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Found 17 results

  1. Vx2k-FCPx10.3.1-RoxioToast16 Hey guys, I’ve been battling this issue for a bit. My project has been complete for weeks and I can’t seem to burn a DVD/master without terrible horizontal lines in it. When i try to save a master file or DVD the lines appear through the video and then when i change to other formats the lines disappear but has severe quality loss. The video is only decently viewable on my computer when it’s codec is saved in ProRes4444xq and for some reason Toast16 will not let me burn that to a DVD. It crashes toward the end of the process with an error message. I tried going back through and selecting all of the footage and deinterlacing but same luck when trying to burn it to a disk image. Please if anybody could help me figure this out I’d be forever indebted. I’m having a Premiere for this in a week and would prefer a hardcopy than just hooking up my laptop to a projector! Here’s a photo of some of the lines I’m talking about sorry for the phone quality.
  2. mikeronzitti

    Talent Skatepark

    Quick video at talent for ya
  3. Quade Rocke hittin up some local spots
  4. NO.PULP crew at sugarbush parks
  5. mikeronzitti

    Quick Fast Edit

    some quick clips
  6. mikeronzitti

    Jennings Flex

    Flexington - gangsta pat
  7. mikeronzitti

    Are You Even Real?

    Natural Burke in his natural habitat
  8. Here it is, this is throwaway we could get within 2 weeks on the streets. I know it sucks but tell me what u think
  9. mikeronzitti

    Woodbury Montage

    Just hangin out nothing special. Filming could be better but oh well.
  10. Ok so like a month ago I was Filming at this spot. I had Just put the tape in and set my settings and started to film. My friend landed the trick and we tried to watch it but it was glitchy AS FUCK. by the way I got my heads cleaned 2 months before that. I tried to take out the tape and it made a shitty ass sound and wouldnt eject so i put it away and filmed with my brothers camera. When i got home I kept trying to get out the tape, wouldnt eject. Like a week later I opened it and it came out. I havent used my VX since cause im out of tapes. I dont want to buy more if its not gunna work. Has anyone else have this problem and will my heads be fucked up??
  11. Watch it and let me know what ya'll think. Thanks dudes.
  12. mikeronzitti

    Meat Grindah

    I dunno I can kinda feel some hate is gonna come on this but let me know if theres some stuff i can work on other than keeping the camera steadier cause i know i need work on that.
  13. skatemartian

    Wtb: Vx2k Bayoring For My Mk1

    i want a working bayoring for my mk1 to fit my vx2100!!!!!! shoot me some offers!!!!!
  14. Ian_johnson

    Rip Foley St. Diy

    Some assholes destroyed our local DIY it was a sad day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9AXqIIB9Co
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk3MmKMV2Vc&feature=g-upl First montage with my vx2000. planning a full length soon, promo sooner. C&C are cool
  16. KDB

    Mk2 Help?

    I was wondering where I can buy a bayo ring or something to make the vig bigger on my Mk2. I hate having no vig and want it to look more like an Mk1 if that's possible.