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Found 15 results

  1. KohlSkates

    Rode Video Mic Go F/s

    I know that this is the wrong place but I really need to get this Rode video mic go gone. rycote mount with rycote deadcat. $70 and shipping. Contact me through a Pm or email at Kohlskates@gmail.com.
  2. New multipart montage with leftover footage from my full length thats in the works.
  3. A little park footage from Martinsville,VA skatepark, Mount Airy, North Carolina park and Kennesaw, Georgia Street League Park,
  4. Check out my newest edit. Filmed with a Canon Rebel T3i and a Canon 60D.Lens include A Rokinon 8mm, a Canon EFS 55-250MM, and a 18-55mm kit lens. I used a Rode Videomic Pro for most of the audio. Edited with Final Cut Pro X. Skaters include Mason Coates, Dakota Southard, Cole Reavis, Daniel Campbell, Ethan Harr, Eli Williams, Brett (Bert), Peter Bauer, Mikey Lopez, Joel Polzella, Evan Crummie, Grant Drake, Tyler Hall, and Isaiah.
  5. So, this is my first time selling something on my own here, please bear with me. I also apologize in advance for the crud iPhone photo's ha. Everything is priced to sell for the most part, and my prices will include shipping and PP fee's. I'm not looking for any trades right now, strictly cash only. Now on to the products! First, I have a Rokinon 8mm fisheye with a chipped lens hood; about 3 CM across the bottom, doesn't affect anything at all. The glass is flawless on both the front and back. Includes both caps, original box, and dust cover for the lens. I'd like $155 shipped. Secondly, I have a Rode Videomic with a deadcat windscreen. This microphone has absolutely no problems. I now use braces bands on it instead of the original bands; they're a lot stronger and help stabilize the microphone better. This includes box w/ original instructions and a package of extra braces bands just incase. I'd like $100 shipped. Last but not least, I have a Cam Caddie Scropion with a lockout kit and the longer accessory wing. Flawless for the most part, except for very minor wear and tear just from use. This includes Cam Caddie Scorpion, Lockout kit, two extra shoe mounts, and the accessory wing. I will also include two one pound weights for free!! I'd like $75-$80 shipped. Keep in mind the wing costs that price alone.
  6. Got these clips the other day before my battery died. I try to stay away from making park edits now so I decided to just throw this up. All RAW; No color correction or anything of that sort. Watch in HD, enjoy, subscribe, like, critique, comment, blah, blah, and blah. THANKS!
  7. JSantiago

    Wtb Multiple Canon Dslr Items!

    Paypal ready for the most part. PM me or comment on this post if you have ANY of the following for a fair price: Canon 18-55mm II IS Canon 18-135mm IS Sandisk CF 8gb or 16gb Cards Thanks for looking!
  8. Kevin came down for the Tampa AM a few weeks ago. Met up with him at Lakeside for an hour and got all of this. Prepare yourself to watch Lakeside get destroyed in these 10 tricks! Watch in HD and enjoy!!
  9. JSantiago

    Rode Videomic Vs Sennheiser Mke400

    I'm looking to purchase a mic for my 7D sometime this week. It's come down to these two. Pro's to me for the sennheiser is it's size and how it takes AAA batteries. Cons is I haven't heard any good audio test so I'm not sure how it will be. Pro's for the Videomic is it's quality. Cons is it's size. I don't want it to show up in my shots when it has the windscreen. Looking for some opinions or a breakdown. Thanks!
  10. Hey SP! I recently bought a Rode videomic for my 7D. Excited I instantly connected it and went out to try it out. I had the Rode Videomic on and it didn't have the HPF(High Pass Filter) switched on but I was using it with a Deadcat on. I upgraded my 7D so I can control the audio. I had it set inbetween zero and the first notch and it still came out really loud. In post I left the first clip at normal audio, then I lowered it to -1.45 DB, and then to -3.19 DB. It still doesn't sound right to me. I was wondering if anyone would have some help for this. I'd really appreciate it. I think it came out bad because the battery on my Videomic was dying but I can't be sure. Thanks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_OpQUQ-ct8
  11. The original Rode videomic or the original Rode Stereo videomic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both of them for skateboarding, and other situations? And also, would using a headphone amplifier like the Fiio e3 have the same effect as the +20db function on the Rode videomic Pro? Thank you.
  12. Looking to trade my perfectly mint 82mm Opteka for either a DSLR mic (prefferably a Rode or Sennheiser), a 50mm or any other Canon mount lens, or just to even sell it. WILLING TO ADD CASH IF NECESSARY. PM me or comment on this post if you're interested. Pictures: IMG_5657 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr IMG_5659 by JustinOHHSNAP, on Flickr
  13. Selling this stuff since I no longer use any of it. Everything is in mint condition. Prices do not include shipping. USA only please! My ebay account is josmo19 for feedback ratings. Please PM or email if you are interested! imfullerRVA (at) gmail.com. PS. Not interested in any trades. Rode Videomic Pro. Used once or twice, practically brand new. Comes with original everything: SOLD Jag35 DSLR Stand. Great condition, all you need is standard 15mm rails and grips and you'll have a vey simple and affordable rig. Retails for $80 on their site, get here it for: $35 USD obo Canon FD 50 f1.8. Great condition: SOLD PICS HERE: http://www.dvxuser.c...30&d=1342397455 http://www.dvxuser.c...32&d=1342397552
  14. JasonBorn

    Sub-80$ Microphone For My Dslr

    Offer up. I'll pay up to 80$ or maybe even 100$ish for a microphone with a 3.5mm jack for my DSLR.