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Found 6 results

  1. KohlSkates

    Asking For Money On A Lens/body Hit

    I was filming a line and on one specific trick where it was kind of hit or miss on his land and the word shot out towards me. I decided to switch up my angle a bit and get more behind him I thought it still looked pretty sick, and what do ya know the board shot out behind for the first time and hit my gh2 and like kids scrapes the hood of my fisheye. I checked it out and the hit turned the whole damn thing off and I think it hit a piece of the flaw because the flash will not stay up all the way up and some off the upper piece of the body was pushed up so I kind of pushed it back together but since that day(yesterday) the thing won't turn on. I'm usually just like naw dude it's straight it's my fault when I get a lens hit or something to that equivalent but if I can't fix this my self should I call him up and ask for a little cash.
  2. KohlSkates

    Canon Fd Lens Issue

    I got a canon fd 35-105 f3.5 and it won't focus to infinity. Is there a way I can fix this issue or is it done and time to be sold. If it helps i have a gh2 with a fd to micro four thirds adapter.
  3. KohlSkates

    Panny Gh2 Chargers In Michigan

    Anybody got a Panny Gh2 charger? I can't really use my paypal because they put a limit on it, so if you live near Ann Arbor, Canton or Westland or downtown Detroit and can meet me at a skatepark please hit me up and we can negotiate on how many and a price.
  4. KohlSkates


    I decided to star doing 5 on flats just because I had the time. let me now on how i could make my footage look better Ex: filming tips, editing tips etc.
  5. KohlSkates

    Help Me Out

    First time really filming with it and I could have used a light or bumped up my iso or went down on my shutter. Some clips are a little staticy sounding or at the very last clip audio cuts out because my adapter kept coming loose on my mic (rode videomic go). Thanks
  6. yeah. I just purchased a bronica and I need money to make up for my lost funds. I wanna thin out my 35mm setup and buy some medium format gear. So... Nikon FE Body and meter works great. Cosmetically pretty good. No dents or scratches or anything. Comes with a 50mm f/1.8 Pentax ME Super Again works great. In very good condition and meter is accurate. I have a 50mm f/1.4 and some 90mm 2.8 macro. I have a couple of polarizers/other filters for it. Nikon One Touch 35mm 1.8 lens. Has macro capability. I can get pictures. Wanting to get rid of these pretty fast.