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Found 40 results

  1. throwaway filmed with a cnon gl1/opteka in portland and brunswick maine
  2. In need of a photographer from the end of May until mid August. It is a paid position, housing and food paid for. You will be responsible for documenting the skate camp which includes shooting action and lifestyle photos of campers, coaches, pros, and camp activities. For six days you'll travel around the Mount Hood and Portland area with some rad coach and kids then three days off the enjoy and Oregonian summer. Jamie Weller heads up the program so with his connections more often then not you'll be shooting some big names, it's a blast. -apply by April 6thish -Must be at least 18 years of age -8 to 10 photo portfolio, not limited to just action photos please (variety is nice) -Cover Letter (a page or less) -email me at erikhoffmanphoto@gmail.com if you're interested or have questions -If you haven't heard of the camp look here ( http://windells.com ) -P.s. we will be working with The Berrics for the first time this year also. *I don't know anything about filming for the summer*
  3. Faded Promo

    In case you missed the last time I posted this on here. The full length will surely be worth the wait. Comments/Suggestions?
  4. so i was gonna film for a full length, but then my heads fucked up real bad. and i don't have money to afford the repairs so.. here's this!
  5. Front Smithers

    Shot this yesterday, likely to be the last day of sunny weather. It snowed today here in Portland and its freezing now. Any critique is appreciated.
  6. Death

    Kenny Coombs | Portland, OR Critique would be tight
  7. Faded Promo

    The Goomba Slayers bring you a northwest based independent skateboard film featuring: Mike Davis, Anakin Senn, Mikey Carpenter, Frank Shaw, Derm, Alex 'Squid' Lawer, Jacob Passantino, Hans Paulsen, Johnny Helgren & many more.. Film/Edit: Adam Robo Fall 2015 Comments / Suggestions always stoke me out
  8. It's been rainy lately here in Oregon. A break betweens the rainclouds brings the homies together for a quick montage at Glenhaven Skatepark. Enjoy Comments/suggestions?
  9. Frank and Anakin cruising under the bridge to escape that summer heat. Enjoy Film/Edit: Adam Robo comments/suggestions?
  10. Yo guys! If any of you live in Portland, the formerly known DOS (Department of Skateboarding) Bowl has reopened to the public as the Trusty Switchblade Bowl. There is also a shop beneath the bowl to get some goods at. The bowl is in NE off of San Rafael and Williams (15 NE Hancock St Portland, OR 97212) come check it out. Also peep this article on Lowcard http://www.lowcardmag.com/featured/trusty/
  11. Full Length Teaser

  12. Took a quick trip into the South West to Gabe and had a fun time withAnakin Vader Jacob Passantino Mikey Carpenter Hans Paulsen and Frank Richardson. Take a look see! comments/suggestions?
  13. Throwaway

  14. With the shortest amount of time to film in the lineup, Mikey Carpenter came out with guns a blaze and stacked like no other. In the process he became on of my best friends and I'm happy to say that he more than deserves the ender of this video. Enjoy the last part in Light It Up, its a hot one. Thanks for all the support! But be on the lookout, because we will have so much more in store for you. Comments / Suggestions ?
  15. About two and a half years ago kenny and I decided we wanted to film our own little fuck around video. Going through some ups and downs we finally made it happen. One of the best dudes I know and worked pretty hard on this. Check out the progress we both made through it all in this weeks part of Light It Up. Comments / Suggestions?
  16. The dudes in the Tard Pack took me in and introduced me to a whole new world of skateboarding, and scumbaggery. I'm super grateful for all that they did for me and the work they put in on this video. Go check em out, they rip. Ya cut YA DONE. Comments / Suggestions?
  17. This week it's Nate Akers and Ronnie Schroder for your viewing pleasure. These boys filmed this part within a couple trips to Portland totaling maybe a month tops of skating. Some of the best dudes Spokane, Washington has to offer. Check out their part in Light It Up, and be on the lookout for an upcoming project they have been working on back there. Love you guys. Comments/Suggestions?
  18. Up next is the loveable Brooks Foust. Always keeping the good times rolling this kid has made his own special place in my heart. Check out his part in Light It Up. Comments/suggestions?
  19. Met this kid down at good ol Burnside. Saw him shredding like no other and I thought he could put together a fun part. Never had someone break so many boards while out in the streets but one of the best dude's I've ever met. Check out Dan Grover´╗┐'s part in Light It Up. comments/suggestions?
  20. Huge shout out to everyone in this part. I've met so many people since I moved out to Portland and this video wouldn't be the same without each and every one of you. Check out the friends section of Light It Up with a dash of the one and only Andrew Biernat as well. suggestions or comments?
  21. Next up is my boy Micah Spiegel. Living with this kid the entire part he filmed this part I can say that he put in a lot of work and it paid off in the end. Love you big dog. Enjoy. comments/suggestions?
  22. November 2013 I released a full length video of Portland Oregon skateboarding called Light It Up. Here's a montage of some of my favorite clips to get you hyped. Support local skateboarding. http://youtu.be/W5BtDMO5B5w copies are the 50 min full video plus 2 hours of bonus for $10 lightitupvideo.bigcartel.com comments/suggestions?
  23. Got into double rock while on a trip through SF chillin session and shit Check it out http://youtu.be/9uYxTqlTQME
  24. A random fun mini ramp session turned to a montage. Check it out and tell me what you think.