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Found 11 results

  1. I hope you enjoy Subscribe for more content ~ https://www.youtube.com/user/Jakeinthebox5 Peace.Balance.Light.


    Mix of skateboarding/freerunning clips with a trap/sacred geometry influence, check it out if you are interested! Infinite peace, balance & light. Twitter ~ @JakeRench


    Let me know if you enjoy )) Untouchable ~ @JakeRench
  4. I just uploaded a brand new video today called "Patterns Of Lightworking" Please check it out if you are interested. It's a mixture of Skateboarding & Freerunning. Feedback is much appreciated thank you! Twitter ~ @JakeRench
  5. scarecorw88skate

    Best Capture Software For Vx1000 On Windows

    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11 to capture my footage, and it's not very good because my videos end up looking very foggy on YouTube. I do use the internal settings, and I render out of aecs6 with dv settings. I could be capturing with bad capturing settings, but I'm not sure, but if I'm not, please give me some advice on some free or pirate-able captureing software. Thank you.
  6. skaterzach2

    First Edit Ever

    This was my first edit ever and I know it is probably awful but that is why I came to this forum. I know SP has a great wealth of knowledge in making me a better filmer and editor. I filmed with a canon hv20 and opteka 43mm ultra fisheye. I edited with Sony Vegas Pro 10.
  7. CentralWIHDSLR

    Can't Drag Media To Timeline

    I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (64 bit) and I can import .avi clips to the project media tab but can't get them to the timeline. I tried closing the program, right clicking on the icon, going to properties, compatibility, and unchecking the "run as administrator" box but that doesn't seem to work. (That seemed to be the best solution for other people with the same problem) I've been trying to figure this out for a week now. Someone please help
  8. Kaleb Jordan

    Crushing Blacks In Sony Vegas

    Does anyone know of an effective way to do this? I've seen a lot of filmers do it to their vx1 footy and I want to try it out, but they're usually using fcp and I have yet to find an alternative through sony vegas.
  9. So every time I render something on my new desktop, it renders fully then I play the video and it is all static and weird radio wave lines. I can't even see the footage. Been doing some research and am not sure what to do. I tried it with both Vegas 12 and 11 and the same issue happens over and over again. Even tried rendering in a different format such .wmv or .avi, just anything to fix the problem but I have not come across a solution yet. If you have any idea why this could be happening, please tell me.
  10. Hi! My friend has a Sony NEX5. Could someone recommend in what mode to shoot with it, mp4 or AVCHD. Also, can anyone help me with Render settings for it in Sony Vegas Pro 12. I set the project settings to 720p, 30fps. Thanks
  11. I edit with sony vegas and i use mpeg streamclip.My footage still doesnt come out as crispy and clean as i would want it to look.If you guys have any suggestions on how you render your footage it would be awesome.. heres the link to my first upload...http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=uTPMHQ7Zufk