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Found 190 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXtVZvYC6DM&t=271s
  2. DtotheB86

    Canon GL2 Tips

    Does anybody have any tips on filming a video with a GL2?
  3. Recent edit I put up, Let me know what you think! Thanks, Conner Warhurst
  4. posercrew

    Canon 6d

    Does anyone even film with these? I wanna see some edits! Everything 6D thread! Just wanna learn more about these cameras and where they stand in filming skateboarding so links, opinions, facts, insights, pros, cons anyone? Chea.
  5. canadian boys gettin at it not as good as some canadian skaters tho **FULL LENGTH BELOW**
  6. tomicardenas

    Question About Takstar 598 Microphone

    Hi, i just bought Takstar SGC-598 mic, which i saw many reviews of it, and it seems to be a decent mic for the price, it only costs, about 30 bucks, my concern is that i didnt film with the mike yet, but i wanna know if someone has it, and which settings do you use, the microphone itself has the low pass filter option and the +10db, do i need to turn on the +10db option??? or will it sound too loud filming skateboarding? Thanks
  7. DVD's Available for $5 at http://www.illconceived.bigcartel.com/ From Ill Conceived, a video by Paul Jensen featuring Matt Boeltl, Fabian Gonzalez, Paul Jensen, Nick Jumping Eagle, Jake Hintzman, Graham Wessberg, and more.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RBspdmqgIg
  9. joey skates

    An Optical Poem

  10. Hey Boys'n'Girls! Here's a montage I did from our summer tour last year. We went to Berlin (we're from switzerland) and yeah.. had a great time! I edited the thing and filmed most of the stuff. Let me know what you guys think!
  11. andrewgvx


    short video i made
  12. Is there any difference between the new and the old MK1 lenses? For some reason I feel like i can tell the difference. In footage i watch of in VX. Some is super clear and some is still clear and not blurry but a kind of different quality of glass. Am I just going crazy and imagining it or could this be true. Thanks
  13. Go to http://www.illconceived.bigcartel.com/ to purchase a copy.
  14. happycloudskate

    Da Block Episode 3

    Lmk what you think.
  15. This is my first full length I put out back in August from the Chicago-land area.
  16. andrewgvx


  17. "Spectre" Long Branch Skatepark Summer/Fall 2014 Montage Long Branch Skatepark montage featuring Wes Masco, Robby Rosano, Larry Schmidt, Brian Tober, Ryan Chaney, Blake Mahon, Kevin Eager, Chris Anderson, Jon Edwards & Liam McCabe. Shot from June - November, 2014. Filmed & edited by Jon Edwards Additional filming by Dylan Holderness Music: Tycho - Spectre Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribejetv http://facebook.com/jonneyetv http://instagram.com/jonneye
  18. What pants are good for skateing, I usally get levis or ccs pants but the butt rips out in like a few weeks. Are there any good pants for skating?
  19. HotKarl

    Spencers Preview Edit

    Just some footage from a sesion that my friend wanted me to film, critique is widley recomended pls. watch in 1080p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7ry4IIAjVY
  20. timmy_walker

    Altamont Apparel Wanted 2006-2009

    Does anyone have any old altamont shirts/hoddies/flannels they are looking to get rid of? preferably older seasons (2006-2009) size XL (maybe size large since older seasons tend to run big) not interested in pants. will buy anything in Decent/good condition. ALTAMONT HENDRIX T SHIRT WANTED!! let me know thanks!
  21. tristanTweaver

    Warm Ups

  22. tristanTweaver

    Berzerker To Bank // Impossible To Bank.

    Shot these in Pittsburgh a few months back, no external flash... Critique please
  23. tristanTweaver

    Random Downtown Shots.

    Been sitting on these shots for a few months now. let me know what you think.