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Found 8 results

  1. JSantiago

    Canon 15mm Vs Sigma 15mm

    So, I'm having trouble deciding what fisheye to get for my 6D. In the end it came down to these two because they fall within my budget. I hear they both have vignetting in the corners, is this true? Anyway, what it comes down to is which is better than which?
  2. I'm debating between picking one of these up for my d300 within the next few months. I just started looking into the 18-35mm tonight. From what I can tell there doesn't appear to be much of a significant difference in quality and sharpness. The versatility of the zoom would be nice but ultimately I want to go with the faster lens here. I'm really torn between the two right now. Is the 35 1.4 AF much better? I would assume the 1.4 is also better in low light and I know could still use it should I ever decide to get a full frame camera (though I'm 99% sure that won't happen) I enjoy shooting portraits too even though I don't do it often. I imagine the 35 1.4 would be better here, but 18-35 seems capable of producing nice ones at 35 1.8 ? Right now my number one used lens is my 50mm 1.8, and my 10.5mm fisheye. Any input would be appreciated! Otherwise I may just flip a coin.
  3. yep in Australia it is now spring! this was filmed on the first day of spring! (the last trick is switch)
  4. Sooooooo I haven't been on here in a while... lol I'm looking to purchase a wide angle lens and if you give me a good offer I might buy yours; or not, and i'll just buy new. Anyways. Looking for either a Canon 10-22, Sigma 10-20, or a manybrand 14mm. You can reply here/pm me, it might take me a day or two to reply because like I said, I'm barely on here, and I'm going to tampa until wendesday so yeah~
  5. So I have a Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 is perfect condition. Bought it new 2 mounts ago. Glass is perfect. When you focus the barrel kind of makes a noise but ive had this since it was opened the first time I also have a Sigma 24mm F/2.8 The lense is an older model so for my 5D is only worked at F/2.8 which isnt a bad thing if you only want to use it for that. The reason why that is, is because they made a FD canon mount and they made a EOS canon mount. Ive read for older canons that the aperture works through out F2.8 - F22 Also they didnt make a lot of EOS mounts for this lense. 225 + shipping for the Rokinon 95 + shipping for the sigma Message me or text 9203234066
  6. pics will be up tomorrow. text me for pics tonight I have a full t2i setup for sale, only selling because i upgraded to an hvx, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything, YOULL GET canon t2i (OG boxing) 2 batteries, 2 16gb class 10 sd cards, a sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 and a rokinon 8mm. Has all caps + tons extra. Body has no wear everywear, looks almost brand new. Have boxes for everything but the fisheye. Text me 8474716779 for only reasonable offers, will trade for possibly vx1000 mk1 setup. lemme knowwwww EDIT: also selling a 72mm 16x9 fisheye for hvx,hpx so let me know if you are interested in that as well. minty as can be
  7. themasterskaterbater

    Canon 501.8 -> Sigma 30Mm 1.4

    im really over being stuck with my 50mm, i always finding myself wanting a wider lens. at everyspot im crapping for an angle cause my crop sensor is 1.6 (canon 40d) any pro/cons from *person* experience with this lens? also am i better off getting it used n save some cash? thanks