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Found 8 results

  1. Hey SP, Here's Ryan Ting's edit with clips from Full Service and some park boarding up at Brighton. As always comments and criticisms are appreciated. Thanks Leif
  2. zakzakzak

    Canon 60d Setup

    Alright, so I'm selling my whole 60d setup- 60d body, rokinon 8mm, tamron 17-40mm with VC, BG-E9 battery grip, & cam caddie handle. Went from vx1 to 60d and now want to go back to vx1. I bought the 60d used about a year ago in very good condition, and since I have not used it that much its still in very good condition. Works perfectly, very very minimal outside wear and tear. Rokinon and Tamron have also seen little use, and have no scratches. Everything is mint! Pricing: 60d body- $650 (comes with 3 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 16gb class 10 cards) Rokinon- $180 Tamron- $450 BG-E9 grip- $100 Cam Caddie handle- $40 Everything: $1,200 shoot me some offers. PM me for pictures.
  3. Hey SP, Here's some shots of my buddy Evan Wilcox snowboarding from the last winter. As always comments and criticisms are always appreciated. Gonna have some new footage releasing this Thursday so stay tuned! Thanks
  4. Hi SP, Here's Chris Frost's full part from the Full Service video I made last winter. CC is always welcome. Thanks Leif
  5. LZC

    Wtb: 32gb R Series P2

    Hi, Looking to get a 32 gb P2 Card, hopefully R-Series. Looking to hopefully spend around $250 or under. I also have a Tamron 17-50, Rokinon 8mm and Eazy Handle V2 which we could work into the deal if you wanted any of those items. Let me know Thanks Leif (503)680-9575 leifdrazninfrench@gmail.com
  6. Hey SP, Here's my full snowboard movie "Full Service." As always comments and criticism are appreciated. Thanks
  7. Closing week at Brighton. Comments and criticisms are always welcome. Probably my last edit using only the T2I, as I've upgraded to the HPX
  8. Here is a snowboard movie I'm working on, mostly shot on the T2I. I always welcome tips and criticisms from you guys. Thanks!