had the beige T4 up on here for sale a while ago, but my friend wanted me to sell it to him at the last minute, so I took it down. Anyways, hes not buying it anymore, so im once again trying to sell. I'll include a battery with them. This one is obviously a little more beat up cosmetically. However, it is only on the shell. OfferSOLD The black one is almost flawless. Theres a couple scratches on the back, but it is generally pretty clean and scratch free. Again, any scratches are purely cosmetic. I'll also include a black leather case with this one. Lookin for OFFER SOLD T2i setup The only reason Im trying to sell is to downsize to an X20. I used it for filming mainly, and Im just over HD. Fully functional. No large gouges or scratches anywhere on the body. Only promlem is that the ISO button sticks and is hard to press down a little bit. The button still works, but it just doesn't click down as easy as it should. The tamron is flawless in every which way. Opteka has a light scratch that doesnt show up in almost all light. It has never shown up in my footage or photos, but because its there, I have to mention it. Also, the bottom part of the hood has a chip in it. Setup includes Body, charger, after market grip, 4 batteries, after market VF - $325 OBO Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC - $375 OBO Sold Opteka Fish - $180 OBO Sold MKE 400 - $150 OBO Sold Willing to split lenses. Will not split body, grip, batteries or VF
  3. yeses95

    Some Street

    Ok so I dont post many photos but I had a good time with my point and shoot on a rainy day even though the quality isnt exactly the best. Im happy to have been able to be out there. Let me know what you think, Suggestions, whatever Im open to anything. Just wanted to share these. (I edited a good number square because I wanted to shoot with my bronica (had it with me) but I was with people who didnt want to wait on me and it was raining so I broke out the waterproof Olympus Tough) I wish these had more of a story to them but they are basically just things i found interesting unfortunately. Was in a streetside mall to escape the cold rain for a little and found this great reflection on the glass (not a mirror) looking down to the floor below. I happened to look up while waiting for the train and saw this guy. Super excited on this, especially looking ahead. Here is onewhere hes looking at me. I like this one more. This was right when we got Into the city and This picture fit perfect since i hadnt been to the city in so long. suspenseful i guess haha. Bonus Of a Lady Drunkenly Stumbling Bonus that my girlfriend shot that I thought was pretty great so Im putting it in haha. Hope you Guys enjoy. I look forward to hearing your thoughts
  4. drpasdndc

    Yashica T4 Super D

    Here I have a T4 Super D for sale. Fully works. Though not in the best cosmetic shape i've ever seen. There are some surface scratches, but the inside is clean, corrosion free, and the seals are good. The Zeiss lens is also scratch free. the waste level scope kicks ass. $160
  5. yeah. I just purchased a bronica and I need money to make up for my lost funds. I wanna thin out my 35mm setup and buy some medium format gear. So... Nikon FE Body and meter works great. Cosmetically pretty good. No dents or scratches or anything. Comes with a 50mm f/1.8 Pentax ME Super Again works great. In very good condition and meter is accurate. I have a 50mm f/1.4 and some 90mm 2.8 macro. I have a couple of polarizers/other filters for it. Nikon One Touch 35mm 1.8 lens. Has macro capability. I can get pictures. Wanting to get rid of these pretty fast.